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After the 7th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Kerala , the CS Com. Shaji V , CP Com.Rajan V V and DS TVM Com. Binu R had a courtesy call to Hon. CGMT Kerala Shri. C.V  Vinod   and honoured with shawl and presented traditional Lamp of Kerala .


We extended Good Luck and Good Wishes to Shri Varun Chakravarthy , S/o  Shri. C.V  Vinod  , on his selection to Indian Cricket squad to Australia , being this as a prideful event for the whole BSNL fraternity.


CGMT 27-10-2020

CS Com. Shaji V , CP Com.Rajan V V and DS TVM Com. Binu R had a courtesy call to GM(A/HR) Kerala ShriSathesh R  and honoured with shawl and presented traditional Lamp of Kerala .

GM A-HR  27-10-2020

The leaders discussed all the prevailing service/HR matters. We requested to fill up all the DE/CAO , DGM level posts as per Corporate office order for consolidation of BAs and delegation of Powers . CGMT assured to do the same for all Categories of  BAs


We requested to release some more clarity in the letter on Cluster management System on 22-10-2020 : Duties and responsibilities of Cluster management Team . CGMT accepted the concern and assured to release needful clarifications.



GS writes to-

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT, Govt. of India, New Delhi, requesting for considering merger of IDA with Basic Pay (Full 119.5% DA Neutralization) as on 01.01.2017, till 3rd PRC takes place in respect of BSNL Employees. The 3rd PRC, due w.e.f. 01.01.2017 has not been implemented for BSNL Employees. <<<Click here for letter>>>



7th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Kerala has been successfully conducted On-Line on 18-10-2020 (Sunday) following Pre CEC on 17-10-2020 (Saturday). All the prevailing Service/HR issues of BSNL/BSNL Employees  were well transacted in the meeting . GS AIBSNLEA and CS Kerala have effectively interacted with all the queries of delegates.


BSNL Executives are optimistically waiting for the fulfilment of many issues like..

1. Full 30% SAB i.e. remaining 5 Percent Superannuation Contribution as realistic contribution

2. Career Progression up to the level of GM/ CGM/ Director

3. Implementation of left out issues of 2nd PRC

4. 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees

5. Pay Anomaly issue /Loss of Young DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs for getting Rs.22820

6. E1+5 increments for post 2010 DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs

7. EPF full Pension

8. Standard Pay Scale of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A for all Post 2007 DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs and for the future DRs

9. First Time Bound Up gradation in 4 years

10. Rs.22820 Pay for 10% JAO LICE Batch

11. Formation of Trust/Fund for PRMB (Post Retired Medical Benefits) for BSNL Recruits

12. Pension Contribution on Actual Basic Pay instead of Maximum of the Pay Scale-

13. Withdrawal of ambiguous CDR IPMS Score Card for CFA Segment-

14. Stop the erroneous recoveries from the Salary of the Ex-Officiating JTOs as per the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment


GS , CS , CP and other leaders  emphasised the importance of the pending issues during their speech and GS assured that AIBSNLEA CHQ will take all out efforts to solve the burning issues with Corporate office for the benefits of BSNL executives  .


New Circle Body is elected for the next term of 3 years (2020-2023). GS AIBSNLEA Com. Sivakumar guided oath of office to the new Circle Body. The following members are unanimously elected as Office Bearers for the 7th Circle Body.



Com. V V Rajan,AO,Trivandrum



Com. Baijumon D,JTO, ALP 


 Com. Mollykutty Thomas AO, PTA


3.Circle Secretary

Com. V.Shaji, ,DE,Trivandrum


4.Finance Secretary

Com. Biju Gopal, CAO , Thrissur


   Finance  Secretary

Com. Sreejith K,AO,Malappuram


6. Assistant
    Circle Secretaries


Com. Denny E D, JTO Thrissur.


