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13-03-2020 : CHQ News

BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions regarding Generation of long stay list [SDE(T)/AGM(T)/DGM(T)] from ERP SAP, wherein it was stated that all the Executives may check their Present Grade/ Present Substantive Grade and Career History details in ERP.                          <<<<Click here for letter>>>

12-03-2020 : CHQ News

BSNL Management invited recognized Unions and Associations for discussion  regarding implementation status of revival plan and organizational restructuring Post VRS scenario in BSNL. The Meeting is scheduled to be held on 18.03.2020 under the Chairmanship of  CMD, BSNL

<<<<Click here for letter>>>


CS writes to CGMT Kerala :


Exigencies of the time ; empathetic helping hand of cotton masks and hand sanitizers to the employees working at CSC and outdoor units of BSNL especially areas like Ranni , Pathanamthitta BA wherein Covid 19 virus affected and capsized normal life on apprehensions of spreading Corona virus.

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>


CS writes to CGMT Kerala :


Immediate Filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to effortlessly achieve our financial goals and targets .This has not been happened so far even after our multiples of requests to the CGMT and PGMF in every meeting

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>


CS writes to CGMT Kerala :


Relocate more number of the Wi-Fi hotspots in potential areas to provide more coverage around telephone exchange /Offices/BTS premises and thereby generating revenue at least to meet OPEX of the services so that we can arrest BSNL bleeding from the Wi-Fi services.

<<<Letter to CGMT >>>


CS requests for a meeting with CGMT to discuss the pending BSNL service matters viz Speed up of the process of Leasing out of buildings and Scrapping process of materials marked for the same to declutter telephone exchanges and offices , Immediate arrangements  to address  the technical  issues with CACU/LAGU  , arrangements to address the frequent failures of CDOT NGN  LAGU control cards having no support from CDOT , Completing ATs of POI/PRI to shut down Legacy switches  , issues with CSCs being managed by DAS in taking part payments/Other Circle’s Bills/SIM Swapping etc   and the pending HR matters of Kerala Circle in the Post VRS scenario viz  heavy recovery from erstwhile O_JTOs on erroneous pay fixation , heavy recovery  from supernumerary JTOs without extension of proper option facility , Pending LA arrangements of executives in all verticals , inter BA long stay transfer of executives etc

<<<Request letter>>>



New CGMTKerala Meets


CS Com Shaji , CVP Com.Rajan  , DS TVM Com.Binu , DS CO Com.Sreejith and DFS CO Com.Mohammed Salih  had a courtesy call to the newly appointed CGMT of Kerala Circle Shri C V Vinod and honored him with a welcome Bouquet. The meeting with new CGMT Kerala was a nice experience.


In one of his very motivating opening remarks he reminded probably BSNL work force is the most dedicated workforce in its kind across India as the employees paying from their pocket to run the prestigious organization ahead, for the benefits of our beloved customers, during tough times of BSNL . He added that, through our collective efforts, we can turn around BSNL to its pristine glory of Profit making PSU. AIBSNLEA extended whole hearted support to the same.



Meeting with CMD, BSNL:

Today GS, AGS and Auditor/CHQ met CMD, BSNL and discussed regarding:

(1) Corrections to be made in the PPOs issued to the BSNL VRS-2019 Retirees: We brought to the notice of the CMD, BSNL about the entires made in the Pension Payment Orders issued to the BSNL VRS-2019 Retirees by the concerned CCAs vide Sl.No.3, Section-2 under Part II, i.e., against the “Rules under which Pension is sanctioned” it was mentioned as BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019 instead of CCS Pension Rules 1972. We handed over the copy of the PPO and letter addressed in this regard to the CMD BSNL. CMD mentioned that he has already discussed the issue with the Member (Finance), DCC, DoT and it was assured by the Member (Finance) that the Pension for the BSNL VRS-2019 Retirees will be regulated and Sanctioned as per Rule.37.A CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 since the Union Cabinet approved the BSNL VRS-2019 Scheme as per CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 only. We informed the CMD that there is a doubt and fear among the BSNL VRS-2019 retirees that “Whether BSNL VRS Optees, who are the Absorbed employees from DoT to BSNL, will get their Pension revised and other benefits as per the Sub rule (8) Rule 37-A of CCS(Pension) Rules 1972” and we brought to the notice of the CMD about the clarification sought by AIBSNLEA vide Letter dated 14.11.2019 in this regard. We further mentioned that no clarification has been issued for the Pension related issues raised in the letter by AIBSNLEA. After detailed discussion CMD assured to forward our letter to DoT for further clarification in this regard..

(2) Fixing the Time Line for Monthly Salary disbursement: We requested the CMD to fix the time line for the disbursement of monthly salary in the last date of the concerned month since the net Salary expenditure from the month of February, 2020 estimated around 350 Cr and BSNL can very well manage net Salary monthly expenditure from the monthly collection of around Rs.1300 Cr. CMD assured to consider the issue after the February, 2020 Salary disbursement.

(3)Formation of Quality Circle in BA, Circle & BSNL CO:  We suggested that Quality Circle to be formed in BA, Circle & BSNL CO with the Officers from the Management side and the Associations and Unions representatives as members to review and monitoring the monthly/Quarterly revenue, Developmental activities, Revenue Assurance, Revenue Leakage and Faults etc., so as to maximise the Revenue for the better financial health of BSNL. CMD appreciated our concern in this regard and assured to look in to the matter.



AUAB decides to powerfully organise the Hunger Strike on 24.02.2020, at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA headquarters.

A meeting of the AUAB was held today. The meeting reviewed the developments in connection with the notice for agitation, already issued by the AUAB, demanding settlement of the grievances of the employees, as well as the revival of BSNL. The meeting observed that, the Management is not prepared to settle even the barest minimum of the demands, i.e., payment of salary, as well as the immediate remittance of the deductions already made from the Salaries of the employees, on account of GPF, Bank Loan EMI, Society dues, LIC premium, Union / Association Subscription amount, etc., to the concerned organisations. Further, the meeting also noted with regrets that, except retrenching around 80,000 employees under VRS, the BSNL Management has not taken any step for the revival of BSNL, as envisaged in the Revival Plan approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019, including the launching of BSNL’s 4G service.


Hence, after detailed discussion, the meeting unanimously decided to powerfully organise the hunger strike programme on 24.02.2020.  


All the District Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers , Circle/District  Office bearers and CWC Members are requested to co-ordinate with the constituent Unions/Associations of AUAB and make the Programme a grand Success.        



Siva rathri



Hearty Congratulations! BSNL CO issued Promotion and Posting orders of the Executives in the Grade of DGM(T) of Telecom Operation Stream on Purely Adhoc basis for 195 number of AGM Level Executives.<<<Click here for order>>> ANNEX-1, ANNEX-2ANNEX-3 ANNEX-4.

17-02-2020 : CHQ News

GS Writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for Promotion in all Streams/Grades in BSNL on ‘Regular Basis’ instead of ‘Look After arrangement’ from among the Executives already working in Higher Scales without any financial implications- <<<Click here for letter>>>


Congratulations Comrades…


After a long pursue ,  the much awaited  order  for  Pay Fixation to the  JTOs  , who opted pay fixation under 2nd  PRC from the date of regular promotion  , have been officiated initially and  regularised after 01-01-2007 . AIBSNLEA has been pursuing the matter with CGMT , GM(A/HR) , DGM(HR) , DGM(Legal) etc . We extend our sincere thanks to all the concerned officers especially CGMT Dr.P.T.Mathew and GM(HR&Admin) Shri Sathesh.R


<<< Click to View order>>>

11.02.2020 : CHQ News

Meeting with CMD BSNL:

GS and AGS met CMD BSNL, Shri P.K. Purwar and discussed regarding:-

1. Disbursement of Salary- We expressed our serious concern regarding the non-disbursement of Salary for the month of December, 2019 and January, 2020. CMD informed that BSNL Management is trying their best efforts to obtain the Loans from various banks and letter has also been written to the Secretary (T) DOT in this regard. He further hoped that  we will get the loans very soon and able to disburse the salary.

