Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA:

Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA commenced at BSNL RTTC campus at Trivandrum as per schedule with hoisting of AIBSNLEA flag amidst slogans "AIBSNLEA Zindabad"

After opening remarks of CHQ President, Host Circle Secretary Comrade V. Shaji delivered welcome address.

One minute silence was observed in the memory of departed comrades.

Thereafter self introduction was given by all the participants. Minutes of the 1st CWC Faridabad was approved. Circle Secretaries present in the CWC plac ed their report on the organizational activities in their circle.

The session continued after lunch break.

The session started after the lunch break. Remaining Circle Secretaries placed their report before the house.

AIBSNLEA CHQ notifies for its 2nd Central Working Committee meeting to be held at RTTC, Trivandrum on 11th and 12th August 2017 .
Open Session on Friday, the 11th August, 2017 at 16.00 hrs. Shri Anupam Shrivastava   CMD BSNL will be the Chief Guest   













On Friday, the 11th August, 2017 at 16.00 hrs.


RTTC Auditorium, Trivandrum

Shri Anupam Shrivastava

[CMD, BSNL, New Delhi]

Will be the Chief Guest

Smt. Sujata Ray

Director (HR/Fin), BSNL Board, New Delhi

Dr P.T. Mathew

[CGMT, BSNL, Kerala]


Shri A. M . Gupta

[GM (SR), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi]

Will be the Guests of Honour


All PGMs/GMs at Trivandrum will grace the Open Session

as special guests


Requested By:


S. Sivakumar



Prahlad Rai

General Secretary,


Vijay Kumar

Circle President,

AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle

V. Shaji

Circle Secretary

AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle


Invitation Letter of Open Session             Flex  of CWC

As per the Last CEC decision all DS are requested to collect Rs.500 per member and handed over to CFC for the smooth conduction of the CWC

A/C No : 67394773508 , IFSC : SBIN0070031 , MICR : 695009009  , A/C Name: All India BSNL Executive Association


BSNL ONAM Plan for Rs.44. is formally launched today by Dr. P. T. Mathew CGMT, BSNL Kerala , ITS by giving way the same to
Padma Shri Prof. G. Shankar, Architect , today at Conference hall of Circle office  . Dr. Jyothi Sankar, ITS, General Manager S&M CM chaired the meeting . All Recognised Association  and Union representatives participated as per invitation . AIBSNLEA Larders are also attended the occasion.


All Beloved Comrades are requested to understand the details of the plan and market in true spirit so that dream of CGMT Kerala to touch 10 Million Mobile connection in Kerala would be achieved during this ONAM Festive Season . We are short of 3 lakh connections to the target


Plan Speciality:

Validity: 365 Days. Freebies for 30 days: Rs.20 Talk Value, 500 MB  calls @ 5ps/Min to BSNL & 10ps/Min to others.

Migration SMS: PLAN ONAM to 123.

Onam Plan 7-8-17

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-06 at 5.37.53 PM




BSNL Mela at  Thrissur on Sunday @ 8 locations in Connection with prepaid connections to Political Parties. 46 staff participated in the Mela.More than 1000 connections achieved

Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL-Process in this regard…….

DPE has issued OM W-02/0028/2017-DPE (WC)-GL-XIII/17 dated 3rd August, 2017 regarding Pay Revision of Board Level and below Board Level executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01/2017.

As per the presentation submitted by AIBSNLEA CHQ and consistent efforts taken with the Hon’ble MOC , Secretary Telecom, Secretary DPE, and CMD BSNL  for the dispension  in the  affordability clause for BSNL  and extension of 3rd  PRC to BSNL Employees has now been reflected in DPE OM dated 03.08.2017.

In this regard, AIBSNLEA CHQ has written so many letters to Hon’ble MOC/Secretary  DOT/DPE  /CMD BSNL and met them personally stating that as per the Para 5 of the 3 PRC committee recommendations as per the Telecom Policy 1999,  BSNL has been formed to meet out the specific agenda  of Government of India. i.e. providing Telecom Services without any budgetary support and BSNL is paying License Fee, Spectrum charges, and other charges  as per the order of the Government of India from time to time deviating to the agreed principles on 01/10/2000.

A letter written by GS CHQ to Honorable MOC Shri Manoj Sinha Ji  on 08.06.2017 <<<Click here for GS AIBSNLEA Letter>>>>  has been furnished for the reference of our members.  The DPE OM dated 03/08/2017 vide Annexure-II Para II of Page No 19 which is reproduced below.

Affordability to certain types of CPSEs:

b)  The affordability condition shall also be applicable to the CPSEs registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, or under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (which by the very nature of their business are not-for profit companies) for implementation of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) as being recommended for other CPSEs.

c)  There are also certain CPSEs which have been formed as independent Government companies under a statute to perform a specific agenda / regulatory functions. The revenue stream of such CPSEs are not linked to profits from the open market in a competitive scenario but are governed through the fees & charges, as prescribed and amended from time to time by the Government. There is no budgetary support provided by the Government to such CPSEs. In consideration that the impact of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) would supposedly form the part of revenue stream for such CPSEs, the affordability condition shall not be applicable to these CPSEs; however the implementation of same shall be subject to the approval of Administrative Ministry upon agreeing and ensuring to incorporate the impact of the revised compensation structure into the revenue stream.

On the basis of the above recommendations now BSNL Board has to recommend implementation of 3rd PRC report with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL and thereafter it has to be sent to DoT for the approval and issuance of the Presidential Directives. We have to impress upon BSNL Management in this regard for an early Board approval and sending to DoT thereafter we have to pursue in DoT for the approval of BSNL Board proposal and early issuance of presidential directives.  

Comrades, as assured by CMD BSNL, the 3rd PRC recommendations has to be approved by BSNL Board for its implementation in BSNL and thereafter to get the approval of DoT for issuance of Presidential Directives.   We are confident that CMD BSNL will fulfill his commitment in this regard. Let us,  concentrate on this issue and pursue vigorously for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL.




Due to the relentless efforts of  AIBSNLEA at various levels  of  Circle Office  Kerala  and BRBRAITT Jabalpur , BRBRAITT Jabalpur Scheduled JTO training for the VY 2015-16 from 14-08-2017 so that all the JTO  comrades can join in year 2017 itself . We sincerely congratulate CGMT , GM(HR/Admin) , DGM(HR) and AGM(HR) of Kerala circle in considering all the frequent feedbacks of this association in scheduling this training . We thank CS MP , AGS HQ Sharma ji for  constantly perusing the matter with BRBRAITT. We also thank Principal and faculty  of  RTTC Trivandrum in considering our request for conducting training in an earlier date even though some other batches are already scheduled for these period .


Letter from BRBRAITT


Office Memorandum for implementation of Pay revision in CPSEs.

Department of Public Enterprises issues Office Memorandum for Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

<<<Click here for the OM>>>


AIBSNLEA addressed the two batches of ongoing JTO trainees at RTTC Trivandrum in today evening. Dr. Sreekumar Menon  (SDE Faculty) extended Warm Welcome to all the beloved JTO training comrades and Com. Naushad Lal ( DFS TVM and JTO Faculy)  proposed vote of thanks. The meeting started at 5.00 PM and extended up to 6.30 PM.


While addressing the comrades,

Com Pradeed ( JTO trainee and DP Malappuram SSA) elaborated the inspiring thoughts out of the gentle working style of AIBSNLEA for executives which guided him to this prestigious association . Com.Binu JTO , DS CO branch  narrated the timely help extended by AIBSNLEA for bringing all 2014 LICE comrades back to parent BA . He reminded that had AIBSNLEA not extended help in bringing them back to parent BAs , they would have been working in Kannur or Malappuram BAs even now and no other association extended any help . Com Denny (JAO Phase-II trainee & Executive Member) spoke about the efforts of AIBSNLEA in an all-round way to the benefits of executive community. He further detailed the efforts of AIBSNLEA in starting their JAO training at RTTC Trivandrum as promised by fighting against all odd events. He also requested all comrades to Join AIBSNLEA . CS AIBSNLEA has spoken elaborately  about  the revival of BSNL , role of association in the revival process and about all prevailing  HR issues including Standard Pay Scale & 3rd PRC  . The get together was very effective. We extend sincere thanks to every comrade ( JTO Trainees &  JAO trainees)  assembled to the meeting.