Com. Manoj Viswanath,EE(Civil) ,  TVM


Com. Manu C Mohan,JAO ENK


Com. Roshan Kumar Ao,TVM


Com. Radhakrishnan,JTO Kannur.


7. Organizing

Com. Madhu K Pavithran,AO,CO TVM


Com. Pradeep JTO Malappuram


8. CWC Member

Com. Adhiq K.K A,CAO/IFA TVM


9. Auditor

Com. Syamsundar E A AO,Thrissur



On behalf of AIBSNLEA CHQ , hon.GS Com.Sivakumar extended total support and best wishes to the newly elected body. AIBSNLEA Kerala Congratulate the new Circle body of great capacity & good ethics. Hope, you will make AIBSNLEA Proud.

AIBSNLEA Kerala has conducted its pending 7th Circle Conference On-Line due to the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic and the subsequent Govt. restrictions on gathering.

Com.Vijayakumar B , the outgoing CP on his retirement on superannuation has been felicitated in connection with the 7th CC  by adorning shawl and by presenting  the traditional lamp of Kerala “Nilavilakku” in a function organised at  his residence by 6th Circle Body. Once again AIBSNLEA Kerala wishes him a happy and blessed retired life.



In continuation to the instructions issued by DoT regarding mandatory utilization of Network of BSNL and MTNL for internet/broadband, Landline & Leased Line by all the Ministries/Departments of Government of India/Central PSUs (CPSEs)/Autonomous Bodies etc. under Central Government...

DoT has issued another instruction to the Chief Secretaries of State Govts. for utilization of Network of BSNL and MTNL for Internet/Broadband, Landline/Leased line for all Departments/Agencies/PSUs of State Govt. as per Union Cabinet decision in this regard. Finance Ministry endorsed the decision of Union Cabinet and authorised DoT to issue the guidelines....<<<Click here for DoT OM>>>



Pers Cell of BSNL CO New Delhi issued circulation of provisional All India Eligibility List of JTO(T) for holding of DPC for promotion to SDE(T) against seniority quota - <<<Click here for order>>>   <<Click here for list- Annexure-'A'>>>

AIBSNLEA extend its sincere thanks to CMD BSNL,  DIR(HR),  PGM(Pers), DGM(Pers-JM), AGM(Pers-II) Shri Pyare LalDM(Pers.II) Shri Ramoorthy. For the past two months, the entire Pers-II Team of BSNL Corporate Office is working for the release of AIEL of JTOs, especially Sh. Ramoorthy, DM(Pers.II) has attended the office on all Saturdays & Sundays for the past eight weeks as per the directions of superiors and completed the task successfully.



Notice for the 7th Circle Conference  - On Line - of AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle



CS Com.Shaji , CFS Com.Biju Gopal , CVP Com.Rajan and DS TCR Com. Aneesh  Antony  had a pre-appointed meeting on 08-10-2020 with the CGMT Kerala Shri. C.V  Vinod . The meeting started around 4.45 PM and extended up to 6.45 PM. We discussed the following matters.


Include FTTH count also to the total DEL count:

The DEL calculated for LL: 1 , BB : 1.5 and Leased Line :2 . Being ARPU of FTTH is heavier than BB and as FTTH lines being added in an exponentially increasing way, DEL count for FTTH is mandatory for justification of the Executives’ post in BSNL. If we will not consider the FTTH DEL count as BB customers are switching to FTTH , the geographical seize of clusters will increase and the  number of clusters will  shrunk badly affecting performance of BA .


As on 30-09-2020 BSNL Kerala has 1, 38,647 FTTH Connections. Most of the customers are migrated BSNL BB Customers. The proportional DEL value is more than that in 2 or 3 BAs. We requested CGMT to take FTTH DEL count as 2 while fixing cluster seize. CGMT shared our concern and replied that surely he would take up the concern to corporate office.