2. Drawl of Provisional Pension on the basis of LPC:- CMD BSNL mentioned that necessary discussion in this regard has been taken place with the Member (Finance) and he has agreed to draw the Provisional Pension to the VRS Retirees till date the pension papers are processed. He further mentioned that the BSNL Management will furnish the LPC details to the concerned CCAs with in a day or two. Hence we expect that the Pension orders will be issued shortly from the concerned CCAs.

3. Disbursement of First Instalment of Ex-gratia amount to the VRS retirees:- CMD informed that as approved by the Union Cabinet, the first instalment of Ex-gratia amount will be disbursed before 31st March, 2020.

Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board:

1. Payment of Leave Encashment:- Director (HR) mentioned that Leave Encashment will be paid in the first week of March 2020 after the adjustment of the outstanding dues of loans from the Banks/ Societies.

2. Immediate promotions to all the Grades and Streams considering the post VRS scenario: Considering the huge vacuum created in almost all the Grades in many places to be filled up on immediate basis to maintain the BSNL Vast Network. We requested to conduct the CPCs immediately to the various Cadres wherever no Court Cases are pending. We further pleaded that since the Executives are drawing higher Scales than their Substantive Post through TBU under EPP, so just by giving re-designation, promotions can be effected. We strongly oppose any local Look-after arrangements. Director (HR) mentioned that the requirement is being working out and appropriate action will be taken in this regard very soon.

3. Review the decision of CVO against the Personal Court Cases:- Director (HR) informed that the case has already been referred to DOT for further clarification. He immediately contacted DDG (Estt.) DOT Shri S.K. Jain over phone and requested for the early issuance of the clarification.

4. HR Plan:- Director (HR) mentioned that the HR Plan is under final stage and it will be approved soon and accordingly it will be implemented.

5. Immediate arrangement of posting of DGMs and AGMs in Corporate Office in vacant positions:- Director (HR) mentioned that the immediate requirement is being taken care of and orders will be issued shortly.



AUAB Served Notice for Agitational  Programme

As per the decisions taken in AUAB meeting held on  06.02.2020, AUAB has served Notice for  Agitational programme to Secretary (Telecom ) and CMD BSNL.



(1) Lunch hour demonstrations on 11.02.2020.

(2) Hunger strike at all levels on 24.02.2020.

<<< Click here for Notice >>>        

<<< Click here for AUAB Circular >>>

AUAB decides to launch Agitational Programme.

A meeting of the AUAB was held on 6.2.2020 under the President ship of Com. Chandeswar Singh, Chairman. On behalf AIBSNLEA GS & AGS (Fin) attended the meeting. All the constituents of the AUAB attended the meeting. Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convenor welcomed all and briefed on the agenda for discussion. All the Post-VRS issues including non disbursement of Salary in time have been discussed in-depth and it was unanimously decided to launch Agitational Programme on the following Demands:-

(1) Immediate disbursement of salary for the months of December, 2019 & January, 

      2020, as well as prompt disbursement of salary every month.

(2) Immediate clearance of the dues, already deducted from the salaries of


(3) Immediate launching of BSNL’s 4G service.

(4) Immediate granting of Sovereign Guarantee for issuing of bonds by BSNL.

(5) Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).

(6) No whimsical transfer of employees, consequent to the implementation of VRS


Action Programme:

(1) Lunch hour demonstrations on 11.02.2020

(2) Hunger strike at all levels on 24.02.2020


CS Com.Shaji  , CVP Com.Rajan , CHQ AFS Com.Pushparajan and FS CO Branch Com.Muhammed salih had a meeting with CGMT Dr.P.T.Mathew on 29-01-2020 and discussed  pending service and HR issues , especially in the post VRS scenario  . PGM(F) Smt.Yojana Das and GM(HR&Admin) Shri Sathesh.R have  also been present during  the meeting .


BSNL Cash leakage  in tune of  lakhs per month to  the electricity bill  unnecessarily due to the non-addressed issue with  CACU

CDOT CACU (Centralized access control unit) installed in many switch room for terminating Leased Lines and POIs as part of BSNL migration towards NGN networks are not commissioned yet resulted holding ON the legacy PSTN switches along with NGN Switches parallaly   . Though LL are migrated to UTStar NGN Networks , the existing OCB, 5ESS switches and A/C plant could not be put off due to the AT failure with non-standard performance of CACU . The issue has been escalated many times with NOC/CDOT team and total addressing has not been done by the concerned team resulted the heaving loss to BSNL. We requested CGMT to intervene the matter at the earliest to arrest exchequer leakage of BSNL.

CGMT assured to take up the matter with concerned without delay.


Pending installation of the lone smart pole allotted to Kerala circle

The installation and commissioning of the NOKIA smart pole allotted to Kerala Circle  pending for several month. We requested CGMT to take steps for the early commissioning of the prestigious Smart Pole, an advertising tool for BSNL by providing many facilities like free WiFi and latest information to public.  The pole is planned to be commissioned at Poojappura , Thiruvananthapuram. CGMT assured to look into the matter for early commissioning


HR integration of Accounts/finance wing under GM   (HR/Admn)

We expressed our anxiety on the matter that it has been handled in Kerala circle without any clarity of procedures to be followed for smooth and fair HR activities in the finance vertical.  We complained to CGMT that even the option calling for the CAO/AO LA in Kerala is not informed to PGMF is a matter of great concern for the 300 well qualified officers working with accounts/finance vertical in Kerala Circle . Though HR integration is happened in BSNL , this is not the way to handle the HR matters of the second largest populated accounts/finance officers . CGMT replied that the matter of option calling was informed to PGMF . PGMF also commented HR integration happened in BSNL .


We further demanded to post AO ( HR) /CAO(HR)   instead of  SDE(HR)/AGM(HR) as the said HR integration has been completed in BSNL . Being the second largest populated officers in BSNL , their presence in the HR wing is inevitable for the smooth functioning of the HR activities in BSNL . CGMT assured to consider the matter.


Denial of Pay Fixation by Kerala Circle though Letter  No.HR-III/2-5/JTO(O)/Pay fixation/2012/Pt-II/12 fated 27/12/2019 for JTOs regularised in 2008.

We expressed our discontent to CGMT that even after the clearance of Corporate office through many letters for the queries  of Kerala Circle , it has not been settled so far . CGMT directed GM(A/HR) to finalise the case positively.  BSNL Corporate Office issued an implementation order No.3-8/2010-Estt-IV/Pt dated 18/09/2018 on the basis of the judgment of the Hon’ble  Apex Court .After the receipt of the   order, the pay of all the JTOs who have been promoted on 04/02/2008  was fixed finally. The letter permitting to execute option to the non executives, who have been placed on a higher pay scale on account of promotion between 01.01.2007 & 07/05/2010 as a special case and one time measure was issued by BSNL Corporate Office on 22/12/2011 . GM had a patient hearing to the details submitted and agreed that some issue are there on the letter.


Long pending Financial Upgration orders  in Accounts/Finance

We submitted to release the long pending Financial up gradation orders especially the E2-E3 up gradation orders . The case has been discussed many times with GM( A/HR)  and he was very positive . CGMT assured to look into the matter . Understandably the file is pending with PGM-F.