CVP Com.Binu , ACS Com.Pushparajan , DS Trivandrum Com. Rajan , Com.Radhakrishnan Nair CAO , Com. Gopakumar  CAO(CMTS) , Com.Subrahmanyam CAO( CMTS) were also attended the meeting.


JTO Batch address 2-8-17


Due to the constant effort of AIBSNLEA Kerala , CGMT Kerala writes to  BRBRAITT Jabalpur for preponement of JTO Training for the  VY 2015-16. We are continuously perusing for the preponement due to the  necessity  to start pre basic training on or before 07/08/2017 so that  the candidates can join  as JTO in the current calendar year . All other circles already scheduled the  training on or before 07/08/2017 to enable their candidates to join in the year 2017  . In CPSU cadre hierarchy it is proposed that cut-off date for consideration for cadre up gradation is on 1st January of every year.  If we cannot start training on or before 07/08/2017, joining year of the JTOs will be shifted to 2018 compared to the candidates of many other circles where they can join in the year 2017 itself as JTO


The letter in this regard will be sent to BRBRAITT Jabalpur in tomorrow morning . CS AIBSNLEA Kerala and CS Madyapradesh are in constant touch with BRBRAITT Jabalpur for preponement of  the training .



GS Meeting with CMD, BSNL

GS, President, FS and AGS (F) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL with 15% fitment benefits. We requested to use his good office in getting implemented 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL after the notification of the OM by the DPE. CMD BSNL after detailed discussions on the present status on 3rd PRC assured that he will make his best efforts in getting implemented the 3rdPRC benefits in BSNL.


27-07-2017 : BSNL News in Media

BSNL asks net users to change password after malware attack

New Delhi: State-owned telecom operator BSNL on Thursday said it has advised broadband users to change the default system password after a section of its broadband system was hit by a malware attack earlier this week.


The malware attack impacted nearly 2,000 broadband modems, where subscribers had not changed default password "admin".


"The situation has been addressed to a great extent. We are advising customers that they should immediately change their passwords, and they should not be worried about using broadband once they have done that," BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava told PTI.


He said that the malware has not impacted BSNL's core network, billing or any other system.


Shrivastava said that during the attack, malware was changing the passwords of users (those who were using admin as password) and so the affected modems were unable to login.


This attack occurred earlier this week, he said, adding BSNL call centres were proactively reaching out to users to alert them, and advise them about precautionary measures.

<<Read More>>

It is time for introspection to Majority Association :  Read More

AIBSNLEA is not participating in the agitation call given by the Unions and Associations of BSNL

Why AIBSNLEA is not participating in the agitation call given by the Unions and Associations of BSNL for June/July - 2017 ?  Click Here

6-07-2017 : CHQ News

Status of 3rd PRC notification by DPE:

DPE has send the minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held on 19.07.2017 to the Cabinet Secretariat for confirmation in the last week. The confirmation of minutes is expected by this week and thereafter the OM on notification of 3rd PRC implementation may be issued by DPE in the next week. After the notification of the OM the respective PSUs will take decision regarding its implementation for their executives. And, thereafter the respective PSUs will sent to their respective administrative ministries for the approval and issuance of Presidential Directives. In this manner after the notification of DPE OM on 3rd PRC implementation, BSNL Board will take the decision for its implementation in BSNL for its executives and thereafter it will be sent to DoT for approval and issuance of Presidential Directives.


We have to see that notification of DPE OM is allowing BSNL to implement 3rd PRC report or not. Whether the Cabinet has empowered respective PSU Boards or administrative ministries to give dispension in the affordability clause as recommended earlier in the interim report of 3rd PRC.


In case, the respective PSU Boards/ administrative ministry are empowered by Cabinet for dispension in the affordability condition of the PSU then it is the BSNL Board and administrative ministry who can take decision immediately for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL for its executives otherwise BSNL Board has to take up the matter with the administrative ministry to take the Govt. approval on dispension in the affordability clause for BSNL.


AIBSNLEA is monitoring all these developments very closely and will decide the future course of actions accordingly.           


CS and CVP met GM(A/HR) on appointment today and discussed the release of remaining JTO vacancies for VY 2015-16 , Preponment of JTO Training and Possibilities of further JTO vacancies against VY 2015-16 . DGM(HR) was also present during the meeting . Meeting started at 11.30 AM and lasted for One hour.


We requested to give exact picture of vacancies available under both vacancies reserved for candidates went to court and the vacancies arose  out of candidates opted for JAO etc. GM replied that 16 vacancies are reserved against court cases. However, on the request of AIBSNLEA Kerala during the last meeting ,  the file is referred to legal wing of circle office and based on the recommendation circle office expected to release the 16 vacancies . Under second category 8 (7 JAO opted +1, repetition of name ) vacancies would be generated . On the request of AIBSNLEA already circle office issued letter to all BAs to submit affidavit from these 8 candidates before the last date 24/07/2017 and GM instructed DGM to assess the number of  affidavits received otherwise contact respective BAs and get the affidavit within a couple of days . GM assured that soon the 8 vacancies can be released. We further requested to release the 16 vacancies well in advance so that training of the  additional  24 candidates can be conducted along with remaining JTO candidates for VY 2015-16. GM assured to take all out efforts to release the 16 vacancies.


We expressed displeasure on the training dates due to this joining year of the JTOs will be shifted to 2018 compared to the candidates of many other circles where they can join in 2017 itself as JTO . Administration  expressed their inability stating BRBRAITT that all training centers are loaded with batches. However , we are trying our level best for the preponment.


Regarding Possibilities of further JTO vacancies , GM informed that JTO vacancy calculation to 110 had been done through team work under the then GM(A/HR) . Further he clarified that actual vacancy calculation and other details are already clearly replied to RTI .


We requested to include the left out candidates Com.Ambika and Com.Prasanna belong to the erstwhile O-JTO candidates to be trained along with coming up JTO training batches   . GM assured to explore the possibilities.


CS and CVP met Principal RTTC and discussed the possibilities to afford JTO training if it is preponed .


Circle Office enacted the order ( Letter No. HR-III / Longstay / 2017 / 3 dated at TVM-33 the 10/ 4/2017 )  in connection with the last year ( 2016 )  JTO/SDE long stay  transfer orders.                                            <<<Letter >>>


Kerala Circle extending added care towards BTS coverage  <<<Office Order>>   

21-07-2017 : CHQ News

AIBSNLEA efforts for   3rd PRC implementation in BSNL:

AIBSNLEA CHQ have been making its best efforts in DoT / Ministry/ DPE to conveyance the concern authorities for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL Accordingly the facts are being informed to all concern through our CHQ Website. As rightly reported by AIBSNLEA in the morning of 20.7.2017 in our CHQ Website the actual status and process of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs / BSNL was later on confirmed by Shri Niteswar Kumar ji (IAS) PS to Hon'ble MOSC in the meeting held with AIBSNLEA on 20.7.2017( Evening). Hence , AIBSNLEA is correctly informing all the developments on day to day   basis to our members through our CHQ web site and doing hard work to ensure 3rd PRC Implementation in BSNL. But the so called Majority Association instead of informing the actual status and truth is creating hype in the minds of the Executives for which the reasons are best known to them.


The actual process of 3rd PRC implementation is that after the notification of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs for the Pay hike of Executives the respective PSUs will take decision in their Board and will send the proposal to the Administrative Ministry for the issuance of the Presidential Directive. Similarly after DPE notification of 3rd PRC recommendations, BSNL Board will take the decision and will send to DOT for approval and for issuance of Presidential Directives. Now in the DPE notification it has to be seen that whether the Administrative Ministry/Board of the PSUs have been empowered by the Cabinet to allow dispension of the “Affordability Clause"of 3rd PRC report. In case Board/Administrative Ministry is empowered then BSNL Board and DOT Administration should implement the 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of its Viability otherwise, we have to fight organisationally.