Distribution plan of SDE/JTO and AO/JAOs

We expressed our concern on showing surplus 30 executives in Accounts/Finance vertical in Kerala. We shared our concern on the non counting of the posts of officers (AO/JAO) working very effectively in CSCs. AO/JAO can effectively distributed for marketing. CGMT assured to consider all these suggestions till Corporate Office instruct differently.


BSNL can Eruct 4” GI Pipe for extending FTTH connections in feasible locations :

As of now BSNL and N/E LCOs extend OFC for FTTH through non-BSNL poles in almost all areas. KSEB already informed in black and white to remove our cables to reduce the overload of their poles. Understandably Rs.400 / Rs.200 are the rent per pole per year for KSEB in urban/rural areas. BSNL can freely do FTTH business by erecting sufficient GI poles coast @Rs 1500 per pole and the ROI can be earned within 2/3 years in terms of rent from E/N LCOs. We requested CGMT to consider the case with deserved merit as the CFA sector migrating to FTTH business especially on the fact that BSNL starting to extend any LL Directory number with FTTH line.  CGMT appreciate our concern and assured to look into the matter.


Online attendance : frustration and morale demotion of executives working round the clock for BSNL

Most of the officers working in Transmission, BSS and other similar fields are discharging their duties till late night rather round the clock. They are certainly humiliated on many days to attend office @9.30AM to mark online attendance after attending faults in late nights. They are not getting enough rest and leads to health issues and reduction of efficiency. It is badly affecting the output. Provisions may be extended to adjust the morning reporting time with the last day's attendance Mark-Off time. If exit time is more than 6 hours late than the normal exit time, their next day's attendance may be allowed to mark as duty off with the approval of controlling officer. Or, instead, flexibility in reporting duty shall be extended to the affected officials on a balanced way.

CGMT appreciated the hard working executives and non-executives carrying out extra efforts for the benefits of BSNL even after office hours. Further, CGMT suggested online attendance is a free matter of choice between these officials and their controlling officers. Everyone in this sector can invariably use Mob App for marking attendance. We appreciate the concern of CGMT Kerala.  


Immediate filling of  DGM/AGM and DGM/CAO  in Kerala Circle as per the direction of Restructuring cell of BSNL Corporate office ( File No. 4-02/2014-Restg Vol.V (Pt.) dated 27-08-2020)

We requested to fill up all the vacant posts in DGM/AGM /CAO cadres in Kerala as per the instructions.  We reminded CGMT that the new plan of DGM/CAO vacancies in Kerala exactly matches with the suggestion and subsequent letter submitted by AIBSNLEA Kerala . CGMT assured to do the postings accordingly










Post VRS




Min (Req)






Acute shortage of AO/JAOs in core accounting after VRS. Those who are working in CSCs Shall be re deployed  to core  accounting

 So far no outsourcing has happened in Finance and Accounts wing    . However increase  in the Work load due to  processing  maintenance   Charges of  outsourced clusters, LCO revenue share  , implementation of closure of accounts - Quarterly, Half yearly and annual  are being carried out by the thin executives in accounts vertical . Nowadays this started to create unbalance  in working . We requested to re deploy the AO/JAOs working in CSCs back to their core works .   CGMT assured to consider the same


        Pre VRS sanctioned strength     


        VRS Optees                                  


       Post VRS sanctioned strength    


       Present  working strength            





The following matters were also discussed

Implementation of Centralisation of  TR activities as per  the committee report  in phased         manner which will reduce work load at BAs 

Filling up of AO/JAO s at  BAs  like PTA  by calling volunteers .

Posting of Accounts officer at TRA /EB section of  TVM BA  -Which is the Nodal BA for Billing and collection of  Major circle EB  projects  like KSWAN , Wifi hotspot ,IT@school ,Ehealth  etc.

Under Business and service

1.Implementation of  Single bill concept (Grouping of individual connections ) to all State Government Departments and Directorates  which will improve the  first month collection efficiency  and will avoid frequent  disconnection of connections  due to Delay in processing of service  bills at various offices .