Option calling  for EE Civil (LA) 

We appreciate CGMT for granting permissions to call for DGM/AGM/CAO/IFA LAs. We requested to call EE Civil also  .EE Civil in BAs have  very  important roles as the prime member  in Land Monetisation/Rent assessment for Building leased out /Mutation of assets from DOT to BSNL. Now only 3 EEs available at CLT , EKM , TVM.  Thay cannot look after all the activities in the post VRS scenario . Moreover SDE Civil having More than 15 yrs of service is waiting for their promotion. CGMT assured to consider the request.


All pending issues including the following were also discussed

Consideration of training period for calculating full pension benefits

Pending request transfers including SDE(Electical) to BA

Recovery for the Officiating JTOs regularised in 2008 etc..



Dear Comrades!

You are retiring today from the services of BSNL and ready to start the second innings of your life from 1st February 2020 onwards. AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle salutes all you retiring comrades & remembering your unblemished services and their excellent contribution to DOT and BSNL as well as AIBSNLEA.


AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle Wishes You all a very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Contended and peaceful life after retirement.


republic day


GS Writes to Shri. P. K. Purwar CMD, BSNL  regarding  

(a) Retention of the Head Quarters of CGM Core Network Tx-South at Chennai

<<<Click here for letter>>>

(b) Suggestions and Request for not to outsource the OFC Transmission/    Maintenance to maintain the Health and Security of the NLD Network <<<Click here for letter>>>


CS writes to GS to act against  the Suspicious move to weaken the robust BSNL core fibre network rather the nervous system of BSNL communication and thereby paralysing BSNL to death  , BSNL has around 8Lakh route Kilometers of OFC which is more than the total fibre length of all private operators in Indian telecom market, by allowing private parties to maintain the system through outsourcing on the pretext of VRS while almost sufficient employees are available with  the sector of OFC transmission / maintenance   reg.

<<<Letter to GS>>>


6th CEC of this 7th Circle body has been very successfully concluded at HOTEL ABAD PLAZA , MG Road Ernakulam on yesterday  18-Jan-2020 , Saturday  . AIBSNLEA dynamic leader Com.Sivakumar addressed the house on the Pre/Post VRS scenarios of BSNL and explained the road map of BSNL revival. He narrated AIBSNLEA’s relentless efforts at CHQ level for the betterment of BSNL service and to settle down HR issues very favourable to executives.


CS elaborated the pending issues to be settled like the erroneous pay fixation of erstwhile O-JTOs in   the light of the latest corporate office letter No Ltr  No : 3-2/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 21-11-2019  and the latest clarification letter  NO.3-8/2010/2019/Estt-IV New Delhi Dated 09-01-2020 from BSNL CO  New Delhi ,  HR integration of finance wing of Kerala circle with HR wing under GM (HR/Admn) without any clarity of procedures to be followed  etc .


The meeting started at 10.30 AM and extended up to 6.30 PM. The next Circle conference is decided to be conducted at Thiruvananthapuram.

Com.Krishnan KR DGM Retired from TCR BA , one of the strong pillars in the formation and development of AIBSNLEA has been honoured by the house. More details follows .....

CEC 18-1-2020

CEC-2 18-1-2020

6th CEC



CS , CVP , AFS CHQ , DS CO and DFS CO met PGM-F Smt.Yojana Das and expressed  our resentment on  the HR integration of finance vertical  of Kerala circle with HR wing under GM (HR/Admn) without any clarity of procedures to be followed for smooth and fair HR activities of the finance vertical . We further submitted that such a major decision without any discussion with the concerned would adversely affect the performance of our circle and that started to happen many ways in our circle. We have requested to hold in abeyance the above order until the clear modalities are finalized after discussing with the stakeholders.


Madam listened our submissions and replied that the matter and content in the letter submitted by AIBSNLEA has been discussed with CGMT Kerala. The order was released as per the corporate office guidance. We responded that very before release of the letter from corporate office, in Kerala circle , the transfer/posting orders are issued by HR wing only after the concerned files are forwarded by PGM/IFA through CGMT . The point is that after issual  of the letter ( No: HR-II/HR integration/2019-20/2  dt 23.12.2019) DGM(F) is bypassed while issuing some matters . Madam shared our concern and assured that whatever procedure being followed in Kerala circle on the HR matters of Accounts/finance would be followed in future also as the fact that already the integration is happened in Kerala.  Later we met GM(A/HR) Shri.Sathesh and he has endorsed the statement.


AIBSNLEA requested to get sanctioned post for JAO/AO to permanently deploy them in CSCs as already officers in these cadres started to work in CSCs . Madam assured to look into the matter


CS , CVP , AFS CHQ , DS CO and DFS CO met  GM(A/HR) Shri.Sathesh and discussed the following

Re examination of recovery of over pay on erroneous pay fixation of erstwhile O-JTOs in   the light of the latest corporate office letter No Ltr  No : 3-2/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 21-11-2019  and the latest clarification letter  NO.3-8/2010/2019/Estt-IV New Delhi Dated 09-01-2020 from BSNL CO  New Delhi.


We reminded GM that , lastly , Kerala Circle sought clarification to corporate office regarding recovery of erroneous fixation of pay in respect of officiating JTOs on implementation of 2nd PRC w.e.f 01-01-2007 as per order dated 05-01-2017 of CAT ,Eranakulam Bench. According to this clarification seeking letter , Kerala circle clarified whether these officials are to be considered as group C or group B during then JTO officiating period. Now the reply letter from corporate office clarified that these officials are in group C cadre till their regularization to JTO cadre as per JTO RR 2014. We request GM to re examine the case to the final settlement, as per the clear guidance from corporate office, so that they would be exempted from the recovery.


GM assured to take up the matter to CGMT Kerala and with all concerned for a finality.     <<<<Letter to CGMT Kerala>>>


Denial of Pay Fixation by Kerala Circle though Letter  No.HR-III/2-5/JTO(O)/Pay fixation/2012/Pt-II/12 fated 27/12/2019 for JTOs regularised in 2008.

We requested to issue clarification letter on the eligible option they have exercised. GM replied that necessary orders in this regard will be issued without delay.



CS Writes to CGMT Kerala on the HR integration of finance wing of Kerala circle with HR wing under GM (HR/Admn) without any clarity of procedures to be followed for smooth and fair HR activities of the finance vertical resulted into the situation in which there is no HR activity at all in the vertical . Ref : Kerala Circle letter No: HR-II/HR integration/2019-20/2 dt 23.12.2019


AIBSNLEA has requested CGMT to hold in abeyance the order until the clear modalities are finalised after discussing with the stakeholders.

<<<CS Letter to CGMT>>>


CS , CVP,DS TVM and CO met GM(A/HR) Shri Sathesh.R  and discussed the following


Option calling letter for DE/CAO , SDE/AO and JTO/JAO :

We submitted that the letter No.HR-III/Stay Particulars/2019-20/5 dated 01-01-2020 for the smooth maintenance of BSNL system in post VRS scenario is lacking clarities and helped only to create confusions among executives. It would have been released with number of vacancies in each cadre in the targeted BAs as it is being done with many other Circles . Moreover many of the targeted BAs have sufficient staff in cadres like AO/JAO . For Example ; Kollam BA is short of only 2 JTOs in the post VRS situation, understandably, but options from all the cadres are called for.  GM shared our concern and agreed with our views.  He assured to discuss the matter with CGMT and fair action will be taken up.


Denial of Pay Fixation by Kerala Circle though Letter  No.HR-III/2-5/JTO(O)/Pay fixation/2012/Pt-II/12 fated 27/12/2019 for JTOs regularised in 2008.

