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2days ( 16 & 17th March-2018) of AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle Executive Meeting has been carried out in an emphatic way at RTTC Trivandrum

2 CEC-1

2 CEC-3

2 CEC-2

Details follow.....

14-03-2018 : News in Media

The Parliamentary Standing Committee of Information Technology has asked government to allocate 4G spectrum to state-run telecom firm BSNL and MTNL at the earliest to help them compete and survive in the market.   <<Read more>>


Combined Long stay list of JTOs in Kerala Circle is released  <<Covering Letter and the List>>

14-03-2018 : News in Media

The Supreme Court on March 13 indefinitely extended the deadline for linking Aadhaar with mobile phones, tatkal passports and for opening bank accounts from March 31, 2018 till the Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra pronounces its final verdict on the validity of the Aadhaar scheme.                                                 <<<Read More>>>

13-03-2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with CMD BSNL:

GS, President and AGS (HQ) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding:

A Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL: We extended our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL for arranging a meeting of all the Unions and Associations of BSNL with Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) on 24.02.2018. CMD appreciated our concern and mentioned that the meeting was very good and beyond the expectations wherein Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) has shown his positive response on the demands. He explained that now Secretary (T) has to take up the matter with Secretary (DPE) to process the proposal to the Cabinet and Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) will take up the matter for favourable settlement. Payment of pension contribution on the actual basic pay as per the Govt. orders, which was agreed by the Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) was a very good achievement for BSNL. He assured to continuously pursue the matter.

B Holding of CPCs to fill-up the vacant Gr “A” and Gr “B” level posts: We requested CMD BSNL to give his clearance for initiating the CPCs to fill-up the vacant Gr “A” and Gr “B” level posts subject to outcome of the court cases. CMD mentioned that he has already told Director (HR) and GM (Pers) to process the case for consideration. We apprised him about our discussions held on yesterday with Director (HR). CMD assured to look into the matter.

C Implementation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court orders on TES Gr “B” seniority issues: We requested for early implementation of the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgments on TES Gr “B” seniority cases. CMD assured to look into the matter.

D  Implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy: We requested for early reply of the queries raised by the Govt. nominee Directors so that the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation process can be expedited. CMD assured an early action in this regard.  

We also extended our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL regarding considering CPSU Cadre Hierarchy on Time Bound Promotions on functional basis upto the level of AGM, Jt. DGM designations to the AGMs in E5 Scale and also considering the APAR grading as suggested by our Association.

We further requested CMD BSNL to consider cut-off date from the last date of CPC/Recruitment Year and to modify the eligibility condition for SDE/AO from 12 years to 7 years and not fixing vacancies at STS level to avoid adhoc promotions. CMD assured to look into the matter.

E Settlement of E2 and E3 pay scales for JTO/SDE equivalent executives and subsequent up-gradation of IDA scales up-to E7 as per the BSNL proposal dated 06.06.2016: CMD BSNL asked about status of the proposal in DoT. We apprised him about the present status of the case in DoT wherein DPE has replied to DoT that the issue is not related to them and reply from Department of Expenditure is still awaited. In view of this we requested CMD BSNL to use his good office to get resolve the issue in DoT. CMD assured to look into the matter

09-03-2018 : News in media

Government has entrusted state-run BSNL with various telecom network projects around Rs 25,000 crore in works.The big projects include laying of optical fibre based network dedicated for use by Defence worth Rs 13, 334 crore and Rs 6,500 crore for execution of second phase of BharatNet Project, as per details shared by Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha in Rajya Sabha today.    <<<Read More>>

07-03-2018 : News in Media

Aircel's loss is BSNL’s gain! Around 1.86 lakh Aircel customers have switched over to BSNL in Tamil Nadu in the last few weeks, in the wake of a financial crisis in the private telecom company.    <<<Read More>>>


CS writes to CGMT Kerala to take action against the  Very undesirable vindictive and coercive actions of SNEA Kerala against a Lady officer

Smt.Latha .K , District Secretary of AIBSNLEA Ernakulam branch  : thereby insulting her womanhood  and her proven working efficiency  in public repeatedly  through SNEA  Kerala website


Ref_1: SNEA Kerala Letter No :- SNEA/ KLA/CGM/2017-17 dtd at TVM , the 15/01/2018.

Ref_2: SNEA Kerala Letter No:- SNEA/KLA/CGM/2016-17/ dtd at TVM, the 26/02/2018

Ref_3: Corporate Office ( Pers) Letter No.  400-204/2013-Pers-2 dated 5th Sept-2013.

             (Posting of Office Bearers of Executives' Associations  in Sensitive Posts -
              Instructions regarding)

Ref_4: Letter from the Office of CVO,New Delhi bearing Lr. No.21-10/2016 VA(Pt) dated 05- 05-2016 .
       (Identification of sensitive posts/Non-Sensitive Posts)


Respected Sir,

 SNEA Kerala published two letters as Ref_1 on 22/01/2018 and Ref_2 on 28/02/2018 through their website ( against the posting of our District Secretary , Ernakulam Smt. Latha K as SDE(Liaison) that she has been posted as SDE (Liaison) under AGM (Legal), Circle office, BSNL, Kerala with HQ at Ernakulam mocking  all the existing instructions and violating all norms to be observed while posting Officers to sensitive posts .   Letters in Ref_3 and Ref-4 clearly mentioned about the posting of office bearers of Executive Associations in sensitive posts and identification of sensitive posts. Hence the statements in Ref_1&2 are baseless and against the facts.


