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Congrats CGMT / GM(Admin/HR) Kerala....

Congrats all the 2014 JTO Comrades...

Consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA Kerala  in bringing back all the 2014 JTO comrades to home SSA after completion of two years , as we have promised , materialised today with the release of orders .

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We fight with administration constantly for the same as all the comrades of the group are knowing . All those details are available in our site.     however we had to tighten our stand to administration subsequent to another association’s demanded in CGMT meet that a differential treatment may be followed in bringing the comrades back to parent SSA in a piecemeal manner so that lion share of the youngsters left abandoned  in the working SSA. We don’t think it is a fair method in bringing our beloved executives back to home station, much awaited.


See trailing text : the true colour of another Association in this regard after their CGMT Meet


Formal Meeting with CGMT Shri R.Mani on 23-12-2016, 14:30 Hrs

1.   JTO(T) postings and transfer request of JTOs competed 2 years:
The Association demanded to consider the transfer requests of all cases along with the new posting. But the administration wasn’t ready to consider the cases to TVM and EKM as the staff posting in these SSAs are much higher to the others. Finally it was agreed to consider the request of Lady Officers on compassionate grounds. The transfer request to other SSAs will be considered to the extent possible and all remaining cases will be cleared by March/April-2017. The new JTOs will be posted in their home SSA except that of TVM and EKM. As far as EKM is concerned we have pointed out that there are 2 Officers from High range and it was also agreed to consider posting them to high ranges on their request.


Even though  the transfer is assured to AIBSNLEA very early , this immature stand of another association created heartburn to all the comrades of the group and we have written to CGMT Kerala on 04-01-2017  that never follow any differential treatment towards the group while transferring back after convincing the same with GM(A/HR). Administration agreed the same and this only resulted in today’s order as the whole members of the group clearly understood.


Dear Comrades : We are committed to bring back left out comrades of the group as and when they are completing two years.


Two days CEC on 16-01-2017 and 17-01-2017 at RTTC Trivandrum Completed today in a very successful manner. Reports follow....


JAOs induction training phase –II (5 weeks) for Deptl candidates against 40% quota is starting from 16/01/2017 at RTTC Trivandrum. We   sincerely wishing a successful and fruitful Phase-II training programme.



48 JTO Phase –I completed candidates are allotted for field training programme in various SSAs. We sincerely wishing a successful and fruitful field training programme.

<<<Allotment Order>>>

Closure, transfer to States, Status etc in respect of the CPSEs:

It is reliably learnt that  the NITI Aayog has recommended for Closure, transfer to States, Status etc in respect of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and the PMO has asked the Department concerned to furnish the status of implementation of the recommendations by 01.01.2017. <<<<Click here for order>>>  AIBSNLEA strongly opposes such move and will react strongly.


Status of Training and posting as JTO based on Hon CAT Ernakulam orders in OA 299/2016, OA  310/2016, OA 330, OA 336/2016, OA
337/2016 : Only 68 individual requests to CMD reached to circle office as on yesterday . All DS are requested to take efforts to forward pending requests.


CS writes PGM-F Kerala to look into the non-release of Time Bound promotion E-5 scale to Mr. Premanand. K , AO(PC) ,  unreasonably.

<<Letter to PGM-F>>


Notice is issued to hold Circle Executive Committee of this association on 16/01/2017 & 17/01/2017 at RTTC Trivandrum to transact organizational activities.

<<<Notice for CEC>>>


Congrats Comrades ......One batch of JTOs  joining today for JTO Phase-II training in CM - Huawei Specialisation  , earlier O-JTOs, at RTTC, Trivandrum . We wish an informative and successful training to one and all.


Congrats to PGM (F) , Kerala Circle for the  efforts taken to early  filling up  of AO/CAO Vigilance post of Kerala Circle upon  the request of our association

<<<Posting order >>>



Congrats Comrades...

One batch of JTO Phase-II training in Data Network Specialization for Phase-I completed JTOs, earlier O-JTOs, is scheduled at RTTC, Trivandrum from 16.01.2017. Many batches of phase –II training are completed for these comrades in other training centres. We wish an informative and successful training to one and all.

<<<Office order>>>



As per our request to administration for considering all transfer requests of JTOs posted in 2014 , without any discrimination among JTOs of the group, transfer process is started. We never demanded any differential treatment towards the group for releasing transfer orders. The list of requests received  are published for correcting any discrepancies. All the comrades are requested to verify the list for any errors

<<<List of candidates>>>



Deferment of Organizational action programs:

United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA deferred the ongoing agitational programme in response to the positive attitude and concern shown by BSNL Management for the settlement of the demands in the meeting held on 06.01.2017 at 15.30 hrs.  

<<<<Click here for deferment letter of UF to BSNL Management>>>>>  <<<Click here for SR Cell letter>>>>>



AIBSNLEA-AIGETOA combinedly addressed the ongoing JTO batches at RTTC Trivandrum yesterday on 04-01-2015 ( Wednesday) . We explained the possibility of choice posting of the JTO candidates while bringing back 2014 posted JTOs from various BAs , who have completed more than two years of service in the working BAs. A good number of JTOs posted in 2014 reached Kerala on Rule -8 before a little months of their posting as JTOs and hence it is the responsibility of AIBSNLEA to bring back everyone back to parent BA without anymore delay . Even though, we have requested management for the comfortable posting to all the JTO candidates in the running batches to maximum possible extent. In the current batches also a good number of JTOs candidates reached Kerala on Rule -8 before just few months of their training. The meeting started at 5.02 PM and lasted for more than one hour. All apprehensions about posting and all are addressed and explained in detail.  We reiterate our commitment to bring back everyone to parent SSA in these batches also  after two years .  CS of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA , Com. Binu , Com.Radhakrishnan Nair , Com.Suresh from AIBSNLEA and Com. Hari , Com.Rajesh , Com. Karthik P Nair from AIGETOA attend  the meeting . Dr. Sreekumar Menon (AIBSNLEA) extended welcome and Com.Heera ( AIGETOA) proposed vote of thanks.

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