Today GS contacted the concerned Officers of DPE with regard to the Notification of 3rd PRC, it is understood that the draft notification on cabinet approval has been processed to the higher level Officers for approval. The notification of 3rd PRC is expected in the next week.


AIBSNLEA is committed for 3rd PRC implementation and in case the BSNL Board/DOT Administration do not implement it,  in that  case AIBSNLEA will never hesitate to go on indefinite Strike.  Let us watch the developments closely and will take immediate organisational action, if required at the appropriate time.


Kerala Circle extending added care towards BTS maintenance   <<Letter>>


3rd PRC implementation in BSNL:

The cabinet has approved 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefit to the PSU executives for their pay hike w.e.f. 01.01.2017 on 19.07.2017 in its meeting Chaired by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Now on the basis of Cabinet approval on 3rd PRC report (DPE) Department of Public Enterprises (Govt. of India) will issue its notification shortly addressing to all the Administrative Ministries and PSUs.

As per our past experience during 2nd PRC implementation, now after the DPE notification DOT Administrative Ministry will endorse to BSNL and the BSNL Board will take decision for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL for BSNL Executives and thereafter the Administrative Ministry after examining the BSNL Board Approval will issue the Presidential Directives for the implementation of 3rdPRC report in BSNL for its Executives

It is understood that this process dependents on the respective PSUs Board to consider 3rd PRC recommendation on the basis of their affordability conditions and any dispension in the affordability clause may perhaps be relaxed by the Administrative Ministry or Cabinet. In the case of BSNL as per 3rd PRC report the Affordability clause needs dispension in view of its operational profit/ positive AIBITA. It is to be find out from DOT whether this work has been done by DOT or through Cabinet approval in its meeting held yesterday.

AIBSNLEA closely watching all the developments and meeting all the concern officers in DPE/DOT for a favorable decision. Few days before AIBSNLEA met Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) and yesterday with Sect (T) just before the Cabinet meeting which was attended by Secy. (T) and pleaded for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of BSNL viability and its Executives otherwise they will be demotivated which directly will harm the BSNL Let Us, wait for DPE notification and DOT decision in this regard. Thereafter, we will decide our due course of action.



CS . CVP and CWC Member Com.Udayakumar met GM/DGM at Circle office and discussed the delay in Starting JTO training for VY 2015-16,   based on the letter served in today morning. We expressed our discontent in the lazy attitude of circle office in this regard. Administration has shared our concern and responded that delay in sending training schedule is due to court cases of the candidates in the qualified list. We responded that in the name of court case already around 16 vacancies are reserved  , hence  it could not contribute the delay . We  compelled to finalize the training schedule today itself with BRBRAITT . On our perusal circle office contact BRBRAITT Jabalpur in our presence and finalise dates for Prebasic and Phase-I training as Prebasic at RTTC Mysuru from 24-10-2017 and Phase-I for all candidates at RTTC Trivandrum from 4-12-2017.


We expressed dissatisfaction on the dates due to the shift in joining year to 2018 as JTO compared to the candidates of many other circles where they can join in 2017 itself as JTO . Kerala Circle again contacted BRBRAITT and explored possibilities for preponment of training schedule . BRBRAITT expressed their inability projecting that all training centers are loaded with batches. But , we are trying our level best on associational strength for the preponment.


We requested to release the reserved vacancies and around 5 vacancies arised due to other reasons. Administration assured  that possibilities for releasing the reserved vacancies will be initiated soon and the 5 vacancies will also be released after seeking affidavit from the respective candidates . We further requested to finalize this as early as possible so that they can also join for training on 24-10-2017.



CS writes to GM(Admin/HR) for taking all out efforts to Start JTO training for VY 2015-16 on or before 07/08/2017 to avoid further anomalies under CPSU cadre hierarchy  .


Sub: Need for scheduling JTO training (against VY 2015-16) on or before 07/08/2017  reg.


It appears that , after continuous perusal of this association , request letter for allotment of JTO training against JTO VY 2015-16 has been sent to BRBRAITT JABALPUR on 10/07/2017 from Kerala Circle . No communication received yet from BRBRAITT . This  is  brought to your kind notice that it is very  necessary to start pre basic training on or before 07/08/2017 for joining as JTO in this in the calendar year 2017 . All other circles training already scheduled training on or before 07/08/2017. In CPSU cadre hierarchy it is proposed that cut-off date for consideration for cadre up gradation is on 1st January of every year . If at all starting of training is delayed, that creates anomalies among the same year of recruiters due to lapsed in our circle. This disheartening situation of all the Kerala JTO candidates against VY 2015-16 is to be avoided. Hence , we request your good office  to  pursue the case with BRBRAITT JABALPUR for starting training on or before 07/08/2017 .  We further request to get allotment of training for these candidates to RTTC Trivandrum.                                                                                                           


18-07-2017 : CHQ News

BSNL Corporate Office issues orders for Transfer and Posting in the grade of Accounts Officer / Senior Accounts Officer <<<Click here for the letter>>>


GS writes to Shri Manoj Sinha JiHon’ble MOSC (I/C), Govt. of India against the Arbitrary and unjust orders issued by DOT to withdraw additional increment provision under BSNL Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) on financial promotions <<<Click here for the letter>>>


SPL C/L to AIBSNLEA office bearers: GM(SR) informed that SPl C/L to CHQ office bearers of AIBSNLEA has been allowed by BSNL MC and Director(HR) has approved the order. Today itself the SPl C/L order will be issued to AIBSNLEA CHQ office bearers. He assured that on getting feedback/comments from AIBSNLEA further the case will be processed to BSNL MC for consideration of SPL C/L to Circle /District level office bearers also.


AIBSNLEA Kerala writes to GS for unlocking the very legitimate settlement of  preponement of Financial Up gradations of 1999 JAOs which is unnecessarily shuttled between corporate office and Kerala Circle as time passing by Circle office finance wing of Kerala though rudimentary  orders are available on table.


Sub: Preponement of Financial Up gradations of 1999 JAOs in Kerala  as it has been done in many other Circles .



(1) CO BSNL ND Letter No. 400-172/2015 Pers. I dated 02.9.2015.

(2) CO No. 3-10/2007-SEA BSNL (Part) dated 14/01/2016

(3) CO No. 4-14/2007-SEA (Part) dated 28/11/2016

(4) Addl GM (Admin & HR) KL No HR-II/6-6/TB-V/2007-12/57 dated 22/12/2012


Respected Comrade,


There are 36 very unlucky JAOs of 1999 batch working in Kerala Circle. In accordance with the provisions detailed vide Para 1(1)(d)(7) of BSNL orders dated 18.01.2007, they have been promoted to the E2 scale (Rs 11875-300-17275) equivalent to AAO with effect from 01.04.2004. When several circles granted the above promotion and Kerala Circle was not issuing orders for the promotion, they have  approached the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam and the CAT was pleased to order promotions to Kerala JAO 1999 also as given in the other circles.  Accordingly we were promoted to E 2 scale with effect from 01/04/2004 as per the above Para 1(1)(d)(7) of EPP (Ref (4)).


Now kindly refer CO BSNL letter under reference (1) on the subject cited above, wherein it has been decided by the competent authority that the promotion to the cadre of AAO/Sr. AO allowed by DOT/BSNL during the period 1.10.2000 to 30.9.2004 may be treated as post based promotion in EPP, only for the purpose of counting as a residency period for First Time Bound Up-gradation as per clause [3][3.1] under the heading 'First Up-gradation in EPP.

