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CS writes to CGMT Kerala Circle to immediately address the clear anomaly happened while VC called through the Circle Office Letter  No : HR-III/2-Vigilance Clearance/2017/40 dated at TVM -33 the 17/05/2018  wherein very eligible senior JTOs against VY-2003 were not considered and junior JTOs were considered .


We have requested CGMT’s good office to address this anomaly urgently by  including all the  eligible senior JTOs  against VY-2003 also in the process   of  promotion to SDE grade under seniority cum Fitness Quota

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>


Circle office has released SDE-DE(LA) orders for some BAs . We have requested circle management to release SDE-DE(LA) orders for remaining BAs like TVM also. 

AIBSNLEA's untiring and persistent efforts yielded result in getting released promotion and posting of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in B.S.N.L. under Competitive Quota (33%) on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination held on 21.06.2015

<<Click here for Letter>>>   <<<Undertaking>>>>  <<<List1>>>  <<<List2>>> <<<List3>>> <<<List4>>> <<<List5>>>

AIBSNLEA is thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR) BSNL Board, GM(Pes.), Jt. GM(Pers), OSD to Director (HR), BSNL Board.

Similarly AIBSNLEA is trying to get released the Promotion orders from JTO to SDE(T) of SCF quota wherein the vigilance clearance are being collected of all eligible JTOs and CPC from JTO to SDE(T) will be expedited after 30th May,2018 on pronouncement of Judgement by Hon'ble High Court, Kerala.

24-05-2018:CHQ News

AUAB defers the call for walk-out and conducting rallies on 28.05.2018, against Subsidiary Tower Company: Based on the notice issued today, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018, the CMD BSNL invited the leaders of the AUAB for talks. The talks started at 16:30 hrs. and lasted for almost two hours.

In the meeting, the CMD BSNL informed the AUAB leaders that the item of Subsidiary Tower Company is not there in the agenda for the BSNL Board meeting to be held at Hyderabad on 28-05-2018. He also made an appeal to withdraw the struggle. Thereafter, a meeting of the AUAB was held. In view of the information given by the CMD BSNL, the meeting unanimously decided to defer the call for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018.                                                                                                         <<Agitation Notice ,issued on 24-5-2018>>

We are thankful to our members who supported the cause and got prepared for participation in the agitation programme.



CS , CVP and ACS met GM(A/HR) Shri.Robin Poddar and discussed the left out cases of transfer requests , shortfalls of the orders and other Pending HR Matters . GM patiently heard all our requests and assured to look into every individual case . DGM(HR) Shri.James Sagayaraj and AGM(HR) Shri. Mahesh were also present all along the meetings. It was also informed that all officers in the transfer orders on 5-5-2018 will be relieved in ERP on 26-5-2018 , if not relieved otherwise.


Missing of JTOs (Vacancy year-2003) in VC/gradation list JTO-SDE published :

We requested to consider the missing case of eligible JTOs against VY 2003 for DPC , the procedure is being started.   GM(A/HR) assured to look into the matter . He further informed that all the 129 VC clearance were forwarded to corporate office and pending is that of JTOs joined Kerala on Rule-8 . Perusal is on to forward remaining also.


Non-standard office to SDE(Liaison) at Ernakulum:  

Since the matter is already discussed with  GM(A/HR) , he shared our concern and assured to do the needful without anymore delay .  GM(A/HR) also assured to take up the case with GM Ernakulam BA while he will visit Ernakulam BA on 26-05-2018.


SDE-DE(LA) , release of LICE JTO Vacancy , Extension of APAR submission date , Regularisation of RTP service , DR_JAO training , Mutual Transfers of DR-JTOs  etc were also discussed



JTO-SDE Seniority case at Honourable High Court of Kerala :

The Final judgement to be pronounced on 23/5/2018 is expected on 30/05/2018.


As we informed , Circle office has released the next set of long stay/request transfer orders of SDE/JTOs  <<<Orders-1>>>  <<<Orders-2>>>



Circle office will release  the next set of request transfer orders of SDE/JTO by today

22-05-2018:CHQ News

Congratulations ! BW Cell of BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi issued promotion orders from JTO(C) to the grade of SDE(C) on regular basis under SCF quota vacancy 2016-17....<<<Click here for order>>>>

AIBSNLEA is thankful to Director(HR), BSNL Board, PGM(BW) and GM(Pers.) for issuing promotion orders from JTO(C) to the grade of SDE(C) on regular basis under SCF quota vacancy 2016-17.

