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06-12-2018:CHQ News

Meeting with Sr. GM(Estt.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi: GS, President met Sr. GM(Estt.), BSNL C.O., New Delhi and discussed regarding proper implementation of FR 22 I (a) (1) Pay fixation of Ex-JTO(Offg.) as per the Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court in all the Circles. We explained that Estt. Cell BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi has issued the letter for the implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement incorporating with earlier order dt. 22.12.2015 wherein Offg. JTOs are to be reverted in TTA Cadre on 01/01/2007 and thereafter fixation in the revised pay scale, which is causing heavy financial loss to these Offg. JTOs. Sr. GM(Estt.) assured to re-look into the matter on the basis of feedback given by us.

06-12-2018:CHQ News

AUAB writes to Secy(T), DoT regarding implementation of the direction of the Hon'ble MoS(C), with regards to putting in place an institutional mechanism for periodic interaction between the DoT and the AUAB....<<<<Click here for letter>>>


The indefinite strike from 03.12.2018 has been deferred till further intimation by AUAB -After meeting held with Hon’ble MoSC(I/C) on 03.12.2018. 

a.  4G Spectrum Allocation to BSNL: Non-allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL has been a major handicap for BSNL growth. The assurance given by the Hon’ble MoS(C) in this regard in 24thFeb., 2018, was not implemented. In yesterday’s meeting, the Hon’ble MoS(C) intimated that the Cabinet Note on the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL is already circulated to the other ministries for comments. He also assured to depute a senior officer of the DoT to those nodal ministries to quicken the process. Once this process is completed, the Hon’ble MoS(C) assured to take up this issue in the next Cabinet meeting itself. It is assured now that BSNL is going to get 4G spectrum shortly. This is a major break through in the financial revival of BSNL, and undoubtedly a very big achievement of the AUAB.

b.  Pension revision of  BSNL Pensioners: So far, the DoT has been linking pension revision of BSNL pensioners  with the pay revision of the BSNL employees. They have taken a firm stand that pension revision could be done only when pay revision is done to the serving employees. However, in the meeting held with the Secretary(T), DoT on 02.12.2018, and also in the meeting with the Hon’ble MoS(C) on 03.12.2018, the AUAB is informed that pension revision of the retirees is now delinked from the pay revision of the employees and the matter has been send to DoP&PW for consideration. This is a very big achievement of this strike call. AUAB will continue to take all out efforts to ensure that the revision of pension is done at the earliest.

c. Implementation of government rules in the payment of pension contribution by BSNL: The Hon’ble MoS(C) categorically told that government rule will be implemented, according to which BSNL has to pay pension contribution, based on actual basic pay. A letter has already been gone to the finance ministry, with the recommendation of the DoT. Settlement of this issue, is also a boost for the financial revival of BSNL.    

d.  Left out issues of the 2nd PRC: The BSNL Management has long been demanding that Management should fulfil the recommendation of the 2nd PRC, that 30% of the pay should be contributed by the Management towards superannuation benefits of the Directly Recruited employees. On this issue, the CMD BSNL has assured, in the meeting held with him on 02.12.2018, that BSNL’s contribution towards pension contribution will be increased by another 3%, by March, 2019, and the remaining will be increased thereafter in one go. Thus, the non-implementation of the recommendation of the 2nd PRC, in respect of superannuation benefits is also resolved.   

In addition to this, AIBSNLEA requested for the revision of Pay scales E-1 by E-2, E-2 by E-3 and upgradation of subsequent pay scales E-3 by E-4, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7; Hon’ble MoS(C) directed DoT officers for consideration.

e.  3rd Pay Revision of employees: No final settlement is reached in respect of the 3rd Pay Revision of the employees. It was told in the discussion by the Hon’ble MoS(C) as well as by the Secretary(T), DoT, that pay revision of the employees would be done, but 15% fitment cannot be given. The AUAB representatives gave a detailed presentation to the Hon’ble MoS(C), justifying pay revision with 15% fitment. However, it was not accepted. The AUAB feels that this issue needs to be further persued with the DoT, for which some more time needs to be given.

DoT is constituting a committee of comprising officers of DoT/BSNL and the representatives of AUAB to meet fortnightly  to have a follow-up action on the above issues.

