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GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding centralization of TR activities in Post-VRS Scenario - Views and suggestion of AIBSNLEA ...

<<<Click here for letter>>


Congrats to Shri. C.V  Vinod ,  CGMT Kerala..

CGMT Kerala averted the threat of outsourcing all the categories of CSCs (Type-I , Type-II  and Type-III) thereby stopping  all the possibilities : of  taking full database of all BSNL heavy callers would have been used against the benefits of BSNL , of reducing working strength of Executives (SDE/AO/JTO/JAO)  and non-executives already working in CSCs , of blocking BSNL Employees to have direct communication with beloved Customers as CSCs are the only formal window remaining for the same etc....

AUAB Kerala has taken up the matter with CGMT and CGMT issued clarification letter to the corporate office directions to see that every effort should be explored to run Type-I and Type-II CSCs with BSNL Employees.

<<<CGMT Letter to BAs>>>

26-05-2020: CHQ News

Terms Of Reference (TOR) of the committee announced:

During the discussion with the Committee members by both GSs regarding the issue of reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007, Committee members informed that they are waiting for the Terms Of Reference of the Committee. We brought this to the notice of DIR(HR) and PGM(Pers), next day itself.

We requested to include: examining the eligibility of 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 with reference to SDE RR 2002 and the clarifications issued with reference to LDCE 2007. Now BSNL CO issued the TOR as we suggested. The focus is on resolving 2001  rect issue, segregating them from 2002 rect JTOs.

It is a great breakthrough in the case. So far the eligibility was examined by BSNL and the court cases defended based on the 30.07.2010 clarification issued during LDCE 2010 and the clarifications issued on 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 during LDCE 2007was not at all considered or produced in the court.<<<Click here for the term of reference>>>

25-05-2020: CHQ News

Drastic cut in number of posts on the anvil in the name of Restructuring:

It is learned that through Restructuring and Review of Assets, BSNL Management  is considering drastic reduction in the combined strength of AGM and DGM equivalent Grades in all the Streams (Telecom, Finance, Civil, Electrical, Arch, TF, PPS and CSS) and AGM+DGM number in all the Streams combined together will be about 3300 – 3500. The present combined sanctioned strength of AGM+DGM is 8953. In other words, drastic reduction of posts proposed, by about 65%. The final figure will be divided in some ratio between AGM and DGM. If it happens, then it will stop almost all the promotions to AGM and DGM Grade in all Streams as we are apprehending.

This is in the name of Restg. and M/s Deloittee recommendation. The same Consultant M/s Deloittee, in 2014, recommended an increase in the number of AGM (T) posts from 5303 to 6172 and DGM(T) posts from 1331 to 1607. After 6 years, the same Consultant makes recommendation for drastic reduction of posts. This establish that the Consultant is acting on behalf of the Management and what Management  requires, that report  is given by the Consultant, without making any Work Study.

Similar cut in the number of posts can be anticipated in other Grades also (SDE/AO and JTO/JAO equivalents). The provisional norms issued in December, 2019 by Restg. cell indicates that the Circles can work out the revised sanctioned strength of the Circle based on that provisional norms and find out the revised strength.

We may have to go for strong organizational actions in the near future if Management is not coming forward and discussing and settling the matter.

Management is dragging the Promotions to complete the Restg. process, making assurances one after another. Restrg. should not take away the Promotional avenues of the Executives working in BSNL. On review of the Assets, large number of posts will be surrendered in addition to the posts surrendered due to VRS. Knowing the adverse effect of Restg. on Post based promotions, we are insisting for Non-post based Time Bound functional promotion in all the Streams.


CSC Type-I and Type-II also getting outsourced 
Format of Expression of Interest (EOI) for Outsourcing the Operation and Maintenance of BSNL CSCs in Kerala Circle as per CO guidelines

<<Letter for EOI >>   <<Annexure-1>>   <<  Annexure-2>>>


Shri. C.V  Vinod ,  CGMT Kerala invited recognised association and unions today at Circle Office today to express our views on the Re-organisation of duties and responsibilities among Executives/Non Executives in Post-VRS scenario. CS Com.Shaji , CVP Com.Rajan  and DS TVM Com.Binu represented AIBSNLEA . Initially CGMT wrote the CSs to represent our views and later on the request Associations/Unions ,   CGMT was kind enough to hold a meeting to elaborate his views and our subsequent suggestions . Very healthy and fruitful discussion has been carried out followed by the open remarks of CGMT. CGMT suggested to share our views in black and white preferably on or before 22-05-2020. GM(A/HR) welcomed all leaders to the meeting and extended sincere thanks to the participants.