The Letter in Ref-3  (Posting of Office Bearers of Executives' Associations  in Sensitive Posts  Instructions regarding ) clearly stated that after deliberating the issue in detail and with due consideration of various administrative exigencies, it is suggested that, in general, the office bearers of Associations may be excluded from postings in HR/Admn and Vigilance Wings except in circumstances which warrant otherwise in the overall interest of service and to be agreed by the Circle/ SSA/Units Heads.


            The Letter in Ref-4 (Identification of sensitive posts/Non-Sensitive Posts by CVO New Delhi on 05-05-2016) indicates only the following posts in circle are identified as sensitive.


             In view of the above facts, it is brought to your notice that the posts SDE (Legal/ Liaison)/ AGM (Legal) are never considered as sensitive posts. Moreover as per Ref_3 the Circle/ SSA/ Unit Head has discretionary powers to post any official in any post irrespective of whether she/ he is an office bearer of any association. This is done for administrative exigency.        


            Smt. Latha K lodged complaint to this association that the contents in the website of SNEA Kerala Circle is abusing and defamatory to her. This Association is of the considered opinion that Smt. Latha K is posted as SDE (Liaison) for effective and efficient conduction of the day to day court cases bases on her proven working efficiency that she has been rendering to BSNL.  The baseless and fabricated allegations of SNEA are with some ulterior motive best known to them.

            We request your good office to intervene this matter and direct SNEA Kerala to withdraw the derogatory documents from their web site with an apology note. Otherwise, we will be compelled to resort to legal remedy.




<<<Letter to CGMT>>>  <<Ref-3>> << Ref-4>>


Notice is hereby issued to hold Circle Executive Committee of this Association , for two days on 16/03/2017 ( Friday) and 17/03/2018 (Saturday)  to transact Service and organizational issues . All members of Circle Executive Committee are invited to attend the CEC in time without fail. Boarding and Lodging facilities are arranged from 15th AN to 18th Morning.    <<<Notice>>>


Long Stay List of SDEs completed 11 years in the present working BA is released. Errors and omissions may be informed to circle office on or before  9-3-2018

Letter   Annexure


Dear comrades

As per the consensus reached among the constituents of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, letter is sent to the Secretary (T) and the CMD BSNL, for deferring the Work According to Rule agitation, till 30-04-2018. 
<<<Click here for letter>>>


Details of the Meeting with CGMT Kerala ...

In the opening remarks CGMT shared his displeasure on the reduction in revenue of Kerala circle. Also he expressed his unhappiness in the non-completion of Aadhar based BSNL Mobile Number Verification - EKYC . During the last month Kerala Circle could verify only around 10 Lacks numbers and within 31st-March-2018 Kerala has  to reach the remaining around 30 Lakhs treasured customers . To achieve the target he exhorted every BSNL employee to pay his/her role. AIBSNLEA extended full support for this drive to maintain our existing  Mobile customer base of One Crore .


Dear all AIBSNLEA Members .. ,

we request every one of you  to participate the drive  in full swing , if at all anybody not participated suo motu , to link our near ones’ / friends’ BSNL mobile connection with Aadhaar by just calling toll-free number 14546 from the mobile number. Though we have published the procedure , once again we link the details of the linking Process . ( Please Click Here) . Any Mob. Number  referred while taking Aadhaar can be  Verified With EKYC through IVRS . If not , direct customers to approach nearby “AKSHAYA Centre” to link the Mob. No. with Aadhaar and after which Verification With EKYC can be done through IVRS.


Stop leakage of revenue by proper energy conservation in telephone Exchanges, BTS and Offices.

In some of the Telephone exchanges and almost all  BSNL shelter type BTS , AC leakage happening through  either cable entry/exit portions or through some other opening . From switch rooms of some exchanges AC leakage happening right from the inception of the switch rooms resulted in heavy current conception resulting heavy Electricity charge . Even after repeated exchange inspections, the leakages are not arrested due to unknown reasons. We requested to address this immediately. He shared our concern and assured an early action.


Data/Voice Traffic Observation per sector of BTS to tap the data bottleneck:

Some observations are reported that even though that much calls/data engagement are not there  , under some 2G/ 3G data BTS the speed is very low. We requested to address the point by checking the traffic per BTS/ Sector to plug out the bottleneck . CGMT assured to look into the matter very positively  . ... .....