The leaders of the AUAB, in the meeting held after talks with the Hon’ble MoS(C), appreciated the fact that the strike call has brought major achievements to the BSNL employees, and that these achievements have got to be consolidated, by way of implementation of the assurances / issuing of letters. As regards the wage revision is concerned, the AUAB has decided to give some more time to the DoT to sort out the matter. However, struggles become inevitable, if the persuasions of the AUAB fail.


AUAB Meeting today unanimously decided to defer the strike till further intimation as per the following details:----


Indefinite Strike by AUAB from today (03-12-2018) is hold off until 00.00 hours on 10-12-2018 : Details follows…


Subsequent to the CGMT Meeting on 29/11/2018  , CS , DS TVM and TVM Branch OB Com. Sheeja had a discussion with GM(A/HR) Shri.Robin Poddar on yesterday 01/12/2018 on  the matter of  Regularization of  34 JAOs ( JAO-Probation) posted against the notified vacancy of 2012  internal competitive exam (40% category)   despite the fact that all their fellow 2012-VY JAOs were promoted as regular AOs . DGM(HR) Shri.Mahesh was also present during the meeting .


We put forwarded all the details about the case . GM had a very patient hearing on the matter . After listening all the points he assured to look into the matter very positively though the finality of the matter can only be done in consultation with legal wing and corporate office . GM directed DGM to submit all the details in black and white for further perusal. DGM was also assured to extend all the possible support from his side. The meeting lasted for more than one and half hours. AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts for settling this issue.


After discussions, GM(A/HR) expressed concern on the revenue shrink in BSNL  . He projected the greedy demand of the time that  associations /unions take initiatives further and further towards members for earning more revenue for the survival of our  BSNL .

02-12-2018 : CHQ News

Secy(T), DoT Meeting with AUAB held today : Talks between the AUAB and the Secretary (T), DoT were held today the 02nd Dec., 2018. Improvements are there in the issues of 4G Spectrum, Pension Revision and pension contribution. However, dead lock in prevailing in the issue of 3rd Pay Revision. With a view to ensure discussion with the Hon'ble MOS(C) on this issue, the AUAB decides to defer the strike for one week. If fruitful outcome does not come in the meeting with the Hon'ble MOS(C), the strike will start from 00.00 Hrs.  on 10thDec., 2018.

<<<AUAB Letter of deferment to Secy(T), DoT & CMD BSNL>>>> <<<Director (PSU-I), Dot letter to AUAB leaders>>>>

02-12-2018 : CHQ News

FLASH NEWS: 02.12.2018 1500 hrs:  Additional Secretary (Telecom) invited AUAB for talks at 15 30 hrs. today.

02-12-2018 : CHQ News

UPWARD REVISION PAY SCALES FOR EXECUTIVES : Revision of  Pay Scales E-1A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent and subsequent upgradation of Pay Scales E-3, E-4,E-5,E-6 & E-7 W.e.from 1.1.2007. AIBSNLEA have been demanding for the revision of Pay Scales E-1A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 and subsequent Pay Scales E-3 by E-4 , E-4 by E-5, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 as per the BSNL C.O letters addressed to Jt.Secretary (Admin), DoT vide No.1-13/2015-PAT (BSNL) dated 6.6.2016 <<<<Click here for letter>>> and vide Letter No. 1-13/2015-PAT (BSNL) dated 12.06.2017 <<<<Click here for letter>>>AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts for the settlement of this Pay Revision demand.



CS , CP ,CFS and CEC Member ,TVM  met the CGMT  in the afternoon  session yesterday and discussed all pending Service/HR issues . GM (A/HR) was present in the meeting.


At the outset CGMT shared his concern on the fall in revenue of Kerala Circle and requested all employees to take all-out steps to add more and more customers to BSNL services to increase revenue of Kerala Circle. He added that through collective effort of all employees only we can tackle the situation. We assured our best support and co-operation on all his actions in this regard.

Some of the HR issues discussed with CGMT follows..

Intra circle request transfer of 2 years completed JAO/AO/CAOs:

We expressed our anxiety on not releasing request transfer orders for the two year completed executives. We requested to release the same immediately as it is being followed in Kerala Circle. Especially when only 17 JAOs are requested for transfer against 29 DR-JAOs are already posted. As an example from ALP only one request pending against 5 DR-JAOs posted there. CGMT replied that all pending transfer requests can be released in March short of only three months. We  requested to release it immediately due to many reasons viz substitutes are already posted , holding the executives further is a mere waste of money , if not released now they cannot be released in March as audit process begins etc. After some discussions CGMT assured to consider our request very positively. We reciprocate thanks and requested to release all two year completed request transfers without delay.