22-05-2018 : “ BSNL Tower Samrakshana Sadasu” has been conducted from 14-5-2018 to 21-05-2018 in all BAs by AUAB .
At Thiruvananthapuram , it was inaugurated by C.Divakaran MLA ( Ex.Minister) at Ghandhi Park TVM on 21-05-2018 <<<Notice>>>

BSNL Tower Samrakshana Sadasu


CS and DS TVM met PGM(F) and discussed all the pending HR /Service issues of Accounts vertical


Training of DR-JAO candidates : We appraised the present stage of training process for all the 33 DR-JAO candidates selected for Kerala Circle. The list of candidates to schedule training is already submitted to NATFM Hyderabad . As and when the medical certificates of individual candidates are received from Medical Board, Trivandrum , the training schedule will be released . The Medical reports are expected in next week.


We requested PGM(F) to take initiative  to allot the training at RTTC Trivandrum since almost all the candidates are from Kerala Circle. PGM-F appreciated our concern and assured to take all efforts to allot the training at RTTC Trivandrum.


No Action on this association letter No. AIBSNLEA/Kerala /2017-20/114 dated 15-02-2018 regarding Shortage of Accounts Officers for TRA activities at Thrissur due to Accounts Officers were deputed to CSC functioning.

We expressed our strong displeasure on delaying action on the aforesaid letter submitted in February-2018. PGM-F assured to look into the matter without any more delay.


While discussing other matters , PGM-F assured that the pending transfer orders , LA orders of AO/CAO in CO, IMPCS , TVM and other BAs will be implemented/issued just after the ongoing auditing of accounts . Posting of Smt Valsala Kumari AO , joining Kerala Circle after tenure transfer to TN , is requested for Trivandrum.


CS and DS TVM met PGM(F) met GM(A/HR) , Kerala Circle


Second list of Request/long stay transfer orders of SDE/JTOs : We requested to consider the request transfers for all executives relieved in August-2016 . He shared our concern and suggested the next set of transfer orders are already submitted to CGMT for approval. He further suggested detailed discussion on the matter can be had after release of orders. He assured to look into all our points. We expect the orders released in next week.


CS and DS TVM met DGM(A) , Circle Office :


We requested DGM(A) to allot notice Board to AIBSNLEA as it is being allotted to recognised/Support unions/Association at CO. He assured to allot it immediately.  We requested to clear off the Uncomfortable/unhealthy working ambience of JAO (Establishment) office due to the permanent closure of the single window as part of maintenance of CO building. DGM(A) assured to address the case without delay.


CS and DS TVM met AGM(HR) , Circle Office :


We requested to speed up the process in receiving medical reports of DR-JAOs from medical board , TVM so that training can be started early. He assured to contact the office for the early release of reports. Regarding the completion of Police/Certificate/Community verification for DR-JAOs joined recently, AGM informed that the requests were send from CO to respective local offices very long back . Also, the payments for certificate verifications to university/college are being made through ERP . PVC are being received but Accademic Certificate verification reports are not started to receive yet. We further requested to speed up the process as the mutual transfer can only be processed after receipt of all certificates. AGM shared our concern and assured to help it out.

Dear DR-JAO Candidates... 
At the outset we, AIBSNLEA Kerala , Congratulate one and all of you on your qualification to become  JAO  in BSNL  .

AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging 10 DoT recognized Group-'B' officers Associations & thus represents in true sense all disciplines of Executives of BSNL i.e. Telecom Engineering, Telecom Finance & Accounts, Civil / Electrical / Arch./ TFs Engineering Wings, Personnel Staffs  (PA/PS/PSS), CSS Staffs, AD(O/L) & General Disciplines of BSNL.

So , AIBSNLEA is the only one association standing/fighting  for all the benefits of all  the  executives in Telecom Finance & Accounts department . From the very beginning, one association has been standing/fighting against the profits of the executives in  Finance & Accounts department through series of destructive measures . Last one in the series was their destructive letter to CMD BSNL demanding no more recruitment of  Finance & Accounts personal to BSNL . But, as usual, AIBSNLEA has to fight for Finance & Accounts department by writing to CMD to recruit young  JAOs for the benefit  of BSNL .

Thus only because of AIBSNLEA, young DR-JAOs are joining to BSNL. AIBSNLEA sincerely Welcomes every one of you to BSNL.

SNEA’s demand : not to give life to any more  DR-JAO in BSNL    <<<<< Click to view Letter>>>>

AIBSNLEA ‘s request : give life to young DR-JAOs in BSNL for the benefit of BSNL  <<< Click to view Letter>>>.