Letter by CGMT on 12-05-2020                                           Letter by CGMT on 14-05-2020

18-05-2020:CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for Promotion in all Streams/Grades in BSNL on ‘Regular Basis’ instead of ‘Look After arrangement’ from among the Executives already working in Higher Scales without any financial implications-reg. reminder...<<<Click here for letter>>>

18-05-2020:CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR) on 18.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA  and SNEA  met DIR(HR) and held discussions about the progress in Promotions to various Grades as per the assurances given in the detailed  Agenda meeting with DIR(HR) on 05.05.2020. It was a follow up meeting.

DIR(HR) informed that he directed the PGM(Pers) to work out on the New Promotion Policy as it has come to the conclusion in the last meeting that Post based promotion is not at all feasible atleast for few years due to the Reservation issue. PGM(Pers) could come to office today after long break due to Nationwide Lockdown. We explained that irrespective of category, ST/SC/OC category Executives are waiting for promotion for years together. For example, 2001 recruited JTOs of SC and OC category and 2002 Rect JTOs of ST category are waiting for promotion to SDE Grade even after completion of 18 to 19 years of service. But as per the New policy, all the JTOs completed 5 years of service, irrespective of ST/SC/OC category will get promotion.

We further explained the urgency for issuing promotion as in almost all the cadres, except AO cadre, more than 60% positions are vacant and in many important grades, it is more than 90%. In this situation how BSNL Revival is possible, we asked.  Director (HR) reassured early action in this regard.

On the Reversion of SDEs of 2007 LDCE, on our continuous pleadings to find out an early solution, Director(HR) arranged a meeting with the Committee on 19.05.2020, tomorrow itself at 4 PM.


Immediate filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to achieve our financial goals / targets effortlessly and this association’s view on filling of CAO posts in various BAs and Circle office:

CGMT Kerala has written to Dir(HR) on the above matter . CGMT shared the letter to AIBSNLEA and the matter is taken up with GS Com.Shivakumarji.

                                                                                                       <<CGMT Letter to Dir(HR) >>


CS Com.Shaji and CVP Com.Rajan had an agenda meeting with Shri. C.V.VINOD CGM BSNL Kerala at 9.20AM today. CGMT welcome AIBSNLEA for the meeting and appreciated the employees of Kerala circle for continuing to demonstrate the commitment during these hard times of Covid-19 pandemic crisis in maintaining our network, accounts/finance activities.  Almost all the pending Service/HR issues are discussed. Some of the main issues discussed follows ..


Immediate filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to achieve our financial goals / targets effortlessly and this association’s view on filling of CAO posts in various BAs and Circle office:


We extended regards to CGMT in writing back to us on our letter requesting him to post IFA/CAO . However , we  expressed our unhappiness to CGMT that our members belongs to accounts wing are very demoted even after a long waiting too that our request for the eligible LA arrangements in IFA and CAO cadres for the balanced working of Kerala Circle has not been fully addressed so far. CGMT explained that as per corporate office guidelines, the TRA activities are centralized and CAO TR post cannot be there with BAs.  We suggested CGMT that Kerala Circle having a good number of LL/BB in all BAs compared to many other circles. Most of our BAs are having more number of LL/BB connections than the total count with many other circles. Moreover, all the TR activities cannot be centralized. We requested to consider the CAO posts in all BAs of Kerala for the effective and highest performance of BAs.


After some more discussion, CGMT opinioned that the option calling notification for CAO TR had been withdrawn subsequent to the letter from corporate office on the centralization of TRA activities . Hence, to consider our request, CGMT assured us to write corporate office in this regard.


Later CS and CVP met PGM(F) Kerala Circle Smt.Yojana Das and discussed the matter of posting IFA/CAO . We expressed our strong unhappiness to IFA also. PGM(F) assured to discuss the issue with CGMT for an best possible  solution .

<<CGMT Letter to CS AIBSNLEA>>

Heavy recovery from erstwhile O_JTOs on erroneous pay fixation :

When the matter is discussed CGMT, he replied that the file is forwarded to PGM(F)  Kerala Circle with the best humanly possible conclusions and suggestions /recommendations . CGMT suggested to have further proceedings with IFA.