Regularization of  34 JAOs ( JAO-Probation) posted against the notified vacancy of 2012  internal competitive exam (40% category)   despite the fact that all their fellow 2012-VY JAOs were promoted as regular AOs :

While submitting the matter CGMT directed GM(A/HR) to explain the steps circle office has taken on our letter of request. After listening the comments of GM, we submitted our views for settling the case favorable to the 34 JAO . Both CGMT and GM had a patient hearing on our submissions. Later CGMT directed GM(A/HR) to discuss the matter further with us and submit proposals . CGMT assured to have a relook into the matter.

Case of dies-non imposed to a lady officer (SDE)  in TVM BA by DGM without following norms :

We took notice of this issue to CGMT that the action has been done without adopting norms .   The mala fide actions of controlling officer like this on biased way only help to demotivate  the hard working officers . No way it is helpful for the growth of BSNL. The Lady Comrade already lodged a harassment complaint against this officer to our TVM branch . The harassment complaint is submitted to PGMT TVM and understandably TVM BA lodging the complaint to Police and Women’s Commission.


Posting of PPS in Kerala Circle and Pending Promotion orders to PS :  CGMT assured to complete PA-PS promotions  without delay as fresh VC called for. He directed GM to speed up the matter . Regarding PPS promotion , we submitted that in almost all circles it has been completed and it is pending in Kerala Circle. CGMT  assured to look into the matter positively .


Pending Financial Up gradation Orders: DPC process going on and the orders will be released without delay.


CS , CP ,CFS and TVM CEC Member ,TVM  met the  PGM-F in the morning session yesterday and discussed all pending HR issues in accounts wing.


PGM-F shared the real stress and pain he is undergoing in managing limited income and the enormous expenditure of Kerala Circle . He requested us to be keen on generating more revenue including outstanding payments . We assured to  do our best.

Intra circle request transfer of 2 years completed JAO/AO/CAOs :

We expressed our anxiety on not releasing transfer orders for  the two year completed requests . We requested to release the same as it is being followed in Kerala Circle . He shared our anxiety and responded that at some levels it is decided to do all the pending request transfer orders  in a single bunch in March-2019 . We categorically discontented the decision and demanded to issue transfer orders as it is being done.

Only 17 JAOs are requested for transfer and against them 29 DR-JAOs are already posted . What is the sense in taking such a decision ?  Moreover internal /external audits are starting from March of every year and completing in September. Then how can executives in accounts  wing be relieved in march without completing audit process . PGM-F opined that he is also having the same view and support and suggested to take the matter up with CGMT .

Regularization of  34 JAOs ( JAO-Probation) posted against the notified vacancy of 2012  internal competitive exam (40% category)   despite the fact that all their fellow 2012-VY JAOs were promoted as regular AOs :

We requested to positively consider the case for a fruitful result. PGMF replied that as per the letter of AIBSNLEA DGM (F) , DGM(HR) and DGM(Legal) had a meeting and submitted their view that the cannot be considered now due to the matter is sub judice . We submitted our logical views to reconsider the case and requested his support . After discussion on our views he assured his support. 


Irrational assignment  of Controlling Officers to JAO/AO working at CSC in Some BAs:

We expressed our resentment on assigning SDEs as controlling officers to the JAOs working at CSCs while AOs also working in relation to CSCs  .  We strongly requested to discontinue the practice and assign AO as controlling officer for the  JAOs. We further requested to sanction JAO/AO posts  for CSCs. PGMF appreciated our concern , totally shared our views and assured to look into the matter


Click for Posters of Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 3rd Dec., 2018 in .......<<<<Hindi>>>>.......<<<English>>>>

indefinite strike 3-12-2018


Congratulations!    AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released orders for promotion on purely temporary and ad-hoc basis from CAO to DGM(F), Transfer/posting of DGM(F) in BSNL.<<<Click here for order>>>>

AIBSNLEA is very much thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR),  Sr. GM(FP) and GM(Pers.) and all the staff of Pers./SEA Cell, who are involved in  release of this order.

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