2. One time settlement option to  small  business firms ,shops etc presently under suspended NP Status  whom defaulted the payments due to COVID-19 by allowing discounts for the non usage period (closed period due to lockdown)  for reconnection purpose.

3. Exploring more business opportunities  from State ,central and Defence sector  in view of the large scale data usage  in post  COVID-19  Scenario by offering  bandwidth up gradation for existing and new provisions  with discounted offers .

4. Single window system for provision of FTTH connections.

5. Immediate completion of Projects pending with E-health, Court and Jail etc there by generation revenue.

6. More attention to Revenue Generation from EB  which is lagging significantly in this F.Y

7 Ensure frequent visit  EB customers by KAMS

8 Proper costing methods

The CGMT Kerala was very positive to all our creative suggestions. We extended sincere gratitude to CGMT Kerala who extended around 2 hours to have very active discussion on the service /HR matters of BSNL Kerala.


Gandhi Jayanti



AUAB served Notice to observe BSNL Formation Day

01.10.2020 as BLACK DAY

AUAB demands that:

1) The Govt. should clear the road-blocks and launching of BSNL’s 4G Service immediately.

2) BSNL Management should upgrade the existing 49,300 4G compatible BTSs and procuring another 15000 BTSs (4G) by placing an “Add on” purchase order, through the existing tender.

All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) meeting held on 07.09.2020 unanimously decided with a heavy heart, to observe 01.10.2020, the 20th Foundation Day of BSNL as "BLACK DAY"

AUAB has also decided to organise HUNGER FAST on that day maintaining Social Distancing.

The employees will wear black-badges on 01.10.2020.



On-Line CEC of AIBSNLEA Kerala Circle has been conducted today evening. CP chaired the meeting. CS elaborated the situations during referendum and that of post referendum in CHQ/Kerala circle. All District Secretaries  articulated the faith of our members to AIBSNLEA and expressed strong trust on AIBSNLEA CHQ/Circle leadership that our strong footed association having unique legacy can resolve out issues related to both our executive community and  BSNL  with management  . CFS proposed vote of thanks.


CEC evaluated that though AIBSNLEA voting count recorded in 2nd MVP is less than expected, the actual membership base of AIBSNLEA is intact. CEC decided to conduct the 7th Kerala Circle conference on ON-LINE mode on 18-10-2020, Sunday, by considering the COVID-19 super spread situation in Kerala.


24-09-2020 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL requesting to issue necessary instructions/guidelines to all concerned for plugging the extraordinary slips in the growing up FTTH Sector for BSNL through N/E LCOs to avert turns which may open up Pandora Box resulting in nail-biting situations to BSNL....

AIBSNLEA CHQ received feedback from many of the Circle Secretaries & Field Units that wide spared anguish are being reported by many of the BSNL FTTH Customers connected through N/E LCOs that Voice quality is not there, unpleasant noise while on hook, one-way speech etc. etc.,

On behalf of AIBSNLEA, we submitted our suggestions & views that:


*Quality of both “Voice” and “Data” may be ensured...

*AT procedure for BSNL OLTs may be extended to non-BSNL OLTs also...

*Authenticity of address for FTTH provision by LCOs may be cross checked...

*As per the constraints in allotment of VLAN-ID for Voice Service, chance of disguised fraudulent voice calls prevails in FTTH Service. Any Directory number can be configured from any other ONT. This may be arrested by providing password changing options to the Customers. This can be implemented through NIB Nodes...


<<<Click here for the letter>>> 



CS writes to CGMT Kerala on plugging the extraordinary slips in the growing up FTTH sector through N/E LCOs to avert turns which may open up Pandora’s Box resulting in nail-biting situations to BSNL.