07-05-2020 : BSNL News in Media

Attempts are being made to stall launch of 4G services by BSNL, say unions; seek PM’s intervention......<<<Click here for detail news>>    <<<News in Financial Express>>>

BSNL approves 2G, 3G network upgrade contract to ZTE, Nokia for fastest 4G rollout   <<<Click here for detail news>>

06-05-2020 : CHQ News

AUAB writes to Shri Narendra Modi Ji, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Government of India, South Block, Raisina Hills, New Delhi regarding attempts to scuttle BSNL’s 4G equipment procurement, which is the lifeline for BSNL - First and foremost requirement for BSNL’s revival is 4G roll out and BSNL cannot afford any more delay requesting your kind intervention - <<<<Click here for letter>>>


05-05-2020 : CHQ News

Agenda Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnekar, Director(HR) on 05.05.2020:

General Secretaries of AIBSNLEA  and SNEA  had detailed Agenda meeting with the DIR(HR) on various important HR issues: Sr GM(Estt), GM(SR), GM (Restg) and DGM (Pers)  were present in the meeting. PGM(Pers) joined the meeting over phone. The deadlock situation in promotion to different cadres was the main issue. The discussion took place for more than two hours on the following Agenda points submitted to the management in advance.

a) Undue delay in regular promotions to all the eligible Executives: Even though there is no financial implication, Management is not taking any initiative for regular promotions. At the same time, continuing with Look after arrangement:

From Assn side, both GSs demanded promotion on Time Bound basis as there is no visibility for promotion through any other channel due to the various Supreme Court judgments on reservation. Since Executives are already working in higher scales, we demanded promotion which is just a designation change and no financial implications involved. Management is giving LA for the Executives working in the higher scales but not giving regular promotion. The Executives are not getting the benefit of promotion. We demanded regular promotion along with the Pay scales instead of LA promotion.

At the beginning, the possibility of DPC in different cadres explored by the management and discussed various options. On JTO to SDE promotion, initially management was of the impression that once the Ernakulam case is cleared, promotion is possible. Further management assessed the status of promotion in different cadres: i) JTO(Civil/Elect/Arch) to SDE(C/E/Arch) LDCE is held up due to court case on Reservation, ii) SDE(T) to DE(T) and JAO to AO promotion made in June 2018 challenged in the Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT on Reservation issue and the CAT ordered to review the promotions, declaring the promotion as PROVISIONAL, iii) AO to CAO Promotion held up due to court case on Reservation, iv) SDE(C) to EE(C) Promotion held up due to seniority issue among Diploma and Engg Degree holders. On DE (T) and AO promotions in 2018, Management is waiting for the judgement copy and the course of action is to be decided. Different options also discussed. In any case, DPC for DE and CAO is not possible before the review, Management informed that all the promotions are leading to fresh litigations. DoPT is not giving any direction regarding method of implementation of reservation or endorsing the Hon’ble Supreme Court order on reservation. DoPT asked BSNL to wait for the outcome of remaining SLPs pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court, BSNL management informed us. In such situation, after taking various Supreme Court orders and the court cases going on into consideration, DIR(HR) come to the conclusion that in the near future, it may not be possible to give any promotion due to the reservation issue. Finally management informed us that for JTO to SDE promotion also, BSNL will not be able to decide due to the reservation issue and go for DPC even if Ernakulam judgment is coming.

When all other options closed, now Management started seriously thinking about the implementation of Time Bound functional promotion upto AGM Grade. Management informed us that they will work on it in the coming days and discussions will be held with us if required. Both GSs once again clearly told the Management that if the Management desires to give promotion, Time bound promotion is the only viable option and work for that.

b) Relaxation in Qualifying service for DGM(T) and DGM(F) promotion as the Executives are already working as DGM on LA basis:

Both GSs demanded relaxation of qualifying service of AGM and CAO for promotion to DGM(T/F). They were working on Officiating/LA basis, long time, before regular promotion in 2018 and having sufficient experience as AGM/CAO. Director also found merit in the case and want to address the huge shortage in DGM cadre. Finally it was assured that  the Management will explore the possibility for relaxation of the qualifying service for DGM(T/F) promotion by taking it to the Board.

c) Implementation of merger of Project/Maintenance Regions and TFs:

Both GSs expressed our serious concern for non implementation of the merger orders. The vehicle, staff and infra available with Project wing is underutilised. Limited staff and vehicle with the Regions are overburdened. Management informed that some Man power planning for Project/Mtce Region is going on and merger will be implemented.