18-05-2018:CHQ News

Immunity from transfers of office bearers of Associations :

BSNL Corporate Office has decided to call for details of officer bearers of recognized/support/SEWA associations at SSA/Circle level/CHQ.

Further, circles are requested lo incorporate the statistics of such office bearers against their names in the long stay list of the circle which is due to furnish for the financial year 2018- 19.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>

17-05-2018:CHQ News

GS writes to:

1. Shri Manoj Sinha JiHon’ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C), New Delhi regarding:

(A). Our serious concern over Transfer of BSNL Assets to DoT.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>> 

2Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding:     

(A). Filling-up of the vacant Four Executive Director (ED) posts in BSNL – Our concern regarding.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>

(B). Discrimination and anomaly between executives of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TF and Finance/Telecom - Reg.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>

16-05-2018:CHQ News

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS, President and AGS (DR) met GM(Pers) and discussed regarding implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and requested to discuss the observations given by Jt. Secy. so that the same can be informed to our members. GM(Pers) appreciated our concern and discussed point wise all the observations made by JS (Admn.). The following discussions took place.

a) CPSU cadre hierarchy: GM(Pers) informed that response on CPSU cadre hierarchy proposal approved by  BSNL MC has been received from Jt. Secy. (Admn) DoT, Govt. nominee Director of BSNL Board  wherein he has  given some  objections in the proposal submitted by the BSNL  viz.

i) In the BSNLs proposal cleared by BSNL MC will create financial and legal implications due to effective date of implementation from 01.01.2017. In view of this JS has suggested to give date of effect from prospective date

ii) The existing vacancies are to be filled up subject to outcome of court case by conducting CPCs.

iii)  Prior approval of BSNL Board/DoT is required wherein promotions affecting pension instead of only BSNL MC approval.

iv) Existing EPP shouldn't be continued in BSNL after implementation of CPSU hierarchy.

v) BSNL HR plan has not been finalized on the required no. of posts which needs clarification.

vi) The Screening committee has to be conducted on every time bound functional promotions under CPSU cade hierarchy instead of automatic promotion for the executives working in higher scales.

vii) The clause 5.6 is irrelevant para on AGM (Adhoc) as no vacancy based promotion up to AGM.

viii) Date of financial upgradation E4-E5 and E5-E6 has to be explained since the CPSU time bound functional promotions are limiting up to E4 scale only.

ix) Any functional promotion in the same scale no additional increment is allowed.

x) The bench mark should be very good (35) for OC and Good (31) for SC/ST instead of good (31) and Average (27) bench mark.

xi) Promotion to be given in the feeder cadre as per existing policy, if there is no court stay order is pending on promotion.

xii) All the cadres seniority lists should be finalized immediately etc.

GM Pers told that these issues needs to be examined and submitted to the JS for consideration before submitting the final proposal to the BSNL Board. We expressed our serious concern against the observations made by JS (Admn.) DoT wherein the date of effect has been suggested from prospective date, similarly the eligibility condition from SDE/AO to DE/CAO promotion is now prescribed 12 years' service instead of 5/7 years of service and increase in bench mark etc. will not at all benefit the executives rather will put them into loss.

We further requested to consider date of effect from the last DPC date/ year of recruitment and to consider our views/ suggestions given earlier on all the clauses vide our letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CPSU/2017 dated 15.11.2017. Also requested to expedite CPCs on priority.

b) Filling up of the Vacant Group-A and Group-B equivalent posts: We requested GM(Pers) to initiate CPCs to fill up the vacant Group-A and Group-B level posts in all wings i.e. telecom , finance , electrical ,civil , Arch, Telecom factory (Engg. Wings) subject to outcome of the Court cases as per the management committee approval. GM (Pers) assured for an early action to move the proposal for initiating CPCs in all disciplines

c) Posting of LDCE qualified JTOs on promotion to SDE: we requested to issue promotions orders for LDCE qualified JTOs to the post of SDEs subject to VC in view of the decisions taken by the Management committee, in line with the some previous promotion orders. Immediately, GM (Pers.) contacted to GM(Vig.) in this regard . GM (Vig.) has told that he will take opinion of CVO BSNL and convey to Pers. cell. GM (Pers) assured that immediate action will be taken after getting opinion of CVO.