<<Letter to CGMT>>


The CGMT Kerala Shri.CV Vinod has given a comprehensive reply to the content of the letter after reviewing each and every point. He assured that all the points of breaches in FTTH vertical will surely be addressed and Kerala Circle would shortly be achieving an impressive customer base with satisfactory QOS benchmarks


BSNL raises Rs 8,500 cr through sovereign bonds.....Today BSNL issued  Govt. guaranteed 10 years  maturity  bonds at coupon rate of 6.79 per cent per annum for 10 year period and within one and half hour, it is over subscribed to 2.02 times for total worth of Rs. 17183.10 Crs.

BSNL Management has decided to retain the full subscription of Rs. 8500 Crs. and it will be used for Debt Re-financing and meeting the CAPEX requirement of BSNL...........<<<Click here for detail news>>>>

GS writes to
 Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding disbursement of Monthly Salary for August’ 2020 ..........
<<<<Click here for letter>>>>


GS writes to Shri. P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for issuance of instructions to take up the case to file MA in the Hon'ble High Court for vacation of the "Status Quo" in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh in respect of AO to CAO Promotion...<<<<Click here for letter>>>>


GS writes to Shri. P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding Deferment of next Time Bound Pay Scale Upgradation under Executive Promotion Policy [EPP] for a period of two years in the case of refusal of post based promotion-Our protest thereof.....<<<<Click here for letter>>>>

happy onam

Hearty Congratulations!

AIBSNLEA's consistent and dedicated efforts yielded results in issuance of orders regarding allowing option for revision of Pay of JAO (Deptl) 2010 batch 10% quota. AIBSNLEA continuously pursuing the issue with Director (HR), Director (Fin), PGM (Pers.), Sr.GM (Estt.) & GM (EF) and also presented its views before the Committee Members. 

AIBSNLEA extend its sincere thanks to Director (HR), Director (Fin), All the Committee Members, PGM (Pers), DGM (Pers) and whole Pers. Team for the settlement of the long pending issue. 

<<<Click here for the order>>>

Dear Friends!

It is very surprising to note that so many claimants are there for the recently released outstanding SAB payments from Sept, 2019 to Jan, 2020 and it is very ridiculous to see that mud sliding and Website war is going on even after the completion of the 2nd MV in some Association's sites, which is not a healthy trend for the interest and Welfare of the BSNL Executives and BSNL. We, on behalf of AIBSNLEA wish to inform you all that AIBSNLEA is the only Association taken up the issue with the BSNL Management continuously, by writing letters and persuasion with CMD BSNL, Director (Finance), Director (HR) & Sr.GM (CBB) Corporate Office from time to time and due to consistent and dedicated efforts of AIBSNLEA, the outstanding SAB benefits has been finally released. Please go-through the AIBSNLEA CHQ website for the letters written and issues taken up with the BSNL Management in this regards.


<<<Click here for GS letter dt 06.08.2020>>>

<<<Click here for GS letter dt 20.07.2020>>>

<<<Click here for GS letter dt 22.06.2020>>>


Comrades! Also see our AIBSNLEA CHQ Website write-ups dated 11.06.2020,  10.06.2020  &  04.06.2020 and so on... meetings with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) & Director (Finance) which is the documentary proof for efforts taken by AIBSNLEA.......Comrades! Truth is Always Truth.


Ground & field work always speaks the truth but those who are running the Association through only WhatsApp & Website claiming for the settlement of the issue. Reality & the Truth has come to the Light now.

AIBSNLEA strongly believes that the “Actual Fight & Action at the Ground level is the only solution to this Leg Pulling approach".


Dear Friends! From the above, you can very well understand that AIBSNLEA is the only Association always voice fiercely raising the Legitimate and Genuine Demands of all the Executives before the Management and continuously pursuing with the Management without seeing any Cadre, Caste & Creed.

AIBSNLEA always believes that 'Actions Speak Louder than the Words'.