It is submitted that, promotion given to them to the grade of AAO from 1.4.2004 which was earlier treated as time bound promotion, may be treated as a post based promotion with reference to the CO BSNL letter No. 400-172/2015 Pers I dated 02.9.2015 (Ref 1) and the clarification issued vide Ref(2)and (3). Many other circles like Corporate Office, Maharashtra Circle, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chennai etc (copies of orders attached) have issued promotion orders to JAO 1999 batch based on the letter dated 02/09/2015 and clarification dated 14/01/2016. In Kerala Circle we are denying the preponement of time bound upgradation as was given in the other circles on some flimsy grounds. Actually, our circle union is pursuing the case vigorously for a pretty long time but the circle finance administration seems to be adamant in not giving the legitimate promotion to the comrades.  When it is clearly said that the promotions given under Para 1(1)(d)(7) of BSNL orders dated 18.01.2007 to the accounts personnel, why Kerala JAOs of 1999 promoted under the same para during the same period is denying the preponement? Even after receiving the order and two more clarifications on it, kerala Circle administration again seeking clarification from Corporate office vide GM HR No.HR-II/6-6/TB/TB-VIII/2015-16/26 dated 25/05/2017 which is something to lag the case some more time .

 It is learnt that no reply to this letter has been received so far. Many of the affected comrades  in Kerala have retired without getting the expected benefit. Hence we request your good office to kindly take up the matter to appropriate level in corporate office to release further clarity if at all needed as demanded by Kerala Circle to benefit the affected comrades as already benefitted by the group of comrades in other circles, at the earliest.


With Warm Regards                          <<< Letter to GS >>>


Condolence ...

Sri.P.G.Rejimon ( belongs to Kottayam BA )  has been working as AO Bhavnagar is no more from today morning . He took his last breath  at Lakeshore Hospital, Ernakulam.  He worked as AO in Kottayam & Thiruvalla BAs . Funeral is expected tomorrow morning 11am at Kottayam. We express our deep condolence to his bereaved family members. 



CP Com.VijayaKumar , CS Com.Shaji , CFS Com.Biju Gopal , CWC Member Com. Udayakumar and DS TVM Com.Rajan met CGMT Kerala Dr.PT Mathew yesterday on 12-07-2017 and discussed all the prevailing Service and HR issues in Kerala . The meeting was very fruitful. Meeting started at 4.00 PM and completed around 5.45 PM.


Some of the Service /HR Issues discussed follows :


Outsourcing of Underground cables maintenance including jointing:

Kerala Circle has conveyed corporate office  that no outsourcing of cable maintenance is required. Kerala circle face acute shortage of field staff compared to DELs. The executives/employees posted in outdoor are under severe pressure. At one end there is acute shortage of qualified manpower and pressure from customers. At the other end there is pressure and harassing from higher officers for immediate clearing of faults, targets, charge of indoor and CSCs and targets of SIMs, NPC, BB etc. The strength of qualified manpower is decreasing in each month due to retirement. So suitable steps may be taken to outsource the cable maintenance with consideration of the existing manpower. CGMT assured to explore the matter


Tendering through ERP eportal :


Tendering through ITI eportal stopped since August 2016 , as per corporate office order. No clear alternative is implemented so far. However some sections of BSNL  still using ITI portal. No uniformity at all. Circle has used GeM ( Govt eMarketting ) portal and TCIL portal. Using of ITI portal consumes BSNL capital . We have requested to take steps to stabilise ePortal available with ERP platform and CGMT assured to look into the matter.


For the proper keeping up  of sound infra for BSNL network , the following points were discussed in detail:


Assurance of proper value of Digital Earth and its measurement  , Keeping at least one set of Battery without Sick cells in Telephone exchanges /BTS , Address higher VSWR values of Some BTS/IBS environment , Measures to stop AC leakage in Telecom Environment . CGMT shared all the concerns and assured to address all the issues.


Need of Posting More staff in field units :

Field units like outdoor of telephone exchanges , Mobile Sector etc more executives are requested to be posted . In some BAs for marketing more staff are loaded  while acute shortage is there in field units .  CGMT shared our concern and highlighted the importance of  strenghhening field units.


Term Cell invasion:-STP Ernakulam.


This Association is perceiving for the past few years the undue interest of BSNL authorities , Kerala in handing over BSNL Office space to DOT TERM Cell. We also note with extreme concern and anguish that DOT TERM Cell authorities at Ernakulum are also attempting  overtly &  covertly to snatch  office space out of that owned by BSNL and  allotted to STP Circle on one pretext or the other, by putting pressure on the senior officers at GM Level and above in Southern Telecom Project Circle and in Kerala Circle.   


As per latest Corporate office order on 11-07-2017 , this type of invasions are restricted . CGMT is well aware of the matter and assured to take steps for BSNL favour.


HR Issues

JTO Vacancy Calculation for 2015-16 ( JE 2009)  and Training .


Training Schedule: Due to the delay in handling the matter of training 94 candidates of Kerala circle ,51 JTO candidates belongs to the same year of recruitment of another circle are allotted RTTC Trivandrum  for Phase-I training in September  . This may result in discomfortable pushing of our candidates to remote training centres for Phase-I training . 


Eligibility  List is  declared by Corporate Office -3rd April 2017

Circle declared result on – 23rd May only and Request letter for allotment for training  is send this week only on perusal of this association.

Last cut off date  for starting 6 week field training is 7nth  August-2017 ( Prebasic-6 Weeks -3 Weeks + 3 Weeks), Phase-10 Weeks and FT 4 Weeks. Then only JTOs can join in 2017 else their date of joining  falls to next year. All other circles already planned. CGMT very patiently heard and shared our concern . Further he assured to do the needful.


JTO Vacancy Calculation


Firstly circle office declared 17 vacancy for OC for VY-2015-16 in Dec-2016  , Later they declared 47 but without declaring vacancies result published for 94 OC and 5 SC  . This type of piece meal way of declaring vacancy is not righteous . Its conveyed a message that Kerala circle has not knowing rather not having clear idea of how many vacancy are there . It may leads to court cases . Hence we have demand  to Form a committee to asses JTO vacancies from 2007. We also informed CGMT that out of 142 qualified candidates for VY-2015-16  , 43 candidates are not included for JTO training due to the vacancy calculation handicap with circle office .We also requested to release 16 vacancies reserved . CGMT assured to assess the situation and transparency in the vacancy calculation  will be let known to this association.


Vigilance charge sheet to AO  (cash ) : for delay in remittance of CSC collection  is to be questioned. Since the primary responsibility of ensuring remittance lies with CSC in charge. CGMT assured to look into the matter.


Increment Preponment of 1999 JAO Batch , Posting of JAO/AO to CSC , False Vigilance harassment to Com.KrishnaMohan , Rotational transfer in sensitive posts , differential treatment of Circle office on last year JTO/SDE long stay transfer order etc were also discussed. All the cases were addressed in due concern by CGMT Kerala ..


The meeting lasted for more than one and half hours and it was very productive.


12-07-2017 : CHQ News

BSNL Corporate Office issues regarding:

(1) to make available missing APARs of all SDEs working from List No. 5, 6 & 7 at CR Cell, New Delhi on priority basis else there could be chance of missing their names for considering the SDEs / DE (Adhoc) for promotion to AGM / DET (Adhoc / Regular).

<<<Click here for the letter >>> <<<Click here for the list >>>






CP Com.VijayaKumar , CS Com.Shaji , CFS Com.Biju Gopal , CWC Member Com. Udayakumar and DS TVM Com.Rajan had a courtesy call to the new GM(A/HR) Kerala Circle Shri. Robin Todbar with a bouquet of flowers. This IES officer from Civil wing is hailing from West Bangal.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 11.22.25 PM (1)


As we have reported on 06-07-2017 , 5 weeks  Phase-II Induction Training for JAO LICE – 2016 candidates are scheduled by NATFM. Training is from 31.07.2017 to 01.09.2017. 35 JAOs would be trained from RTTC-Trivandrum as Batch –01 and 22 JAOs would be at RTTC Mysore as Batch-02. We wish safe and successful training to every comrade.