On Telecom Factory, the orders are not implemented properly. So they are facing funding and other issues and the infrastructure is not getting utilised. It is assured to examine the matter by discussing with the concerned Officers.

d) Reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE in 2008:

Both GSs explained the issue to the Director (HR). Management has to accept its own clarification issued at the time of LDCE 2007, then there is no issue remains, we informed  the Management. Management is of the opinion that it require some relaxations but we told them that no relaxation is required other than the one year relaxation extended to the seniors as per the RR. The Committee formed to examine the matter is asked to expedite and come out with the solution within this month.

e) Modification in DGM(T) promotions  as majority of them are worked outside the Circle and come back 3 years back:

Management agreed to consider it once the lock down is over.

Finally, Director (HR) concluded that Management is keen to give regular promotions and assured to go for the promotions in all the cadres at the earliest.


AIBSNLEA-May Day-Shaji





CS writes to CGMT Kerala ; immediate Filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to effortlessly achieve our financial goals and targets . No consideration has been extended to our genuine request for the better performance of BSNL Kerala Circle.


<<<Letter to CGMT >>>


Request to CGMT ; postponement of relieving for one year period , case of Smt. Rajam R , JTO Kollam  ( HR No: 199209867)   on genuine family constrains

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>



AIBSNLEA Kerala responded positively to the call of HDS , Hospital Development Society , Medical College , Thiruvananthapuram to the CGMT , BSNL , Kerala for arranging Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  and N95 Masks urgently to empower  them to fight agaist Covid-19 pandemic . AIBSNLEA Kerala quickly transferred Rs.32500 (Thirty Two Thousand and Five Hundred) from its account to the HDS , Thiruvananthapuram for the procurement of 50 PPE&N95 Masks.




CS writes again to CGMT Kerala for the Immediate filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to achieve our financial goals / targets effortlessly and this association’s view on filling of CAO posts in various BAs and Circle office .  


<<<Letter to CGMT>>>


Esstt.  Cell of BSNL CO, New Delhi issued instructions regarding voluntary contribution by the Employees of BSNL in PM CARES FUND in view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in India.....<<<<Click here for letter>>>>





AIBSNLEA Kerala Wishes …..

happy easter




GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding maintenance of Cleanliness of Office/Exchange Premises <<<Click here for letter>>>


GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for Promotion in all Streams/Grades in BSNL on ‘Regular Basis’ instead of ‘Look After Arrangement’ from among the Executives already working in Higher Scales without any financial implications-<<<Click here for letter>>>


GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding constraints in ERP- Bills Processing Works due to Country wide Lock down-<<Click here for letter>>>>


DGM(Pers.-SM), BSNL CO issued instructions regarding postponement of relieving of  the executives /  officers under transfer.....<<<Click here for letter>>>>


GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding Contribution to Prime Minister Cares Fund (PM-CARES) -<<<Click here for letter>>>   <<<Click here for reference letter no. 1>>>





…..Message from CGMT Kerala Circle  ..  


I want you to kindly convey my thanks to members of your association for continuing to demonstrate extraordinary grit and commitment during these times of crisis in maintaining our network. Also our accounts personnel have left no stones unturned in trying to ensure the VRS RETIREES BENEFITS REACH THEM. THANKS AND GOODWISHES AND PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH.





Emergency instructions in view of Covid-19 :  BSNL Corporate office


Emergency instructions in View of Covid-19 :  BSNL Corporate office


   Corona Virus Disease 2019  (COVID-19) Global Outbreak..

Dear Comrades…

During this very toughest time, AIBSNLEA request all beloved members and employees of BSNL to take all preventive and control  measures as directed by WHO, Central/State Govt. and other Govt. agencies.


The preventive and control measures to be adopted in BSNL Kerala Circle for the safety of our workforce are being well discussed with CGMT Kerala by AIBSNLEA time to time. We are glad to record and express gratitude that CGMT Kerala  Shri. C V Vinod is very proactive on all our submissions to take care of the safety of employees first.