d) Promotion from JTO to SDE(Telecom.) SCF quota:- We requested GM(Pers) to initiate CPC to fill up the vacant TES Group-B posts since the judgement of Hon'ble High Court Kerala is expected to be pronounced after 23rd May 2018. Since the new SDE RR has been notifying on seniority fixation in SDE cadre on ROTA Quota basis which may allow favorable judgement, this will allow promotions. More than 10000 SDE(Telecom.) vacant posts are there which needs immediate filling up. Earlier the CPC was initiated to fill up about 6000 SDE (T) posts but due to stay orders the same was held up. Most of the APARs of the eligible JTOs were accessed through screening process for promotion thus now only one or two years APARs needs to be accessed for promotion. GM (Pers) mentioned that the VCRs have already been called from the Circles and the action to initiate CPC will be take shortly.

e) Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement on TES Group-‘B' Seniority cases: We requested for early implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement on TES Group-‘B' Seniority cases to avoid contempt. After detail discussions, GM (Pers.) mentioned that Committee constituted regarding 147 SDEs case   will finalize its report /observation shortly and assured that to Hon'ble Supreme Court judgement will be implemented soon in its true sprit to avoid contempt of court cases. He also mentioned that rule 206 implementation case is in progress for implementation and it will be implemented immediately after completion of 147 case.

(vi)  Consideration of request / tenure transfers of SDEs/DEs and DGMs: We requested for request transfers / modification / implementation of tenure transfers of SDEs/DEs and DGMs.  GM(Pers.) assured to look into the matter.

11-05-2018:CHQ News

Issue of increment on regular promotion to a scale:

BSNL Corporate Office issues orders regarding Pay fixation matters relating to BSNL Employees under provisions of EPP - Issue of increment on regular promotion to a scale -  CAT Principle Bench New Delhi orders dated 21.12.2017.

<<<<Click here for the Letter>>>> 

It is worth while to mention that AIBSNLEA only has initiated and filed the case in Hon'ble PBCAT New Delhi and got quashed the DoT's disputed letter date 05.07.2017 for all irrespective of any discrimination.

11-05-2018:CHQ News


Meeting with Member (F)  DoT:

GS, President, AGS (DR) met Member (F), DoT and discussed regarding:

a) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit: We apprised Member (F) about the discussions had between Hon’ble MoSC (I/C) and the representatives of All union and Associations and  requested  to use her good office for early  implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit as recommended by BSNL Board. We also apprised that  the reply from DPE in this regard has also been received in DoT long before. Now the  administrative ministry can consider implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL as per its recommendations on affordability clause. Member (F) told that she will examine the case positively and give the concurrence to the proposal . She mentioned that  she will support in respect of PRC implementation in BSNL.

10-05-2018:CHQ News

Meeting with Dir(PSU) DoT:- GS, President, AGS (DR) met Dir(PSU) DoT and discussed regarding.

a) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit: We requested Dir(PSU) for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit as recommended by BSNL Board. We also pleaded that administrative ministry can consider implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL as per its recommendations on affordability clause. However, the reply from DPE in this regard has also been received in DoT long before. Dir(PSU) mentioned that the DPE reply has been given cognizance by all the Sr. Officers in DoT but further action is yet to be taken. It seems that the work regarding preparation of Cabinet note for relaxation in the affordability clause has not yet started in DoT. This a serious situation and all the Unions and Associations of BSNL Should immediately decide their strategies to impress upon DoT for the settlement of this issue otherwise the issue will linger on in DoT.

b) Reply to BSNL on CPSU cadre hierarchy: Dir (PSU) confirmed that Jt. Secy. (Admn) Dot being the Govt. Nominee Director of BSNL Board has sent his observations to BSNL for the rectification in the CPSU Cadre hierarchy proposal before its placement in the next BSNL Board meeting which scheduled to be held on 28thMay 2018.

09-05-2018:CHQ News

BSNL Corporate Office issues orders regarding:

1. Transfer of executives in the grade of DGM in Telecom Operation Stream

<<<<Click here for the Order>>>>

2. Modification / addition / deletion in the SDE (T) RRs 2002

<<<<Click here for the Order>>>>

09-05-2018:CHQ News
Meeting on curtailment of wasteful expenditure in BSNL:

The informal meeting with the representative of Unions/ Associations was held today at 15:00 Hrs. to discuss the curtailment of wasteful expenditure in BSNL. AIBSNLEA suggestions/ feedback submitted vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2018 dated 07.05.2018, 19 issues were discussed on threadbare. During discussions GM Budget and GM (SR) assured to appraise our feelings to the higher Management.

We strongly protested against the move of curtailment of medical facility by reducing no. of days from 25 to 15 days on the pretext of curtailment of wasteful expenditure. We categorically told that BSNL MRS was approved by BSNL Board and now cannot be amended by administrative orders and it cannot be a wasteful expenditure. After detailed discussions GM (Budget) BSNL CO assured no curtailment in BSNL MRS facility. He also assured that the necessary order w.r.t. medical claims will be issued shortly w.e.f. 01.04.2018 for BSNL pensioners.