Covering Letter         Annexure

11-07-2017 : CHQ News

Communication from PMO, Govt. of India, New Delhi

On 22.06.2017 GS had written a letter to Shri Narendra Modi jiHon'ble Prime MinisterGovernment of India regarding  Non-implementation of the recommendations of the 7th.CPC to the erstwhile DOT employees who were absorbed in BSNL/MTNL and since retired and are drawing Pension under CCS (Pension) Rules,1972 as amended from time to time. <<<Click here for the letter >>>


Taking into cognizance to the letter PMO, Govt. of India has communication President, AIBSNLEA that the said letter has been forwarded to Secretary, DoT for taking appropriate action. <<<Click here for the letter >>>


Status of the Case:

As on date the case is with Shri Shashi Ranjan Kumar, Jt. Secretary (T), DoT



The annual General Body, farewell to retired AIBSNLEA members and formation of women’s forum of Kollam Branch have been held at Hotel Sudarsan on 01-07-2017. The retirement function was inaugurated by PGMT Kollam Shri. V. Rajendran ITS and formation of Women’s Forum was inaufurated by Smt. S. Geethakumari, Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Chairperson for welfare Affairs , Kollam. Circle President Com. B. Vjayakumar and Circle Finance Secretary attended the function.  Retired members Shri. Mohandas. S , SDE (Civil), Smt. Stella .M.Martin AGM , Sri. Mohanarajan. JTO, Sri. Soman DGM, Smt. Tulasi Satheesh.PA were felicitated. New Women’s Forum of kollam bracnch was formed. Com. Jaly. A.S.Sabana, Com. Viji.V.S, Com. Accamma, Com. Rekha Ajith and Com. Sunanda were elected as new Women’s Forum Members. The meeting was presided by Com. G.Thulaseedharan Achary  (DP) . Welcome extended by Com. V.  Amarthlal. (DS) and vote of thanks proposed by Com. P.L. Johnykutty (ACS) 


kollam 01-7-17







First Meeting of the Women’s Forum of kollam bracnch was convened on 01-07-2017. Com. Jaly. A.S.Sabana, Com. Viji.V.S, Com. Accamma, Com. Rekha Ajith and Com. Sunanda were elected as new Women’s Forum Members.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-03 at 9.40.01 PM


AIBSNLEA Kerala expressed heavy resentment to Kerala Circle Administration on the delay in sending training schedule to BRBRAITT Jabalpur for  2009 JE batch JTO candidates against Vacancy year 2015-16.


CS discussed the matter with GM (Admin/HR) , today morning . Due to the delay in handling the matter of training 94 candidates of Kerala circle , 51 JTO candidates belongs to the same year of recruitment of another circle are allotted RTTC Trivandrum  for Phase-I training in September  . This may result in discomfortable pushing of our candidates to remote training centres for Phase-I training . GM fully shared our concern and assured to look into the matter today itself and without anymore delay the training schedule of the JTO candidates for VY 2015-16 will be submitted to BRBRAITT Jabalpur. He further assured that all efforts would be initiated to train the candidates from RTTC Trivandrum itself.


AIBSNLEA is also follow up the matter with BRBRAITT for the early allotment of Phase-I training for these candidates at RTTC Trivandrum.



CS discussed with PGM(F) on the handicap in the ERP system along with the implementation of GST . Even temp advance cannot be processed  from the last month field units are suffering for day to day activities  , difficulties in handling S&D Module / Pyro etc are adding further challenges. PGM(F) appreciated and shared the concerns of AIBSNLEA . He informed that all these anomalies as part of GST implementation are being effectively monitored and assessed directly  by CGMT Kerala and all are being timely forwarded to Corporate office . Some issues exclusively for Kerala in S&D Module is also reported. He optimised that all the issues would be sorted out without delay and requested everyone to grapple with the transition phase.



Phase-II training of JAO-2016 batch is scheduled from 31st July-2017 . Batches are scheduled for RTTC Trivandrum and Mysuru.

Which is negative force? 
Dear Comrades,

Please identify and understand self-proclaimed saviours of BSNL executives who does nothing but malign others. 

E1A and E2A replacement by E2 and E3 and subsequent up gradation of pay scales:


Since beginning, the stand of AIBSNLEA is to extend the E2 and E3 standard pay scales approved by the Cabinet in place of intermediatory pay scales of E1A and E2A. We are continuously pursuing the issue from pillar to post and at all levels in BSNL, DoT and Ministry.


Comrades, it is not the rocket science and nobody needs a superficial knowledge, to understand the ill effects of not upgrading the scales further from E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7. We believe that JTO/JAO promotions will not end at the level of SDE/AO only but they will be promoted to the higher grades also. AIBSNLEA cannot drop the demand of up-gradation of higher scales up-to E7 grade since it represents all the cadre of BSNL Executives including SDE, Sr. SDE, AO, Sr. AO, DE, CAO, DGM and etc.Whether the members of the so called Majority Association i.e. SDE, Sr. SDE, AO, Sr. AO, DE, CAO, DGM and etc understand the demand of the said Joint Forum for the implementation of standard Pay scales without subsequent up-gradation of Pay scales. So Comrades, we have to educate the comrades, in the so called majority association about the pay loss/pay anomaly and stagnation of pay and ill effects due to the implementation of standard pay scales without subsequent up-gradation of Pay scales of E3 to E7 level and make them to join in the AIBSNLEA who is the real saviour of all the Executives in BSNL.


Because of the genuineness and the importance of the issue, BSNL Management took the conscious decision to recommend E2 and E3 pay scales in replacement of pre- revised E1A and E2A and upgrading the scales from E2 to E3, E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 to the administrative ministry. Despite the negative pressure applied by the majority association, the BSNL management in response to the clarification sought by the DoT, has not dropped the earlier proposal dated 6.6.2016 of up gradation of pay scales and it has categorically  reiterated the need for implementing subsequent up gradation of pay scales. BSNL management has requested DOT for E2 and E3 pay scales in replacement of pre-revised E1A and E2A.


Part-I of the proposal in BSNL‘s letter dated 6.6.2016 for replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 & E3 is a residual issue of 2nd PRC and may be approved. The Part-II of BSNL’s proposal will be taken up at the time of 3rd PRC.


The so called majority Executive Association also gave a call of agitation for the same demands and withdraw it without any fruitful out come during Feb’2017 which strengthened DOT  to ignore the protest of BSNL Executives. The fact remains that efforts were taken by the same Executive Association in the month of Dec, 2016 and Jan, 2017 and they impressed upon the BSNL Management to victimize the CHQ/Circle /Distt. level Office bearers of United Forum by issuing the memorandum & deduction of salary for two days on 27th & 28th Dec, 2016 for participating in Dharna conducted for the same demand of up-gradation pay scales. Such type of actions strengthened the BSNL/DOT management to conveniently ignore the genuine grievances of executives in BSNL.


10 years in E3 Scale:


All the executives including the first Batch of JTOs/JAOs recruited in the year 2001 and 2002 will have to remain in E3 scale for 10 years proposed by BSNL Management on the demand of majority Association double pay fixation in E-3 scale is against the pay fixation rules of DoP&T. It is also in violation of Executive Promotion Policy because as per EPP, all time bound promotions are to take place after each 5 years in the next higher grade.  Is it acceptable to so called Majority Association members? We are not short sighted organization and we analyse the ill effects which are going to affect all the executives and young comrades in particular.


CPSU hierarchy and MT recruitment: 


The BSNL management took more than two years and understood that it has finalized the CPSU hierarchy in consultation with the majority association.  It appears that the recommendations are not based on the agreed policy initiated by Khan Committee. The recruitment of MT which is the hidden agenda of BSNL management and the majority association is colluded with the Management and supporting MT recruitment. The so called saviours of Engineers have to come out with black and white for debate in this regard. We will fight it out with tooth and nail and will not allow these negative forces to spoil the future of BSNL executives especially our talented young comrades. MT recruitment is nothing but the entry of old ITS RR and because of this, the entire executives could not get even two promotions in their carrier. We will not allow this mental stress to continue for younger comrades.