Some authenticated details of the COVID-19 and Its prevention   :   WHO Website    CDC Website GOI



GS Writes to Shri. P.K.Purwar, CMD, BSNL regarding Preventive measures required to be taken to contain the spreads of COVID-19  ......<<<Click here for letter>>>


Details of discussions held between CMD BSNL and recognized Unions & Associations BSNL:   Recognized Unions & Associations of BSNL were invited for discussions by the BSNL Management today to discuss regarding restructuring plan and Revival of BSNL. CMD BSNL Sh. P.K. Purwar chaired the meeting. Com. S. Sivakumar, GS AIBSNLEA, Com. Bhagwan Singh, AGS(HQ), GS & President of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA participated in the meeting. Sh. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR), BSNL Board and Sh. Manish Kumar, GM(Restructuring) were also participated in the meeting.  

CMD BSNL welcomed all the Leaders of BSNL recognized Unions & Associations and explained about the steps taken by BSNL Management for maximization of revenue.

Business Development

SIM Sales: CMD mentioned that there is 5% increase in SIM Sales in the month of Jan., Feb and March-2020. SIM Sales in Feb.2020 is 18.80 lakhs and in March-2020 is 20 lakhs.

Market Share of BSNL is increasing marginally.

In the BB Sector number of disconnection is very significant and CMD further mentioned that we have to arrest the disconnections of BB.

In the EB Sector revenue is increasing 8 to 10%.

Mobile & Broadband overall initially positive.

Landline:  Phase of disconnections are very less.

New Business: FTTH – 6000 OLTs integrated, due to this customer base and constant partner momentum started.    

In the rural area, exchanges having 10 lines, 15 lines and 20 lines is economically unviable. However, Hon’ble MOC assured for subsidy. In the 20,000 Rural telephone exchanges human interface is planned to be changed with the alternate technology.

He further mentioned that upto 10 Kms in the rural area localized mobile system on revenue share basis will be done with Bharat Air Fiber at a speed of more than 60 Mbps speed.

BSNL Revival Plan: CMD mentioned out of 78569 VRS Optees , 78334 VRS applications were accepted and 198 VRS optees has been expired. As on date 76929 VRS Optees have been sanctioned with Provisional Pension. As on date about 75000 cases processed for PPOs and forwarded to CCAs concerned. Out of that, 26370 PPOs were issued till date.

He appreciated the outstanding efforts taken by the BSNL management with the support of the all the Unions & Associations of BSNL for successful implementation of BSNL VRS-2019. He also conveyed the message of Hon’ble MOC that today Hon’ble MOC will appreciate the efforts and support extended by all the Unions & Associations of BSNL for the successful implementation of the BSNL VRS Plan -2019 in the Floor of the House.

Release of Leave encashment and Ex-gratia payments: CMD BSNL assured that Leave encashment payment and Ex-gratia payment will be paid on 31st March, 2020. Already 77585 VRS cases were processed for the above cited payments. Rs. 4850 crore towards Leave encashment after TDS is being processed in LIC.  Finance Ministry agreed to appropriate Rs. 5000 Crore towards the  first installment of Ex-gratia payment, however, we are the short of 1300 crore towards the payment of Ex-gratia. Hence balance amount of Ex-gratia will be paid in the first week of April, 2020.

Launching of 4G : Central Govt. made provision in the Budget FY:2020-21 towards the cost of 4G license including GST but BSNL is not in a position to take the 4G spectrum immediately due to following reasons:

1. We are having outstanding bills to be payable to the vendors M/s ZTE, M/s Nokia and M/s Erricson  to the tune of Rs. 2000 Crores.

2. M/s Nokia installed 13000 equipment’s in the Phase 8.4 has quoted 3.5 lakh for the software/hardware upgradation from 3G to 4G and 7 lakh for green field which is L-1 subject to the conditions that Rs.300 Cr has to be paid before 31.3.2020 and compensation for Foreign Exchange fluctuation whereas M/s ZTE installed  around 24,000 equipment’s has quoted 7 lakh for the software/hardware upgradation from 3G to 4G and 10 lakh  for green field which is L-2 but the conditions put forth by M/s ZTE is unrealistic. In addition to this the rates quoted by L-1 and L-2 alongwith conditions has not been approved by the BSNL Board since consensuses has not been reached.