We expressed our discontent on the action and understandably the order was released while   GM(A/HR) Shri Sathesh.R was not in office .  BSNL Corporate Office issued an implementation order No.3-8/2010-Estt-IV/Pt dated 18/09/2018 on the basis of the judgment of the Hon’ble  Apex Court .After the receipt of the   order, the pay of all the JTOs who have been promoted on 04/02/2008  was fixed finally. The letter permitting to execute option to the non executives, who have been placed on a higher pay scale on account of promotion between 01.01.2007 & 07/05/2010 as a special case and one time measure was issued by BSNL Corporate Office on 22/12/2011 . GM had a patient hearing to the details submitted and agreed that some issue are there on the letter.


Pending Financial up gradation orders

We requested GM to take action to speed up release of the Pending Financial up gradation orders especially the E2-E3 up gradation of  2010 DR JAOs . We congratulate GM for the timely release of the orders for  2010 departmental JAOs .  Delaying the orders for  2010 DR JAOs is not appreciable .  While meeting progress, GM telephonically directed the concerned to fix the date for DPC within a week time.


HR integration of finance wing of Kerala circle with HR wing under GM (HR/Admn) without any clarity of procedures to be followed for smooth and fair HR activities of the finance vertical resulted into the situation in which there is no HR activity at all in the vertical . Ref : Kerala Circle letter No: HR-II/HR integration/2019-20/2 dt 23.12.2019

The matter is discussed in detail with GM(A/HR) . We expressed our discontent. GM shared our concern and assured to discuss the matter with CGMT . We expect a fair outcome to the deadlock.


03.01.2020:CHQ News

BSNL Management invited AIBSNLEA to present our views and interaction with the consultant M/S Deloitte regarding post VRS scenario and road map on 03.01.2020.

Sharing of our views and interaction with the Consultant M/s Deloitte regarding Post-VRS Scenario and Road Map:

M/s Deloitte has been appointed by BSNL Management for giving recommendations in Short Term Measures on continuity of the Services of BSNL keeping in view the downsizing of the Staff in Post-VRS scenario as well as in Long Term Measures. BSNL Management arranged a meeting with the Consultant M/s Deloitte on 03.01.2020 at 16.00 hrs. GS, AGS, FS/CHQ and Advisor HQ had a detailed interaction for more than two hours with the Consultant.


Focus was given on short term measures, i.e., how we can maintain our vast Telecom Network from 01.02.2020 with the reduced staff strength and available resources in the post-VRS Scenario. We have categorically told that Restructuring Plan and Man power Plan should be implemented simultaneously so as to maintain our vast Telecom Network, OFC and Telephone Exchanges without fault free. Post VRS deployment of Executives to the field units should be smooth with barest minimum disturbance and the deployment to the field units should be completed at the earliest i.e., before Jan., 2020 Second week so that the newly posted Executives will get some time to familiarize with the System and Network as well as to maintain the Telecom Network fault free. Administrative Offices should be manned with minimum Executives having sufficient field exposure. The Services of the experts, well experienced and skilled employees going on VRS can be availed on contract basis. The office as well as field work is going to be affected badly due to reduction in staff strength in lieu of VRS-2019 which need to be arranged with the remaining work force as well as outsourcing with minimum expenditure so that the curtailment in employee cost may not increase the O&M expenditureWe explained about the shortage in DGM (T), DGM (Fin), CAO/AGM, JTO and TT cadres that will have impact after the VRS.


We also presented our views regarding merger of SSAs and Circles, drawback of present BA Structure, Maintenance of CSC and Customer relation, Manpower requirement, motivation of staff etc., and also suggested that  downsizing of SSAs should be based on the Assets, Revenue, Connections and Geographical Area with full powers to the TDMs and TDEs



AIBSNLEA Kerala circle has decided to have its 6th CEC on 18/01/2020 : Saturday at Ernakulam where in our beloved GS Com. Sivakumar will be present for guidance and interaction on the post-VRS scenario in BSNL. 


All DSs opted VRS are requested to arrange branch GB as communicated already to elect new branch body and further requested to bring the new DS/DP and CEC members also to the meeting along with you. 


All DS/DP and other CEC office bearers are requested to attend the important CEC without fail. Detailed agenda of the meeting will be circulated at the venue.

Prasad JTO TCR demise

happy 2020

DGM HR Com.Ponnammal R


AIBSNLEA Kerala Wishes Merry Christmas…2019

merry christmas

24-12-2019 : CHQ News

BSNL Corporate office issued clarifications relating to submission of option / withdrawal form  w.r.t. VRS-2019 <<<Click here for letter>>>

BSNL Corporate office issued Policy on outsourcing model for Maintenance  and provisioning of  Landline & Broadband for External plant of Copper network in Urban Area .........  <<<Click here for letter>>>


Prasad JTO Demise


Congrats Comrades… Thanks to GM(A/HR) ….


Timely intervention of AIBSNLEA could release corrected letter from CO against the autocratic style  letter from AGM(HR) ,CO which could block  all the pension benefits of erstwhile officiated , LICE  and supernumerary JTOs.

<<Corrected Letter>>



Report on the Meeting of Central Office Bearers, Advisors, Circle Presidents and Circle Secretaries held on 13.12.2019 and 14.12.2019 at New Delhi.

Click Here



CS , CVP ,DS CO and CHQ AFS discussed the pending HR issues with GM(A/HR)


We appreciate GM(A/HR) Shri.Sathesh  for the timely release of minutes of the meeting held on 09-12-2019 . We requested to get the clarification for the final settlement of the erroneous pay recovery   from erstwhile O-JTOs . GM informed that already letter for clarification from corporate office is ready and waiting for the approval from CGMT Kerala. The clarification seeking letter to corporate office is expected to release tomorrow.


We sought clarifications on the avoidable sentence that the retirement benefits can also be kept in abeyance till finality is reached “ in the letter (AGM(HR)/Pay Anomaly/JTO(o) fixation /2013/Pt/10 dated 13/125/2019. This threatening in the letter is against the many verdicts of the Hon. SC of India and it could have been avoided. GM(A/HR) appreciated  in pointing out the mistake in the letter of AGM(HR) Circle office and instantly directed the concerned to release proper corrigendum .


Pending relieving  of JTOs from BAs even after three months of the releasing of transfer orders from Circle office :

We submitted the case and requested to release in ERP as assured earlier. GM(A/HR) directed DGM(HR) to contact the concerned BA/BAs and direct to release the cases and inform the BAs that ERP relieving would be there shortly otherwise ; for the cases we have submitted. 


The pending cases of Accounts/Finance verticals were discussed with CAO(admin) , Circle office .


CS Com.Shaji and CHQ AFS Com.Pushparajan attended and actively participated to the AIBSNLEA Central office bearers /Circle Presidents/ Circle Secretaries meeting scheduled to be held on 13.12.2019 and 14.12.2019 at HOTEL REGENT INTERCONTINENTAL 4/70, W.E.A. Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005


The CHQ Meeting was a great success. The meeting was graced by the auspicious presents of CMD BSNL and GM(SR) . CMD addressed the meeting for around 1.30 hours .


Details follows at CHQ Site …


As per the direction of CGMT Kerala on the meeting with AIBSNLEA on 06-12-2019, a committee  meeting headed by  GM(A/HR) has been conducted today in the chamber of GM(A/HR) for the finality of the erroneous pay recovery from the JTO officiated executives .  From AIBSNLEA CS , CVP and CHQ AFS attended . From SNEA  CS and CFS participated . DGM(HR) and DGM(ERP) were also present from administration .


A detailed discussion on the matter has been happened and decided to seek some more clarifications from corporate office for the finality of the matter. GM assured to share minutes of the meeting next day.