The main emphasis was given on curtailment on electricity expenditure which is amounting about Rs.2500 Crores per annum and the immediate 10% curtailment is required for which necessary instructions will be given to the Circles to form the committees to examine the areas where the curtailment is possible.

To reduce legal expenses the volume of amount will be examine and on that basis only appeals to the higher Benches will be proposed.

To reduce the expenditure on motor vehicles will be reviewed and the common pool concept in administrative offices will be adopted.

The BSNL IQs proper maintenance will be ensured to avoid expenditure on stay in Hotels etc.

09-05-2018:CHQ News

Management Committee of BSNL Board allows Promotions in BSNL:

AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting approved the proposal of promotions through CPCs and LDCE subject to out come of court cases from the Management Committee of the BSNL Board. AIBSNLEA conveys its sincere gratitude and thanks to the CMD, Director (HR), GM (Pers.) and entire team of Pers. Cell.


As strongly requested and pursued by AIBSNLEA , Kerala  Circle administration totally honoured the transfer policy  being followed in Kerala Circle. The first set of request transfer orders of executives transferred on long stay in April 2016 are released by operating the SDE Long stay list.  We expect next set of orders soon.


We express our sincere thanks and esteem to the CGMT Kerala Dr.PT Mathew for regarding the executive transfer policy in Kerala by disallowing all the unfair pressures from another association to strangle the good practices being followed in Kerala circle, under the banner of “Recognised Majority Association”  for unknown reason.


We convey our regards and sincere thanks to the GM(A/HR) Shri.Robin Poddar for his proper perception of all our fair arguments to release the transfer orders by respecting policies.


Also, we communicate sincere thanks to DGM(HR) Shri.James Sagayaraj and AGM(HR) Shri.Mahesh for releasing the transfer orders in time as promised .


Thus, “they” once again established that the brand of “Recognised Majority Association” can only be used for forcefully adding “Membership” in a bullying way .


<Request Transfer Order>  <Long Stay Transfer Orders>


        Today morning CS , CVP and DS TVM met GM(A/HR) Shri.Robin Poddar  and discussed all the pending HR issues. The meeting was very useful. Some of the issues discussed follow.


Release of Long stay request Transfer Orders :

We requested to issue the long stay SDE/JTO transfer orders without any more delay. GM conveyed that the first set of orders ( For those executives relieved in April-2016) are just approved by CGMT Kerala  in line with our request by honouring the practice of completing the request transfers by operating long stay list . GM assured that the orders will be released today itself. We expect next set of orders will be released soon.


Pending request transfer of Com.Hassan Manicfan , SDE :

We requested to consider the transfer case of  Com.Hassan Manicfan , SDE from Lekshadweep to Ernakulam . We informed that , already the case was agreed by CGMT since the SDE completed more than 10 years of service in the hard tenure station. GM assured to forward the request. We expect the order within a week time.


Result declaration of the JAO candidates ; LICE for  promotion from Group 'C' to the grade of  JAO under 40% quota held on  17/07/2076:

We requested to release the result of all the 5 resultant vacancies as done by other circle. In addition to the one candidate not joined for JAO training, 4 more JAO vacancies aroused due to the discontinuation of JAOs to JTO cadre. After discussion of the matter in detail , GM(A/HR) shared our views and assured to explore all the possibilities to promote them as JAO from corporate office while he is available at Corporate office in next week . 


Mutual transfers of DR GATE JTOs :

We requested to consider the mutual transfer requests when formalities are completed. GM assured to consider the mutual transfer requests  as and when the formalities of Certificate Verification, Police Verification and Community Certificate Verification  - if applicable are completed.


Rotational Transfer in Circle Office:

We requested to consider the rotational transfer of sensitive posts within circle office . GM informed that the process is already on .



Dear Comrades,


As we have communicated internally on 27-04-2017, Powered by the very righteous and strong stand of AIBSNLEA Kerala , it is reliably understood that , circle office is releasing the request transfers of SDE/JTOs who were transferred out on long stay from parent BA  in 2016 by giving suitable substitute by Operating SDE  long stay list : despite prolonged obnoxious stand of another association  to  “NOT TO OPERATE”   the SDEs long stay list for the reason known to them only .


In a first , the orders will be released for those who were transferred in April-2016. On our strong request, administration agreed to release remaining request transfers   Subsequently.    First set of orders will be released in this week itself.

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