Thus, all the Executives may understand that who are the negative forces and what their hidden agenda is and come out from the self-proclaimed saviours association and join in the AIBSNLEA which is always working for the betterment of all the Executives.


CS Writes to GS for the immedeate action on the Rule 8 transfer case of Mr. AMALRAJAN, JAO ( Working at Kollam BA)  – A&N Circle to Kerala Circle.      <<<Letter to GS>>>

03/07/2017 : CHQ News 
Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

GS, President (CHQ) and AGS (Fin) met Director (HR) and discussed regarding:

A Some facilities to AIBSNLEA: We requested to grant Special C/L to the Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA for attending Association activities. Director (HR) informed that Management Committee of BSNL Board in the last meeting has approved some facilities to AIBSNLEA under certain conditions. She assured early orders in this regard.

B Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL: We requested to impress upon DoT for dispensing the affordability clause of 3rd PRC report in the case of BSNL as DPE has already sent the draft Cabinet Note to DoT for comments.  Director (HR) mentioned that already CMD along with all the Board of Directors of BSNL has met with Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) and pleaded in support of 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL in the interest of its viability. Director (HR) also mentioned that CMD has explaiened to Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) during discussion that Rs. 2500/- Crore financial burden will be borne by BSNL internally. Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) was very positive during discussion and has assured for his support. She herself along with CGM (Legal), PGM (Estt), GM (SR) has also pleaded to Secretary (T) in this regard. Secretary (T) also assured for favorable actions.  However, CMD BSNL is continuing his efforts to convince the DoT officers in favor of 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefit for BSNL.

C Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of pay scale: We apprised Director (HR) regarding our communication dated 03.07.2017 to Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon’ble MOS (Finance) on the Methodology of calculation of pension contribution in respect of employees of DoT absorbed in BSNL with a copy to all concerned Secretaries of the Departments of Expenditure / Personnel & Training / DoP&PW and Telecom. She appreciated our efforts and mentioned that the matter is under consideration in the Department of Expenditure and a positive decision is expected soon. In this manner in case the pension contribution is paid on actual basic BSNL will be saving more than Rs. 700 Crores per annum after 3rd PRC report implementation in BSNL with full 15% fitment. It will also pave the way for replacement of E1A by E2, E2A by E3 and thereafter upgradation of E3 by E4, E4 by E5, E5 by E6 and E6 by E7 with a bare minimum financial burden on BSNL.

D Delinking of Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners from 3rd PRC and linking with 7th CPC recommendations: We also apprised Director (HR) about our communication to Hon’ble Prime Minister regarding non-implementation of the recommendations of the 7th CPC to the erstwhile DoT employees who were absorbed in BSNL/MTNL and since retired and are drawing Pension under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 as amended from time to time. Director (HR) appreciated our efforts and assured to pursue it further in DoT.

E CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL-discussion with AIBSNLEA: We expressed our serious concern against non-holding of discussions with AIBSNLEA by Pers. Cell on CPSU cadre hierarchy draft proposal. Director (HR) mentioned that PGM (Pers.) is on leave and after his joining on 13th July she will directing to have discussions with AIBSNLEA also.

F Rs. 22820/- pay anomaly of post 2007 recruited JTOs and JAOs Batch: We pleaded for the settlement of this issue and Director (HR) advised us to have a separate discussion on this issue at 1230 Hrs tomorrow in her chamber.

GM (SR), BSNL Corporate Office was also present in the meeting.


Biennial GB of Malappuram Branch is conducted in a grand mannet . Com. Pradeep   president, Com. Abdul Salem   secretary ,  treasurer Com. Sudhakaran M



AIBSNLEA Kerala Leaders had a courtesy call in today AN with new CGMT Kerala  Dr.PT Mathew. We extended sincere and relentless support of AIBSNLEA  to all his developmental activities in Kerala circle . He heartily reciprocate thanks and remarked that he alone can’t do anything. But , he assure that by the collective efforts of all BSNL employees in Kerala cutting across Cadres/Associations/Unions/Any other division among us , we can elevate the Performance and Profit flag of BSNL Kerala to further heights.


He further mentioned that an interactive web portal for Internal Talent Search is being planned to contribute to the all round growth of Kerala Circle by considering all valuable individual suggestions.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-23 at 7.15.07 PM

TCR womens forum 23-6-17








Congrats Thrissur Branch.....

AIBSNLEA WOMEN'S FORUM of Thrissur Branch is inaugurated today by the eminent Social Activist Smt. AJITHA.T.G.


Congratulations Comrades..!!!!


AIBSNLEA’s efforts partially materialised by the declaration of  results for 42 more JTO-LICE Candidates against  the vacancy year 2015-16 in addition to the result of 47 candidate in the  Last episode. We are trying to declare results of the 42+  left out candidates too. We express our sincere thanks CGM/GM Kerala Circle and hope that by releasing the held up vacancies we can accommodate qualified candidates.


We requested management to take all out efforts to start training for these comrades at RTTC Trivandrum without delay . GM (A/HR) assured to look into the matter without delay.



BSNL Corporate Office circulates the list of Holidays to be observed in BSNL offices during the year 2018.

<<<Click here for the letter>>>


GS writes to The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre Of Accounts Officers    <<<Click here for letter>>>

CS writes to GS for the release of  approval letter at the earliest from J&K , case of  Smt.Bainy Christopher. Actions may also be taken to release an extension order from corporate office for one more term  or till the release of the orders from J&K.  Smt.Bainy Christopher JAO (HR No201002632) is currently working in circle office Kerala under Temporary Transfer from J&K circle.           <<<Letter to GS>>>

<<<Click here for the copy of the DO letter written by CMD BSNL to the Secretary (T) on the issue implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit>>>


It is time for introspection to Majority Association

AIBSNLEA have been fighting for the settlement of all the legitimate HR issues and viability of BSNL since its inception and achieved many mile stones during the period by getting implemented grant of perks  to executives w.e.f. 01.01.2005, implementation of EPP w.e.f 18.01.2007, filling of all vacant STS Group-‘A’ level posts in all discipline by getting clearance from DoT in Sept.-2006, Transparent Transfer Policy-2008, BSNL MSRR-2009, Implementation of 2nd PRC recommendations in BSNL with full 30% fitment benefits in BSNL, IDA Pension revision for BSNL Pensioners issued on 15.03.2011, Merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2007 effectively amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of fitment and pay fixation in the revised pay scales, Withdrawal of 60:40 provision in  the Pension Rules 37A for BSNL employees and payment of 78.2% fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners, Withdrawal of MT RR-2008 and 2011, Regularization of adhoc level executives in all disciplines, filling up of the vacant DGM/SE posts in all disciplines, 3% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, framing of JTO RR-2014 and conduction of JTO LICE, Creation of  PPS and Sr. PPS posts, regularization of offg. JTOs,  Rs. 22820/- Pay anomaly resolution by formation of Committee and active participation in all the struggles of BSNL Unions and Associations to protect the interest of BSNL etc.


Recently in December-2016 BSNL Management conducted referendum for majority executive Association wherein AIBSNLEA by getting 18,400 votes got Support Association status and thereafter continuously trying to protect  the interest of all the BSNL executives i.e. whether it is BSNL recruited or absorbed in BSNL. After referendum under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations one agitation was launched for the settlement of the burning demands i.e. pay loss of post 2007 recruited executives, standard pay scales by replacing E1A by E2, E2A by E3 and subsequent up-gradation of pay scales E3 by E4, E4 by E5, E5 by E6 and E6 by E7, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, CPSU Cadre hierarchy as per the Khan Committee report, 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefit and pension revision of BSNL pensioners etc. On the positive assurance given by the CMD BSNL and Director (HR) the agitation programme was deferred. But immediately just after the deferment of the agitation, BSNL management took vindictive actions against the General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA by issuing “Show Cause” notice, deduction of salary of two days DHARNA organized on 27th and 28th Dec-2016 by cancelling the sanctioned E/L and C/L etc.