CS , CVP and AFS CHQ had an agenda meeting with CGMT Kerala . GM(A/HR) was also present in the meeting


Re examination of recovery of over pay on erroneous pay fixation of erstwhile O-JTOs in   the light of the latest corporate office letter No Ltr  No : 3-2/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 21-11-2019 from BSNL CO  New Delhi:

The merits and eligibility for the non-recovery of the already granted pay for the work the affected employees have yielded to BSNL are well explained by CS to  CGMT.  CS highlighted the non-conformities in issuing the speaking order by circle office in a unilateral way without seeking any points of clarifications to substantiate the deserved merits claimed by the requesters. CGMT had a patient hearing and replied that the speaking order had been issued on the then situations. However , subsequent   to the latest direction from Corporate office , CGMT entrusted GM(A/HR) to have an urgent meeting  with us along with DGM(ERP) , DGM(HR) on Monday , positively , to sort out the matter . After some more discussion on the matter , we reciprocated thanks for forming another committee to hear our grievances and hope justice shall be granted to the affected comrades.


Anomalies in the stay particulars of the Accounts and Finance  executives of Kerala Circle ;  letter No: HR II/1-8/stay/2019/1 dated 25/11/2019 in continuation to the  earlier  published  letter No.HR-II/1-8/2017/53/ dated: 08/08/2018 ,

We pointed out many anomalies persisting with the new list also like  Wrong DOJ , non-consideration of substantial cadre service etc . CGMT assured to re publish corrected list . Also he directed to represent by the affected officers.


Circle office has done ERP relieving in many cases where in BAs not relieved executives after one month of release of their transfer orders from circle office . Now it is noticed that the ERP reliving is a seasonal rule instead of rule to be followed every time.

We requested immediate ERP relieving of JTOs whose request transfer orders are released from Circle  Office prior to  three months as  Order No. HR III/Long stay/2019/29 dated at TVM the 20/08/2019 . Some more JTOs are also waiting for transfer on the transfer orders released in last month . CGMT assured to consider our request. 


Leased Circuit advance billings under Kerala Circle for the third quarter was kept under hold status by NDC (North Data Centre, Chandigarh which does the billing of leased circuits all over India)for  many  circuits :

Bills worth for cores of rupees have not been released by NDC  w.e.f 01.10.2019, citing  reason that no GSTIN has been mapped to these circuits. Most of these leased circuit customers are not having GSTIN. Hence bills may be generated for them by charging Kerala Flood Cess to these leased circuits as per the procedure adapted for CFA customers. But the confirmation for the same has not been given from Kerala Circle yet. SSA several times mailed for the same, but NDC gave reply as they have to get confirmation from the higher authorities. Delay for the same may lead to considerable reduction in cash flow in Kerala Circle as the fourth quarter LC advance billing also done without including these circuits by keeping them under hold status. CGMT instructed concerned to take immediate action.


HR re-deployment in post VRS scenario including LA arrangements  to DGMT/DGMF/CAO 

We had a detailed discussion on the post VRS scenario in Kerala . CGMT concluded that all the final planning will be according to the directions from Corporate office . We reminded him about the preparations other circles have been done like outsourcing of CSC and all . We submitted to CGMT that no executives from Kerala shall be permitted to transfer out of Kerala circle on the name of staff redeployment unless on individual request due to the acute staff shortage on VRS as our staff strength reduced by around 50% . Presently Kerala Circle is generating around one tenth of revenue the whole BSNL  is generating  . Hence,  even the available post VRS staff strength is not sufficient to at least maintain the revenue. CGMT appreciated our concern and responded positively. 



GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar CMD BSNL regarding  suggestions w.r.t. initiatives needed to be taken in the light of ongoing VRS process                                                                                   <<<Click here for letter>>>


CS AIBSNLEA Kerala writes to CGMT Kerala to re examination of recovery of over pay on erroneous pay fixation of erstwhile O-JTOs in   the light of the latest corporate office letter No Ltr  No : 3-2/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 21-11-2019 from BSNL CO  New Delhi



1.      Ltr  No : 3-2/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 21-11-2019 from BSNL CO  New Delhi

2.     Ltr.No. HR-III/2-3/JTO(O)Pay fixation/2012/Pt/6 dtd at Trivandrum the 11/10/2012

3.     BSNL Corporate office Lr No.1-06/2016-PAT(BSNL)dtd 01-05-2019 of AGM(Estt-I)

4.     Ltr.No.HR-III/2-5/JTO(O)Pay fixation/2012/Pt.1/70 dtd at Trivandrum the 28/09/2019

5.     BSNL Corporate office  Ltr. No.3-8/2010/2019/Estt-IV dated 14-10-2019

6.     Ltr.No.HR-III/2-5/JTO(O)Pay fixation/2012/Pt II/78 dtd at TVM-33 the 02/11/2019

7.     No-ST-1365/NEPP/2010-17/85  dated TVM 19/08/2016.

8.     Affidavit submitted to CAT Ernakulam for OA No 1022/2012


Respected Sir ,


The following points are submitted for your kind considerations and  favourable orders .  in response of letter in ref:2 and its recent reminders , representations  have been submitted by Mr.Pushparajan K and AnilKumar S , affected parties,  to this office on 17-09-2019 and 11-09-2019 respectively against overpayment recovery citing PAT order in Ref:3 .   A clarification seeking letter dtd 28-09-2019 , Ref:4,  has been forwarded by Circle office to Corporate. In the reply letter dtd 14/10/2019 , Ref:5,   Corporate Office directed  Kerala Circle to take necessary actions  as per the merit of the case and necessary instructions issued by PAT Branch of BSNL Co Office.


   Subsequently a speaking order is issued  by circle office , Ref:6 , unilaterally without seeking any points of clarifications to substantiate the deserved merits claimed by the requesters  .  On receiving the speaking order, one more  representation with 16 relevant documents to prove  the deserved merits in 1st  & 3rd  clauses of PAT order , Ref:3 ,  submitted on 05/11/2019 to Corporate Office through proper channel .  AIBSNLEA CHQ also represented the case to corporate office projecting the favourable merit points to the affected parties against recovery. In response to these requests, Corporate Office directed Kerala Circle to get the case examined and take appropriate action as per extant rules on the subject under intimation to Corporate Office , Ref:1. 


            All the affected parties belongs to Group C Class III TTA Cadre as clearly stated without any ambiguity by the same Kerala circle Office in many orders  ( Eg: Ref:7) , ruling and affidavits submitted to various Hon. Courts  ( Eg: Ref:8) . However the 1st point in Page-2 of  the speaking order , Ref:6 , they are agreed for Group C and on the contrary their status is referred as Group B.


 Sir, here we would like to bring the point that if they belong  to Group C , they are immune to the recovery as per clause 3 of PAT order in Ref:3 . Or else , definitely they belong to Group B cadre and hence the fixation given to them w.e.f  1-1-2007  is righteous .


            Through the 2st point in Page-2 of the speaking order, the deserving eligibility of  classes for the parties viz 2nd and 3rd in the PAT order in Ref:3 are turned down .


Sir , Almost all the parties are applied for VRS and hence going to retire within one year. Hence the eligible class 2 of the PAT order in Ref:3 are applicable to them and hence immune to recovery.


Sir , the 2nd PRC was implemented from 1-1-2007 and the recovery orders were issued from 11-10-2012 is clearly after 5 years of eligibility  of PRC and resultant fixation   . Hence the eligible class 3 of the PAT order in Ref:3 are applicable to them and hence immune to recovery.