FR 22 1 (a) 1 : Pay protection of Erstwhile officiating JTOS during officiating period and Pay protection of other JTOs during their O-JTO Period in the light of Hon’ble Kerala high court judgment and consideration for not going for further review considering the true legitimacy in the SC/HC orders:

The matter is elaborated to  CGMT . Apparently Corporate office directed Kerala Circle to go for SLP on the WP(C) NO-7723/2010 and 13 connected cases Judgment from Hon’ble high court Kerala . We appraised CGMT that already through some connected cases Hon. SC ordered that the verdict of Hon. HC , Kerala is final . So, filing SLP will cause costing BSNL . The related SC/HC orders are also submitted to CGMT.  We requested CGMT to write the matter to CO . CGMT directed GM(A/HR) to write about it to Corporate Office after handed over the SC/HC  orders . GM assured to do it without any delay .


Shortage of Accounts Officers for TRA activities at Thrissur due to Accounts Officers  were  deputed to  CSC functioning:

We appraised the situation in Thrissur BA on the letter we have submitted to CGMT (No. AIBSNLEA/Kerala /2017-20/114                                   dated  15-02-2018 ) . CGMT appreciated the employees concerned in securing national honour as  the best CSCs in BSNL . CGMT assured to look into the matter.

Very unwanted and illogical  order for SDE Civil (LO) instead of EE Civil (LA) :

Corporate office issued order for SDE(LO) instead of EE(LA). We explained the impact of the order in the Civil Division of  Kerala Circle. Kerala is one among the three circles successfully implementing External Projects. These ongoing  projects, huge in magnitude , cannot  be manageable by just two SE’s, who are now assigned with the financial powers of EE .  Out of the two SEs , One is holding the additional charge of heavy DGM(Admn) post at circle office. Moreover, the alacrity shown by the CO in issuing the very unfriendly and non productive order is on a CAT verdict: not favourable to BSNL . We requested CGMT to take care of the situation in Kerala  . CGMT shared our concern and assured to look into the matter in the permitted ways.


Later CS discussed the issue with CE Civil at Manakkad , Trivandrum . He also shared our concern and assured to look into the matter in the permitted ways.


Considering request Transfer / Release of Long stay particulars /Rotational Transfer :

We requested to consider the transfer request of all SDE/JTOs who have completed two years tenure in the presently working BAs. So many executives transferred to other BAs in March/April 2016 were relieved in August due to administrative reasons. In some other cases transfer orders were issued in August only. We submitted to consider all those cases while issuing request transfer orders this time in March/April 2018. CGMT assured to consider the same.


Regarding release the long stay particulars of  SDE/JTOs , we requested to release it if needed only  .  Since sufficient JTOs are available with all BAs JTO rotational transfer would not be there. Rotational transfer would be limited to SDE cadre alone equivalent to the release of tenure completed SDEs.


Release of DGM/AGM(LA) :

We requested to release DGM LA without delay . AGM(LA) may be released just after the completion of rotational transfer in SDE cadre to avoid anomalies of seniority in every BA. CGMT assured to look into it positively.


Transfer Request of DGMs from other Circle:

We demanded to forward all the requests of these very senior officers.  Almost all  these senior officers are serving through their last spell of service years to superannuation and staying alone here in Kerala holding family at home circle due to compelling family constraints . It is disheartened to learn that their requests for parent circle are held at Circle office in want of forwarding to corporate office . One request for an allowanced post from a DGM in circle office also not forwarded. Corporate office direction permitting circle to forward transfer request  Once in every quarter . We remind the letter (No. AIBSNLEA/Kerala /2017-20/112 dated 29-01-2018) we have submitted in this regard . CGMT patiently listened our arguments and worded that to run Kerala Circle officers in DGM cadre is very much essential. He further assured that on completion of two years, all these officers will be relived. 


However , we once again requested to consider our request by giving DGM(LA) to DE(Regular)


Case of One Additional increment on promotion by AIBSNLEA court case :

We appraise CGMT about the additional increment on post based promotions under the provisions of executive promotion policy provisions which has been denounced by DoT vide letter dated 05.07.2017 and through AIBSNLEA’s intervention through  Hon’ble PB CAT has  quashed the DOT order .This move is beneficial to entire executive community .


Pending Training of 2 Left out O-JTOs from Ernakulum : They will be trained with next DR-JTO batch commencing Soon. Release of LICE JTO Vacancy for 2016-17: This will be completed as and when Corporate Office direction received. Release of JAO vacancies as done by Telangana Circle : We strongly requested to implement the same . Reimbursement of Diary 2018 payment : CGMT directed GM(A/HR) to complete it without delay . GM assured to release orders without delay . Rule-8 transfers of DR-JAOs in 2015 batch : CGMT Categorically told all Rule 8 cases will be considered after 5 Years only. But , we submitted the request details of our members.



CS : Com.Shaji , CP : Com.Vijayakumar , CFS : Com.Biju Gopal , ACS (Engg) : Com.Pushparajan and ACS (Civil/Electrical) :  Com.Manoj Viswanath met CGMT Kerala Dr.PT Mathew  , today and discussed all the prevailing Service /HR issues . GM(A/HR) Shri. Robin Poddar was also present .The matting started at 4.00 PM and concluded around 5.30 PM . The meeting was very cordial and fruitful.

The details follow...

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