3. If BSNL is taken 4G License immediately without procurement/upgradation of  equipment’s we have to pay license fee @Rs. 5.5 crore per day i.e. to the booked in the books of Accounts.

4. However, BSNL Management has proposed to float new Tender for the procurements of 4G equipment’s in the next week. It will take another 8 months for roll out of 4G.

Union and Association’s Leaders expressed their serious concern for the immediate launching of 4G in BSNL to attract more customers and increase the revenue.

Monetization of Assets: CMD mentioned that during the FY our Bank loan including O/s bills comes around 40,000 crore. We further required 10000 to 12000 Crore for 4G launching and Rs. 5000 Crore for OFC maintenance. BSNL is paying Rs. 4000 crore towards bank interest and we can saved Rs. 6500 towards employee cost. Roughly we required 50,000 crore for our annual expenditure but our annual revenue is around Rs. 20000 crore. Hence for the deficit BSNL is depending on Sovereign guarantee bond to the tune of Rs. 8500 crore and monetization of vacant assets.  He further mentioned that in the first week of April,2020, BSNL will get a Rs. 8500 crore Sovereign guarantee from Finance Ministry. 14 assets were identified by BSNL for monetization but DIPAM accepts only 11 assets to the commercial value of Rs. 18,200 Crore for which BSNL is expecting transactional advise within a week. Three MNCs come forward for purchase. Discussions has not been taken place due to COVID-19.

Merger of BSNL – MTNL: CMD mentioned that there is a pressure for the merger of BSNL & MTNL to be completed within six months. Union & Associations Leaders requested CMD BSNL to discuss with the recognized Unions & Associations before the implementation of  merger. CMD replied that merger of BSNL & MTNL  comes under the purview of equity structure of DIPAM, Finance Ministry & DoT. However he assured that suggestions of recognized Unions & Associations will be taken care of and forwarded to DoT.

We expressed our serious concern regarding the non maintenance of vast Telecom Network due to non availability of man power and non-implementation of outsourcing tender. CMD explained that out of 1600 clusters EOI have been opened for 1100 cluster and tender have been awarded for 280 clusters and he personally monitoring the same.  We brought to the notice of CMD, the problems faced by field unit executives for attending the faults in the Primary cables due to non-availability of man power in the post VRS scenario.  We further requested Primary cables maintenance has to be outsourced along with the secondary cable mtce. and also requested to relax the tender conditions and powers has to be delegated to CGMs to utilize the existing staff of BSNL who are having rich experience in attending the faults to participate in the tender.

CMD replied that he was aware of the situation and it will be reviewed shortly.  He further mentioned that due to the non-implementation of the tender in all the clusters more funds has been allotted to all the Circles to meet out the monthly mtce. expenditure and so as to maintain the Telecom Network fault free. We expressed our serious concern against the non implementation of outsourcing tender in CSCs. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to look into.  We requested CMD to issue necessary instructions to the CGMs to provide hand sanitizer in all the CSCs due to COVID-19. CMD agreed to issue instructions.

We requested CMD to fix the time line for the monthly salary disbursement since the net salary from Feb., 2020 onwards comes around Rs. 360 crore only. CMD assured that salary disbursement will be streamlined within two months and Feb., 2020 salary will be paid in last week of March-2020.

Due to paucity of time Man, Power/ Restructuring Plan and other important items could not be discussed. CMD BSNL assured that the meeting will be continued either 19.03.2020 or 20.03.2020. Finally CMD told that we are on the right track and we have to expect the outcome and assured that concerns of Unions & Associations will be taken care of. Finally all the Union/Association Leaders thanked CMD BSNL and Director(HR), BSNL Board for the detailed discussions. The meeting lasted for the two hours.   



CS writes to CGMT Kerala that  recovery shall not be permitted from the leave encashment of erstwhile –OJTOs :


It is disheartened to learn that many BAs are sharpening knife to carve out the proposed huge reduction from the leave encashment of the concerned JTOs. Since leave encashment of DOT time  is Tax Free  , any recovery  from leave encashment is effectively 30% additional loss to the O-JTOs compared to recovery from any other sources of retirement benefits like exgratia payment /gratuity  benefits as these are  taxable up to  @30% scale. …. …..