            All the above eligible merits of the affected parties for non-recovery of payments were denied on referring different CAT order ended by year 2017 as indicated in the second page of Speaking order despite the repeated directions of Corporate dated 1-5-2019 (Ref:3), 14-10-2019 (Ref:5)  and 21-11-2019 (Ref:1).


              In some BAs recovery process for the excess pay is  started from last month onwards . In the light of the above facts and merits submitted, your kind office is humbly requested the re-examine the case as directed by Corporate Office on 21st Nov 2019 viz Ref:1. We further request your kind office to immediately issue necessary directions to BAs to stop   the recovery process started without clear examination of the deserved merits.

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>

Radhakrishnan Nair

29-11-2019 : CHQ News

Meeting with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and PGM (Pers.) were also present:

Today GS and AGS (Fin) met CMD BSNL along with GS SNEA and discussed the following:-


A) DE to DGM (T) promotion: The DPC work was initiated yesterday itself but the file approval was not received from CMD for formal DPC. So we met CMD in the morning itself. As per the assurance given to us, the promotion orders are expected by today evening to facilitate the DEs to join as DGM before their retirement on 30.11.2019.

CMD informed a fresh development in the yesterday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee in which Law Secretary, Telecom Secretary, CMD and Member (Services) were called by the Parliamentary Committee. The agenda was not properly following the roaster point in reservation in AO to CAO promotion. To our surprise, an unstructured query of the Chairman regarding DE to DGM promotion was raised for which Secretary (Telecom) replied that the DGM promotion will be considered only after the restructuring of BSNL and it is recorded. According to CMD, the reply was given by the Secretary (T) without consulting BSNL.

It is learnt that some SC/ST members approached the Parliamentary Committee complaining about the non issuance of DGM (T) promotion orders but in fact it has stopped the promotion for all, for the time being. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with Secretary (T) next week and explain to him that the reservation is not applicable in JAG/DGM promotion and all the eligible DEs are getting covered, thereafter it will be explained to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the DGM (T) promotion orders.

Meanwhile, we are also trying to meet Secretary (T) and Chairman Parliamentary Committee to explain the facts and getting the promotion orders issued early.

B) Restructuring of BSNL: We had brief discussion on the matter and demanded that being the major Stake Holders of the Company, the matter should be discussed with the Associations and Unions. The well experienced BSNL Executives are to be utilised at DE and DGM equivalent level and dependency on officers on deputation should be minimum. CMD agreed to our suggestions and posting will be arranged as per the DELs as well as Revenue. There is no justification for GMs below 20,000 to 30,000 DELs, CMD informed us. The Committee report also will be shared with us so that we can place our suggestions/views on the matter. He also mentioned that the Management will arrange a meeting with the Consultant M/s Deolittee, engaged by BSNL for restructuring. CMD assured that a detailed discussion with the Associations will be arranged after 06.12.2019. 

C) Salary disbursement for October 2019: CMD informed that the salary for the month of October 2019 could not be disbursed today as planned earlier due to some urgent repayment of Bank Interest (Rs 200 Cr) and about 250 Cr shortage is there today. It may take another 4-5 working days to collect the amount for making the salary disbursement.

D) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested for consideration of allowing about 70 AOs, who have already been promoted as CAO but could not join due to transfer to other Circle and subsequent ‘Status Quo’ case at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. We requested CMD BSNL for consideration of allowing to AOs promoted as CAOs to join ‘as is where is’ basis before relieving them on VRS on 31.01.2020. CMD BSNL positively responded and assured that BSNL will file an urgent MA in Hon’ble CAT/ High Court Chandigarh to get the stay vacated.

E) Requirement of Mandatory Training under EPP: We have requested CMD BSNL to issue clarification for giving exemption from the Mandatory Training/Exam in respect of VRS Optees as assured by him in the meeting with AIBSNLEA held on 19.11.2019 and as per our letter dated 13.11.2019. Director (HR) mentioned that the instructions contained in the BSNL CO letter dated 23.01.2013 is applicable to those who are go on VR as per the existing rules but not applicable to those who are going on VRS-2019 scheme. Hence, Management is of the opinion that there is no need to go for training/exam for those who are going on VRS on 31.01.2020 and not completed the required 2 years time. However, we pleaded that most of the CCAs are raising objections for the withdrawal of increments for not fulfilling the instructions of EPP regarding the training/exam and requested CMD to issue necessary clarification in this regard to avoid any financial loss to VRS optees

<<<Click here for GS letter dated 13.11.2019>>>



CS and CVP met CGMT Kerala and discussed the following

Post VRS scenario in Kerala Circle:


We expressed the panicky situation being developed in exchanges/Outdoor / Transmission maintenance / FTTH maintenance etc area wherein mass VRS is reported .We enquired about the preparatory works planned to meet the post VRS manpower deployment. He replied that after a brainstorming session, a feedback is given to corporate office as demanded by CO and waiting for the directions. He reminded of the possible staff redeployment in the post VRS time.


We suggested to outsource customer the customer access layer to BSNL in CFA/CM/EB etc on revenue sharing basis with strict supervision of BSNL employees to meet the acute staff shortage and to maintain BSNL services  .    Land line & FTTH maintenance and NPC/NBB provisioning may be outsourced division wise on revenue share basis. OFC Network- Station to station maintenance may be outsourced like private operators do. Systems shall solely be managed by BSNL. GSM- Infra maintenance may be outsourced. Media and systems shall  solely be managed by BSNL. Power plant, battery, E/As , A/Cs  and all other infra maintenance except MDF may also be outsourced for round the clock maintenance. FRS control may be done by BSNL at divisional head quarters.  All the low revenue earning plans like Sulabh, Aseem etc may be withdrawn prior to outsourcing.  


A talented pool may be called for from among the talented VRS opted employees expertise in Transmission/Switching/Network maintenance/Marketing/Out Door maintenance/Accounting  etc and who are ready to help the respective services on need base for some period of time voluntarily  for the smooth transition of BSNL to prosperity. The volunteered employees may be honored appropriately for the unsolicited support they have rendered for the revival of BSNL.


Some other suggestions from the side of AIBSNLEA :


Utilisation of Real Estate Assets


Conduct a Project Study to review the actual workspace required in each BSNL Offices including Administrative buildings, Exchanges, Customer Care Centers, etc. The Project study should aim at optimum utilization of space by BSNL staff and free-up vacant spaces for letting out to other Govt Departments or Private Parties.


Classify BSNL Properties into ‘Prime’ & ‘Non-Prime’ based on the location of the premises and demand of space. In the prime locations, maximum space has to be created for letting out maximising the revenue of BSNL.


Vacant spaces can be rented out to start-up companies who are looking for space at a concessional rate and request them to use BSNL products for their work purpose with minimum guaranteed income. MoU can be entered with such tenant customers which will be mutually beneficial for both the parties. The vacant land in many areas (eg in RTTC Kaimanam @ 28 Acres of Land ) which is near prime locations can be monitored suitably at least by renting out  .


Renting Out of BSNL IQ/Holiday Homes/Quarters through Online Channels/BSNL APP


BSNL having IQ or Holiday Homes in almost all cities/towns are being  used mainly by BSNL staff & their family members. The condition of almost all IQs, except a few, are in a inferior condition. Now online channels such as OYO, FABHOTELs, etc are selling room spaces without owning any of the hotels. Such a business model can be considered for renting out our IQs/Holiday Homes/Empty Quarters to outside public on a revenue share basis. In order to do that some basic minimum requirements would have to be made available in each of the rooms. A specific number of rooms can be reserved for the official purpose and the remaining rooms can be rented out earning a substantial income from the vacant rooms. MY BSNL APP as well as BSNL social media platforms can be used to popularise this initiative.