Thereafter, on 28th March-2017, DoT administration issued ‘Presidential Directives’ for E1A and E2A intermediary pay scales which created unrest and accordingly AIBSNALEA and AITEEA organized protest demonstration on 06.04.2017 wherein Com. GS, AIGETOA was also requested to sign the notice but he expressed his inability in signing the agitation notice of United Forum and mentioned  that he is in favour of Joint struggle of all the Associations and he along with his members already actively participated in demonstrations made on 30/03/2017 by the Majority Association. Com. GS, AIGETOA was requested by GS AIBSNLEA and GS, AITEEA for serving a agitation notice under the banner of United Forum for protest actions, but GS AIGETOA was perhaps committed to Majority Association not to go for agitation on the platform of United Forum and insisted us also to come and join with them rather than starting agitation. And finally they formed Joint Forum and served a notice of agitation on 10.04.2017 when the GS AIBSNLEA was on LTC at Port Blair w.e.f. 09.04.2017 to 16.04.2017. I explained to GS AIGETOA and GS SNEA that at present I am away from CHQ and after having the talk with our CHQ Office bearers and Circle Secretaries, I shall be able to take the decision because just three months before referendum has taken place wherein lot of hot exchanges have taken place, so immediate joint struggle is not possible. We have to convince and mentally prepare our members at base level for joint struggle then only it would be possible for us to come together but it was ignored for which the reasons are best known to them and finally they served the notice under the banner of Joint Forum denouncing United Forum. Now,  Majority Associations is alleging support Association to derail all the HR issues which JF and BSNL Management jointly trying to resolve.


The fact remains that Jt. Forum in collision with the BSNL Management is trying to sabotage the important HR issues which the support Association have brought on track i.e. E1-A by E2, E2-A by E3 and subsequent up-gradation of pay scales E3 by E4, E5 by E6 and E6 by E7 which was approved by Management Committee of BSNL Board and was sent to DoT on 06.06.2016 during the struggle of United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.


The majority Association since beginning tried to sabotage it and after referendum pressurized the BSNL Management to trunked the proposal making it half i.e. upto E1-A by E2 and E2-A by E3 only wherein double fixation in E3 grade, means one executive will remain in E3 scale for 10 years in violation of EPP which will invite litigations. Knowing well this fact they are befooling the executives and trying to harm the interest of all the executives of BSNL. They pressurized BSNL Management to withdraw the earlier 06.06.2016 proposal and halved it up-to  E1-A by E2 and E2-A by E3 only. But with the vigorous efforts of AIBSNLEA, they could not succeed in it and now BSNL has replied the queries of DoT pleading that BSNL’s earlier proposal of 06.06.2016 may be considered in two parts. AIBSNLEA will continue to make its efforts for up-gradation of all the pay  scales E1-A to E2, E2-A to E3, E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 in the larger interest of all the executives.

Majority Association is sabotaging the Khan Committee report on CPSU Cadre Hirarchy  by allowing  MT recruitment and allowing post based promotions up-to STS level only. We will strongly oppose such acts of Majority Association.


30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees precipitated after the struggle of United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA only. Majority Association never contributed in this regard.


PGM (PF) Ms. A. Panda, Committee on pay anomaly of Rs. 22820/- of JTOs/JAOs post recruited 1.1.2007 was constituted on the demand of AIBSNLEA and AITEEA by CMD BSNL. But the Majority Association trying to sabotage the committee report raising huge financial implication to benefit thousands of executives in the report in line of Estt. Cell  pleadings.


Notional pay fixation issue of JTOs/SDEs(C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering wings and PA cadre was initiated and taken  by AIBSNLEA and with it’s sincere efforts only the management committee of BSNL Board has cleared it and now BSNL board approval is awaited. This issue was hijacked by majority association. E1+5 advance increment benefit to JTOs/JAOs could be settled by AIBSNLEA through KCGK Pillai Committee report. Now JTO(SRD), JAO 2013 batch and PAs case has been cleared by BSNL Management committee and awaiting BSNL board approval.

Diversion of MT Quota posts to seniority quota posts in Telecom Engg. could take place first and then diversion of MT Quota posts to seniority quota posts of CAOs cadre got cleared from Management committee of BSNL board and now waiting for BSNL board approval. E5 to E6 time bound promotion and EPP to DGM adhoc by modification in BSNL MS RR got approved from Management committee of BSNL and now waiting for BSNL board approval. AD(O/L) cadre restructuring  got approved from Management committee of BSNL and now DOT approval is awaited. All the queries asked by DoT has been replied by BSNL. About 1200 DGM(Engg.) and about 250 DGM(Fin)/ DGM(TF), about 100 SE(Elect./Civil) promotion could become possible with the untiring  efforts of AIBSNLEA.


Sincere efforts are being made to get expedite CPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM(Finance), JTO(C/E) to SDE(C/E), SDE(c) to EE(C), etc by taking some solution in view of the legal opinion on Hon’ble High Court Chandigarh judgment and DP&T guidelines on SC/ST roster implementation.


In this manner AIBSNLEA will continue to work to safeguard the interest of all the executives of BSNL.


Majority association after referendum should honestly concentrate for the settlement of pending HR issues in the interest of all the executives instead of doing vote bank politics. Majority association should not worry on support association affairs. Support association knows it’s responsibility well.


It’s a fact that AIBSNLEA got about 18400 plus votes during referendum and got support association status with the help of AIGETOA and AITEEA. AIBSNLEA is committed to protect the interest of its members and supporters. Now AIGETOA leadership preferred to align with Majority Association under the banner of Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations under the assurance that they will achieve their demands and no vindictive actions will be there against them which the GS AIGETOA faced  “Show Cause” notice during the struggle of United Forum of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA. Now BSNL Management leaving Majority Association leaders aside has victimized  GS AIGETOA by serving majority penalty charge sheet. It has caused panic and now majority Association is desperate to mount pressure on BSNL Management to withdraw the vindictive actions through the agitation of BSNL Unions and Associations on the pretext of 3rdPRC implementation, whereas, CMD BSNL with all the Board of Directors met Hon’ble MOS(C) (I/C) on 16.06.2017 and pleaded for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit, then where is the need of going on strike at this juncture. However, we are against any victimization of Association/Union leaders/members for organizing legitimate Trade Union activities but they should be fair in their approach.


AIBSNLEA never harmed the interest of anyone and never deviated from its policies under the pressure like Majority association. AIBSNLEA is using all the channels to get implemented 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit and pension revision. In case if any difficulty is faced in this regard it  will not hesitate to take harder Trade Union action programmes in term of even indefinite strike.


AIBSNLEA was never interested to mention above facts but the majority Association write up on their website 15.06.2017 has forced to explain.


Only BSNL Offers Max.  Mobile Data / Day in India    17-06-2017 : Media News

NEW DELHI: State run telecom firm BSNL yesterday increased per day data offering to 4GB at 3G speeds under a new prepaid mobile scheme priced at Rs  444 with 90 days validity. "Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)  has introduced 'BSNL Chaukka' '  444", a new STV, for truly unlimited data for 90  days as special promotional offer under prepaid mobile services," the company said in a statement. This is the highest per day data limit being offered by any telecom operator in the country.

Under the scheme, one gigabyte of 3G mobile data will cost less than a rupee the lowest in the sector."We are committed to provide affordable and efficient services to all segments of our mobile customers. We offer best prices to our customers considering present trend of Indian telecom industry," BSNL Director for consumer mobility R K Mittal said.

BSNL's competitors in the market are offering up to 2GB of mobile broadband per day.



AIBSNLEA Kerala Writes to PGM(F) Kerala for an early arrangement of Phase-II induction training for the qualified candidates.


Sub:  Phase II Training for JAO (Deptl) candidates 2016 reg.