<<<Letter to CGMT>>>


CGMT informed CS that he will give directions to PGM-F to withhold recoveries till finalization of the matter. AIBSNLEA reciprocate sincere thanks and  regards to CGMT Kerala


CS Com.Shaji , CVP Com.Rajan and AFS CHQ Com.Pushparajan had a meeting with CGMT Shri. C V Vinod at 9.45 AM yesterday on 12 -03-2020 as invited by CGMT . All the pending service and HR issues were discussed. The honest and  Inspiring  attitude of CGMT Kerala towards the service/HR issues   discussed is sincerely appreciated by this association .The meeting concluded around 11.15 AM


New FTTH customer addition : 

We expressed the pressure at field in achieving FTTH targets assigned. To achieve targets through BSNL staff,  as of now BSNL hasn’t have sufficient man and materials and tempting to attain some count through LCO .  Apparently the chance of swapping BSNL BB customers to LCO FTTH , if at all happening so ,  is not economical to BSNL and it cannot be entertained . We requested CGMT to adopt some regulatory means to avoid swapping of higher plan BB customer    to basic FTTH BB499 plan through LCOs . CGMT shared our concern and assured to issue instructions.


Strengthen FTTH sector on BSNL own feet :

During AUAB meeting AIBSNLEA suggested to take measures to strengthen the FTTH sector by giving maximum connection by BSNL itself , especially in the new era of external plant outsourcing wherein our filed staff those engaged with maintenance of LL are free . The staff, not engaged otherwise, may be engaged with the FTTH BB provisioning sector.


Relocate more number of the Wi-Fi hotspots both USO/MDO:

We requested to relocate more number of the Wi-Fi hotspots in potential areas to provide more coverage around telephone exchange /Offices/BTS premises and thereby generating revenue at least to meet OPEX of the services so that we can arrest BSNL bleeding from the Wi-Fi services.    <<<Letter submitted to CGMT >>>


CGMT appreciate our proposal and assured to examine it as per guidelines given in the letter. He added that  Dir(CFA) , Corporate Office  has requested promotion of @Rs.2 per day unlimited browsing through Paytm in all the wifi hotspot areas  and  the same needs to be done . He added that he wants to see the service improved.


Immediate arrangements  to address  the technical  issues with CACU/LAGU  , arrangements to address the frequent failures of CDOT NGN  LAGU control cards having no support from CDOT , Completing ATs of POI/PRI to shut down Legacy switches  ,need for proper mobile tuning  of mobile network to address coverage issues ,  issues with CSCs being managed by DAS in taking part payments/Other Circle’s Bills/SIM Swapping etc   have also been discussed .


Heavy recovery from erstwhile O_JTOs on erroneous pay fixation :

The matter is discussed at length and CGMT assured to give all possible supports. As per discussion AIBSNLEA submitted a new letter with all points in brief.


We extend our sincere gratitude towards your magnanimity in listening and empathetically considering the grave case of the matter in subject during this association meeting with  you  today on 12-03-2020. As per suggestion, the following points are put up briefly to your kind notice to understand the case in detail and take the righteous decision to stop the erroneous recovery from the O-JTOs . 

1.       As per the order No- AP-II/   dated 16-03-2009 2nd IDA pay-revision of executive cadre implemented . According to this order Officiating JTOS pay fixed similar to Regular JTOS w.e.f  01/01/2007  (Annexure 1) .

2.       After implementation of non executive pay revision order dated 07/05/2010 ,Kerala circle issued an order regarding erroneous  pay fixation of officiating JTOS on 11/10/2012 (Annexure2). Corporate office directed all circle heads on 22-12-2015 regarding pay fixation of OJTOs w. r .t substantive cadre superseding all previous orders ( Annexure 2A)

3.       Due to the issue of this order pay reduction is effected, so affected parties have challenged this order in Honble CAT  Eranakulam vide OA NO 1022/2012. CAT directed in favourable  to officiating JTOS . After that BSNL Kerala filed review petition vide RA 30/2015 , There after filed clarification MA vide  MA NO 1370/2016. This MA Finalised on 05/01/2017. Court directed as pay fixation to be regularised as per  Annexure 2 , but recovery is not insisted (Annexure 3)

4.       This matter is communicated to All BA heads  through letter No HR-III/2-5/JTO(O) pay fixation/2012/part-1/59 dated 12/02/2018. Intimation regarding recovery of overpayment will be given after receiving direction from corporate office.(Annexure 4)