Using BSNL Customer Care Centres as Facilitation Centre for providing other Services too

Work Spaces/Desks can be provided to other Govt companies/bodies at BSNL Customer Care centres with vacant space to provide their services. As BSNL is considered for Aadhaar Enrolment Centres, common public will visit BSNL premises more regularly. Other Govt agencies can be persuaded to open Help Desks/Service Facilitation centres at our Customer Service Centres. Monthly/Annual rent shall be collected for each work space. (For eg Friends Jana Sevana Kendram like services can be promoted from our CSCs)


 Workshop for VRS all along Circle by Sr.Officers including CGMT Kerala


We expressed surprise on the way of conduction of the workshop for educating employees to shutting out of BSNL . We expressed the feeling that employees in  field units were desperately wanted for acquaintance  with new systems like BB/BB-Multy play /3G /FTTH etc while implemented in BSNL to understand  the new ecologies for the effective marketing  to earn more revenue  , by that time the senior officers where nowhere in field . Had the alacrity showcased by the Sr officers now been shown during such field need conditions , BSNL would have prospered already . CGMT replied that the workshops were conducted on the strict guidance of corporate office.

We suggested that , now, it is the moral responsibility of Sr.Officers to conduct many workshops in the post VRS scenario also to equip the remaining employees to turn around BSNL to prosperity . CGMT assured to do so.


Relieving of JTO, SDE and DE cadre officers : 

We requested to relieve the officials in ERP as circle office has done already immediately whose transfer orders   were   issued but not relieved  yet due to short of substitute. Some of the JTOs are ordered for transfer before 3 months are waiting  for relieving . CGMT assured to do it without delay along with post VRS staff deployment. Further he directed to give the details to GM(A/HR)


Later we met GM(A/HR) and gave the details of executives waiting long for relieve. He assured to take steps to relieve them . He mentioned that those who are under orders of transfer to Kollam  BA from TVM BA on long stay and not joined so far even after issued transfer orders twice may be relieved to Pathanamthitta BA as acute shortage is developed in PTA due to mass VRS .


Meeting with GM(Finance )

CS , CVP and DFS TVM CO branch met GM(F) and discussed the post VRS scenario in accounts/Finance verticals . Madam explained the proposals submitted to Corporate office. Regarding the pending E2-E3 financial up gradations, she explained VCs are being received and DPC would be conducted positively in December -2019 itself. 



AUAB defers the Relay Hunger Fast from 20th to 22nd November:

Director (HR) called a meeting of the AUAB leaders, yesterday morning at 10.00 am. In the meeting, Management, especially Director (HR) response was very positive on the burning issues like salary payment, wages of contract workers, remittance of recoveries, clarifications of VRS related issues, EB/rental payment and discussion on the road map for the maintenance activities in post VRS scenario.


During the discussion Director, assured that salary will be paid by the month end and efforts are going on. The collection is now kept aside for salary purpose. After last month salary payment, BSNL was made 800 Cr payment towards statutory dues in addition to some payments on rentals, EB, labour etc. Discussion will further be held with AUAB on 26.11.2019, 6 pm (as per the convenience of AUAB) regarding the future Road map.


The important clarifications sought by the employees already referred to DoT and Govt will clarify those points. Director (HR) personally taking up the matter with DoT, on 18.11.2019. AUAB demanded that in case clarification is not reached in time, the date is to be extended from 03.12.2019 in order to have an informed choice for the employees.


Considering the seriousness shown by the management to address the employees concerns and involve the stake holders for serious discussions for finalizing the future road map, AUAB decided to defer the Relay Hunger Fast from 20.11.2019 for the time being. 



AUAB serves upon a notice of Relay Hunger Fast on 20'" to 22"" November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs:


AUAB has served upon a notice to the Secretary (T), DoT and CMD, BSNL regarding Relay Hunger Fast on 20'" to 22"" November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs with the following Charter of Demand:


1. Immediate Payment of Salary by BSNL/DoT, remittance of recoveries, payment of wages to contract/casual workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

2. Spell out the road map for maintaining BSNL services in post VRS scenario, proposed restructuring plan and immediate launching of 4G Services.

3. Immediate clarifications on the VRS-2019 regarding i) Pay Revision, ii) Pension Revision, iii) Commutation of Pension and iv) Gratuity sought by AUAB, well before the closing date of option for VRS.

4. Extend 100% of IDA (119.5%) neutralization till the Implementation of 3rd PRC.

5. De-linking of Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of working employees and 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.

6. No Reduction of Retirement Age from 60 to 58 honouring the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL.

<<<Click here for the notice>


14.11.2019 : CHQ News

GS Writes to Shri Anshu Prakash Secretary (T) and Shri P.K. Purwar CMD BSNL regarding urgent Clarification  required on  some points  relating to VRS -2019 <<<Click here for the letter>


DOP&T, PESB, selects today Shri Sushil Kumar Mishra, CGM BSNL, Karnataka Circle for the post of Director (CM) BSNL Board. AIBSNLEA Congratulates Shri Sushil Kumar Mishra ji for his selection.


Meeting of CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents:


AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 13th December 2019 and 14th December 2019 at


All the CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, CSs and CPs are requested to book their tickets in advance so as to attend the meeting in time. Separate Notification in this regard will be issued shortly.


The annual GB and send off function of Thrissur BA has been enthusiastically carried out today evening in the Club Hall . DS Com. Aniesh Antony welcomed all the participants , The meeting was chaired by DP Com.Arun . CS Com.Shaji , CFS Com.Biju Gopal , CWC member Com.Shaji AC etc attended the meeting . A befitting send off has been given to all retired comrades including Com. Krishnan KR , DGM . The meeting has been anchored by Com.Sukumaran CAO . CS well explained to the house about the proposed revival plan including VRS to turn around BSNL. CS also narrated the role of remaining officers left after VRS implementation  in BSNL for the speedy revival process of our BSNL . Com.Ajithkumar proposed vote of thanks .

Thrissur 08-11-2019

08.11.2019 :CHQ News

AUAB LEADERS MET CMD, BSNL   on 07.11.2019.

As per the decision of the AUAB meeting held on 06.11.2019, Leaders of the AUAB met Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL, yesterday the 07.11.2019. Com.S.Sivakumar, GS, AIBSNLEA along with the General Secretaries / representatives of  BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA,  FNTO, BSNL MS, SNATTA, ATM BSNL and BSNLOA, participated in this meeting. From the Management Side, Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR), was also present. In the meeting, the AUAB representatives demanded that BSNL should start it’s 4G service without any delay. They pointed out that there was every possibility of Vodafone leaving it’s India business. In such an eventuality, BSNL should be in a better position to rope in a sizeable customers from Vodafone, demanded the AUAB. They also demanded that prompt steps should be taken to provide FTTH connections on demand. It was also pointed out by the AUAB Leaders that the Company should be in a position to cope with the workload which is likely to arise after the implementation of VRS


CMD explained that due to Financial constraints and up gradation of  the existing 3G equipments after the finalization of Tender only 4G can be launched . He further mentioned that the Committee has submitted the report for the finalization of Tender and BSNL Management is planning to roll out of 4G at lease 12000 to 15000 sites in the month of March 2020.


CMD has not given any response about the other issues. The AUAB representatives strongly urged upon the CMD BSNL for the immediate payment of salary for the month of October, 2019, as well as early remittance of the recoveries made since May, 2019, to the concerned organisations. To this, the CMD BSNL said that he could not give any assurance on these issues. After this meeting, the AUAB Leaders discussed and decided to hold the next  AUAB meeting on 14-11-2019 to discuss about the future course of action.