Ref:  NATFM,HYD Lr.No. NATFM/2-TRG/TC/JAO-Deptl/40%/2016-17/102 dtd 06.06.17

As per letter in reference, NATFM,HYD sought the details of LICE qualified , Phase –I trained  JAOs under 40% quota held on 17/06/2016  for completing their 5 weeks Phase-II induction training . The details are to be submitted on or before 20/06/2017.

You are requested to take necessary steps to send all the details to NATFM in time and requested further to arrange the Phase-II training at the earliest at RTTC Trivandrum for the executives working in Kerala circle.

<<<Letter To PGM_F>>>





Hearty Welcome and Congrats to Dr. PT  Mathew ....


Dr.PT Mathew , erstwhile PGMT Thrissur , has taken over the Charge of CGMT Kerala today on 14-06-2017 . We wish a smooth , Productive and successful  office to this proven dynamic Officer.

CGMT Dr PT Mathews

Why AIBSNLEA is not participating in the agitation call given by the Unions and Associations of BSNL?

A meeting of BSNL Unions / Associations was held at New Delhi on 02.06.2017 to discuss the implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL. The meeting was convened by Com. P Abhimanyu GS, BSNLEU and was presided over by GS, AIBSNLEA.

During discussions, as GS, AIBSNLEA while expressing our concern on 3rd PRC implementation we demanded that the particular Clause of the Rule 14 (1) of the BSNL (REA) Rules, 2013 which prevents executive Association's participation along with the non-executives unions' agitation programs i.e. "Further, the Association will not join hands with the non-executives' unions for furtherance of their issues and / or participate in any kind of joint trade union action." should be deleted / withdrawn.

We further explained that during the agitation program of United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations comprising of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA, for organizing "DHARNA" on 27th and 28th December 2016, all the three General Secretaries were issued "Show Cause" notice to initiate the disciplinary action under BSNL CDA conduct rules, wherein violation of Executives Associations recognition rules was also the charge against us. The sanctioned E/L and C/L for two days on 27th & 28thDecember 2016 of GS, AIBSNLEA and GS AITEEA were cancelled and a dies-non was made with two days salary cut. This issue was immediately brought to the notice of all the Unions/ Associations and accordingly GS BSNLEU and GS NFTE met CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL and protested against this and gave a letter of protest but BSNL management did not withdrawn the "Show Cause" notices and "salary cut" even after a lapse of five months. We explained that under these circumstances, where we represent the executives of DGM/DE/CAO/EE/SDE/AO/JTO/JAO ranks, it is difficult to participate in the strike call because these executives are the soft target of the management and AIBSNLEA do not have any recognized channel to protect these executives. Hence, BSNL Unions/ Associations first take up the issue with BSNL management for withdrawal of all the vindictive actions and to stop such actions against the legitimate Trade Union activities of the BSNL Unions/ Associations. But unfortunately it was not given due consideration.

The Demand of unconditionally withdrawing the BSNL C.O. letter dated 08.05.2017 banning all trade union activities in BSNL was related to the ongoing agitation of Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations. In compliance to the Hon'ble Patiala Court New Delhi orders it was banned. It cannot be imposed on all the unions/ associations. Presently the matter is being defended by the Joint Forum in the Hon'ble Patiala House Court. This issue should be discussed with BSNL management by both the majority Unions/Associations. We impressed upon that making it a demand of "strike" along with the demand of 3rd PRC implementation is not correct as it dilutes the main demand.

Moreover, the Joint Forum of Executive Associations' agitation was mainly to get replacement of E-1A by E2 and E-2A by E3 only wherein they are demanding withdrawal of BSNL's earlier proposal which was send to DOT on 06.06.2016 during the agitation and the demand of United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA as

1. Replacement of E-1A by E-2 and E-2A by E-2 and E-2 by E-3 pay scales w.e.f. 1.1.2007 and

2 Upgradation of subsequent pay scales E-2 by E-4, E-4 by E-5, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 w.e.f. 1.1.2007.

This demand of Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations has trunked the BSNL's complete proposal and has halved the demand. Hence, AIBSNLEA can't associate with such association's agitation call.

In view of the above, AIBSNLEA will extend its solidarity support to the agitation call of BSNL Unions/ Associations on common demand of 3rd PRC related issues implementation.

We appreciate the efforts taken by BSNL  Management in DOT for the implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits for BSNL employees. Now, CMD BSNL along with all the BSNL Board members are meeting with Hon'ble MOS (C) )(I/C) on 16.06.2017 at 2:30 PM demanding 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL.

In the meeting conducted by CMD BSNL with the representatives of BSNL Unions/ Associations on 03.06.2017, CMD BSNL categorically told that he will make his best efforts for the implementations of 3rdPRC in BSNL and in case he fails in getting implemented 3rd PRC in BSNL he will resign from the post of CMD BSNL owning the responsibility. It is really appreciable stand of CMD BSNL. We should trust his efforts and extend our fullest support to him in his endeavor.

AIBSNLEA is continuously making its sincere efforts in convincing the officers in DOT/DPE in person in support of 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit. We have also requested Hon'ble MOS (C) (I/C) and Secretary (T) to grant us a meeting to represent our views in this regard. Let us, continue our efforts to ensure implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL.

Biennial GB of Ernakulam branch had been conducted yesterday in Paulson Park Hotel , Ernakulam . Com Eliyas Chacko (SDE – Civil) , Com.Latha SDE ( W/o Com. Sivasankaran Nair, DGM_F) and Irshad (JAO) are elected as  the new DP , DS and DFS respectively.

Vice Presidents : Com.Krishnakumar SDE and Com.Johney BA JTO ,Asst Secretaries : Com. VijayaMohan Das JTO , Com.Subrahmanyam G JTO and Com. Karthikeyan PA, Org Secrataries :  Com. Sibin Glancy  JAO, Com.Anil JTO Civil , Asst FS : Com. NA George JTO , CEC Members : Com.KNM Nair SDE , Com. Aboobacker NA JTO and Com. Vikraman Pillai CAO.


EKM GB 13-7-17


CP Com. Vijayakumar , CS Com.Shaji and CFS Com. Biju Gopal attended the meeting.

Circle leaders elaborated all the prevailing HR / Service issues in BSNL . The need for the implementation of the very demanding standard pay scales to BSNL with cascading effect , the  grant of Rs.22820/- pay scales to the JTOs/ JAOs post recruited year 2007 , CPC Cadre hierarchy, Pending Promotions to executives etc and the effective  persuasion of   AIBSNLEA on these matters  were elaborated.

Regarding 3rd PRC pending from 1-1-2017 , BSNL board recommended for the maximum of 15% fitment benefits to BSNL  is highly appreciated .  The very heartening stand of CMD BSNL  that in case he fails to get implemented to 3rd PRC report in BSNL then he will resign from the post of CMD BSNL is also applauded the house.

It was also highlighted  that the only one association pursuing for the implementation of  3rd PRC is AIBSNLEA , as the CHQ site revealing , at all levels for its  fruitful implementation while another so called “Majority Association”  sleeping in this regard.

Com.Devidas JTO extended welcome to the gathering and Com.Krishnakumar SDE proposed vote of Thanks.

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Coordination committee meeting for the successful conduction of CWC meet on 11 and 12 August 2017 has been carried out yesterday evening  at Trivandrum.  The following committees were formed with co-coordinators follows.

1. Reception committee : Com.RadhaKrishnan Nair CAO : 9446359667
2. Transport Committee : Com. Manoj Viswanath SDE Civil : 9446373535
3. Accommodation Committee : Com.Pushparajan JTO : 9446022233
4. Office/Cultural Committee : Com.Udayakumar AGM :9447121314
5. Food Committe : Com.Binu SDE : 9447215055
6. Finance Committee : V.S Suresh Kumar DGM(TR) : 9446497171                                 

                      Chairman Com.M. Shyamkumar DGM : 9496392900 and Convenor Com.Rajan ,AO , DS TVM : 9446559191

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