5.        Fr 22 (1) a 1 finalisation order issued by corporate office  on 18/09/2018 (Annexure 5)

6.       On 01/05/2019 order No- 1-06/2016-PAT(BSNL) issued by Corporate Office New DElhi on the basis of Hon’ble Supreme court Judgment regarding Excess /Wrong full payments recovery matter (Annexure  6)

7.        Kerala circle DGM (HR)clarification letter to corporate office regarding recovery matter on 19/08/2019 is attached . In this letter it is  mentioned that as per court direction recovery can be done (Annexure 7)

8.        On the very next day 0n 20/08/2019 DGM legal Kerala sought another clarification for recovery on 20/08/2019

9.       On the basis of above point No:8 ,  corporate office  clarified on 30/08/2019 to implement court direction on recovery issue  .(Annexure 8)

10.   Affected JTOS have requested to CGM Kerala  to examine whether recovery to be done either on the basis of Annexure 6   or recovery to be exempted on the basis of  Annexure 8  (Annexure 9)

11.    Accordingly CGM once again sought clarification from Corporate Office on 28/09/2019 ( Annexure 10 ).

12.   Corporate office clarified on 14/10/2019  that  PAT order dated 01-05-2019  is applicable according to the merit of the case (Annexure 11)

13.   Unfortunately Circle office has not accepted this letter because of their standing argument that OJTOs belong to Group-B.

14.   Another  clarification has been sought from Kerala circle office  to corporate office on 21/12/2019 whether  officiating JTOS are  in group B or group C Category(Annexure 12)

15.   On 09/01/2020 again corporate office reiterated that  O-JTOs  are in group C  Category . (Annexure 13). As such no recovery can be made from OJTOs as per BSNL PAT order dated 01-05-2019(Annexure  6). So far no action has been taken by circle office on this favourable point, despite recovery process has been initiated by many BAs. It is a matter of clear injustice as  neither any  Hon. Court nor  BSNL Corporate Office  directed BSNL Kerala Circle  to start recovery   process .

<<<Letter to CGMT>>>

Immediate Filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all Bas:

We requested CGMT to Immediate Filling up of Vacant CAO posts in all BAs to effortlessly achieve our financial goals and targets .This has not been happened so far even after our multiples of requests to the CGMT and PGMF in every meeting . CGMT stated very categorically that he hasn’t have any restriction in extending any kind of benefits, if rules permit.


As per discussion we submitted our proposal on the number of IFA/CAO needed per BA for smooth financial service in Kerala

<<<Letter to CGMT >>>


Heavy recovery  from supernumerary JTOs without extension of proper option facility :

The matter is also discussed at length and we feel we could convince the heavy damage to the group of JTOs .

1.       Officiating started in year 2004 or 2005 . At the time pay fixation was done in JTO scale as per FR 22 1 a 1 fitment . so pay reached in 9850-250- scale . minimum  stage 9850 sanctioned

2.       After one year in 2006 one increment of Rs 250 given and reached in 10,100 stage.

3.       2nd IDA pay revision for executive on 5/03/2009 and non executive for 7/05/2010

4.       Normally the pay revision given to this category of JTOs  on the basis of 2009 order of executive wef 01/01/2007

5.       Their BP  was 23400 in 2007  and one increment is given in 2008,2009 etc up to their  pension period in 2018 0r 2019 etc

6.       In 2011 corporate office issued for option those who are promoted from non executive from executive before  issuing the non executive pay revision order on 07/05/2010. This option is not circulated and they all of them are enjoying the benefit from 2007 to onwards similar to a regular JTO. etc

We requested CGMT to spot the matter empathetically for the benefits of the supernumerary JTOs . CGMT assured to look into the matter positively


Inter BA long stay transfer of executives :

We discussed about the matter in detail with CGMT and requested to certainly extend the privilege of immunity against transfer, if any officer deserve as per rules well before issuing transfer orders. However, after releasing transfer orders while almost all officers are getting relieved as they have obeyed BSNL transfer rules,  issuing repeated extension orders / repeated relieving orders /Struck off from ERP / once again extension order for some other officers is nothing but a mockery to all other officers obeyed the orders and got relieved . AIBSNLEA is not against extending any kind of benefits to any officer and on the other hand we cannot support this unhealthy hide and seek game. CGMT shared our views and assured to release inter BA  transfer orders without any glitch from next time onwards.


All other pending HR issues were also been discussed for a positive result

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