BSNL Corporate Office issues instructions for implementation of VRS

<<<Click here for the compilations of the instructions issued today >>

<<<Click here for the Pension Papers >>


07.11.2019 :CHQ News

Status of Fixation of Pay under FR 22(1)(a)(i) Case in respect of Officiating JTOs in PCAT New Delhi: 

The Pay Fixation case under FR 22(1)(a)(i) in respect of Officiating JTOs vide OA No. 100/892/2016 filed by AIBSNLEA Vs BSNL in PCAT New Delhi was listed for Hearing as item No. 71 on   06.11.2019. The same could not heard   due to paucity time and adjourned for Next Hearing on 29.01.2020.  General Secretary and AFS/CHQ Com. Pushparajan (Kerala) attended the Principal CAT New Delhi on behalf of AIBSNLEA. General Secretary has taken steps to file Misc Application to pre- pone the same for early settlement of the case. 


Establishment Branch, BSNL CO, New Delhi  issued Frequently Asked Questions of BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019.

<<<Click here for the letter>

06.11.2019 :CHQ News

AUAB Meeting held at BSNL MS office today: 

AUAB Meeting held at BSNL MS office New Delhi today at 11.00 Hrs. On behalf of AIBSNLEA Com. GS and Chairman attended the meeting. For the Minutes of the Meeting please click below:

<<<Click here for the Minutes>

BSNL notifies VRS-2019 and circulates the guidelines
<<<Click here for the Notification>>
 <<<Click here for the Annexure-I & II>

04.11.2019 :CHQ News

Meeting with Hon’ble MOC & IT today regarding BSNL Revival Plan- VRS to Employees:

Representatives of All Associations and Unions of BSNL met Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji today in Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Hon’ble MOC & IT apprised about the Revival Plan of BSNL approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. Secretary (T), Jt. Secretary (Admin), DDG (PM), Director (HR) BSNL Board and GM (SR) BSNL CO were present in the meeting. On behalf of AIBSNLEA, Com. S.Sivakumar, GS and Com. Rajpal Sharma, AGS attended the meeting.


At the outset, Com. GS and AGS presented a Bouquet to Hon’ble MOC & IT on behalf of AIBSNLEA and greeted him, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Home Minister, Secretary (T), CMD BSNL and DoT & BSNL Team for the herculean efforts taken for getting approval of the Revival Package by the Union Cabinet.  


Hon’ble MOC & IT explained in detail about the revival package of BSNL. He mentioned that earlier, when I was MOC, the BSNL was making profit/ operating profit, but after that it is surprising for me that BSNL getting continuous losses for which I felt much bad and I want to turn around the BSNL that’s why I have tried my best. He further mentioned that-


Ø    I am able to get convinced the Hon’ble Prime Minister and the Home Minister that BSNL is the Strategic Sector and the presence of one Govt. PSU is very much necessary for fair competition in the Market.

Ø    It is the first time in the History to offer such a huge package for revival to any incipient sick/ sick/ non-viable PSU.

Ø    I have got full faith on BSNL and its employees and I hope that BSNL can be turn around and regain its original pristine glory through the sincere efforts of the BSNL employees. The revival plan should be implemented in its true spirit. VRS to employees is also an important issue as BSNL cannot run with the present work force of 1.50 lakh employees. 

Ø    I wish for the growth of the BSNL and Govt. is with you and support fully if sincere efforts are seen for turnaround of the BSNL.

Ø    BSNL may start its Assets/ Land Monetization and I will make it clear that the amount so received will be used in the growth of BSNL only.

Ø    To revive the BSNL, the VRS to employees is also a good tool and it is very liberal VRS package from the Govt. side which is never offered to any PSU in India.

Ø    The revival is depends upon the successful implementation of the VRS. Accountability will be fixed from the top side, if the revival plan is not implemented in true spirit.


On behalf of AIBSNLEA, we handed over the Memorandum to the Hon’ble MOC & IT. GS AIBSNLEA urged upon for the merger of IDA of 119.5% (100% Neutralization) with the Basic Pay as on 01.01.2017 since there is precedence in the year 2004. In addition to that, AUAB and other Leaders of the Unions and Associations presented following suggestions:

1.  VRS option has to be given by the employees voluntarily but not forcefully.

2.  Roll out of retirement age from 60 to 58 years is in the agenda of the Govt. or not is to be spelled out.

3.  Whole amount of the Ex-Gratia has to be exempted from Income Tax.

4.  Excess amount of Pension Contribution paid to DOT has to be refunded immediately.

5.  Deputation Policy of BSNL has to be reviewed immediately.

6.  4G services has to be launched immediately by the BSNL since more than 50,000 3G/4G compatible equipment are available in the field units as there is heavy demand among the customers.

7.  Permission may be granted to retain the BSNL quarters by the VRS optees.


The Press Briefing of the Hon’ble MOC &IT has been reiterated by him with a loud and clear message that BSNL will not be sold out to any Third Party, Disinvested or Closed since BSNL is having Strategic importance. 


Hon’ble MOC directed DoT/BSNL Management to clear all the doubts of the employees about the VRS in a transparent manner and address the issues at an appropriate level. Finally Hon’ble MOC appealed all the Unions and Association Leaders to motivate the employees for the successful implementation of Revival and VRS Package.


Hon’ble Minister also appealed to improve the quality of the Services to the satisfaction of the Customers and make the BSNL a top Professional Company. It is specifically mentioned by Hon’ble MOC & IT that if BSNL improve its services with the Professionalism then Govt. will also cooperate to prefer BSNL’s connections in other Govt. Sectors since BSNL has already been had a very good rapport/ goodwill with the Public and the Govt. Sectors. Hence, it can be achieved by doing hard work and collective efforts starts with new energy, fresh initiatives with full devotion by the BSNL Management as well as the BSNL Employees. I will be very happy to see the BSNL in the Market with its effective presence.


All the Unions and Associations Leaders reciprocated positively and assured their fullest support and cooperation for the successful implementation of the Revival and VRS Package.     

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31.10.2019 :CHQ News

Office Memorandum released by DoT in respect of revival of BSNL & MTNL as per the Union Cabinet Approval<<<Click here for letter>>



GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding:

Requesting for filling up all the vacant posts through CPCs before the implementation of the proposed VR Scheme and before any Notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy on the prospective date to avoid humiliation of Sr. Executives and scope of litigations as any ad-hoc promotion through non-post based time bound promotion without implementation of SC/ST roster will be against the DOP&T guidelines.  <<<Click here for GS letter>>

In this regard, AIBSNLEA has already submitted its views/ suggestions/ concerns to CMD BSNL vide letter dated 03.11.2017 and 15.11.2017.

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GS replied Com. Sebastin K., GS SNEA in response to his request to join and support the agitation programs from 04.11.2019. GS has mentioned the views and concerns of AIBSNLEA that all the vacant Group “B” and STS level posts should be filled up through CPCs/ LDCE before implementation of any New Policy on CPSU Hierarchy and any deviation from the Khan Committee recommendations is not acceptable to AIBSNLEA for the better career progression of the executives, wherein GS SNEA was also an important constituent and played a vital role in preparing the khan Committee recommendations. <<<Click here for reply to SNEA>>  


Krishnan Sir Retirement


CS , CHQ AFS , DS TVM and DS CO met GM(A/HR) Shri R Sathesh and requested to consider the requests of those executives under order of transfer to other BAs on long stay that they may be permitted to stay back till 31st of March 2020 , till the completion of academic year,  as the concession was extended to some of them. Moreover executives above 50 are waiting for their VRS . Some BA like Kottayam already instructed to relieve on 31st October 2019.  GM was very positive to the  request  and assured to consider the request.


We have further requested to consider the pending transfer requests . GM assured to consider the requests shortly

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