AIBSNLEA respect the verdict of the majority of the Executives. At the same time, we fervently appeal to the Majority Recognized representative Association and the Support Association, instead of fighting with each other through Website, please come forward to fight unitedly for the settlement of the long pending HR issues and to safe guard the interests and legitimate rights of all the BSNL Employees.


Restructuring Cell of BSNL CO, New Delhi issued instructions regarding consolidation of Business Areas and rationalization of Work and delegated Powers....<<<Click here for letter>>>


Meeting with CMD BSNL:

Today  GS and AGS AIBSNLEA  met CMD BSNL Shri P.K. Purwar and discussed regarding:

1) Special Insurance Coverage for the BSNL employees who are maintaining essential Telecom Services throughout India against COVID-19 and Financial Assistance/Compensation to the bereaved family members of BSNL Employees, who expired due to Covid-19: We requested the CMD BSNL for the immediate extension of the Special Insurance Coverage of Rs.50 lakh to the BSNL employees who are maintaining essential Telecom Services throughout India against COVID-19 as suggested by AIBSNLEA during the month of April 2020 and we also impressed upon the CMD BSNL that due to non-payment of Medical claim reimbursement bills for indoor treatment to the Hospitals, our Executives and Non-Executives are being facing problems for admission in the Approved Hospitals for cashless treatment for Corona as well as other treatments.

CMD BSNL mentioned that due to heavy financial crunch in BSNL, BSNL Management is not in a position to extend the Special Insurance Coverage to the BSNL Employees. However, CMD mentioned that as per the suggestions of AIBSNLEA, BSNL Management has already written to DoT during the month of May,2020 itself for the extension of Financial support to BSNL so as to pay the Compensation to the bereaved family members of BSNL Employees. GS AIBSNLEA has written the letter in this regard to the BSNL Management  in the Month of April' 2020 itself. <<<Click here for GS letter dt 14.04.2020>>>

He assured that he will personally take up the issue again with the Secretary (T) and Member (Finance) DoT for getting the Financial support for the Compensation to the bereaved family members of BSNL Employees, who expired due to Covid-19. We handed over the reminder Letter addressed to CMD BSNL in this regard. <<<CLICK Here for Letter>>>

(2) Fixing the Time Line for Monthly Salary disbursement: We requested the CMD BSNL to fix the time line for the disbursement of monthly salary on the last working day of the concerned month since the Net Salary expenditure is estimated around Rs.425 Cr and BSNL can very well manage the Net Salary Monthly expenditure from the monthly collection of around Rs.1350 Cr. CMD mentioned that now only Sovereign Guarantee approval has received from DoT and BSNL Management is proposed to release the Bonds before the end of September' 2020, then only our commitments towards Bank etc., will be reduced and opined that after this process only BSNL Management may be in a position to pay the monthly salary in time.

We requested the CMD to release at least August, 2020 salary in the last week of August 2020 due to the “Onam” Festival. CMD mentioned that we are not having sufficient funds for the disbursement of August Salary since July salary was paid on 20th August, 2020.


(3) Immediate promotions to all the Grades and Streams considering the post VRS Scenario: We requested to conduct the CPCs immediately for the promotion in the Cadres of:

(a) JTO(T) to SDE(T)

(b) JTO(C/E/TF/Arch) to SDE(C/E/TF/Arch)

(c) SDE(T) to DE(T)

(d) AO to CAO

(e) SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E)

(f) SDE(TF) to AGM(TF)

(g) PA to PS, PS to PPS & PPS to Sr.PPS, CSS and AD(OL).

(h) DE(T) to DGM(T) and CAO to DGM(F)

(i) DGM(Adhoc) to Regular DGM.

CMD mentioned that due to 2nd MVP the Promotion issue was not considered and he assured to consider the Regular Promotions in all the Cadres at the earliest.

(4) Discrepancies in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for DE(T) Promotions: We have brought to the notice of CMD about the discrepancies observed in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for the promotion of DE(T) issued by the Pers branch on 10.8.2020 and we categorically mentioned that the provisional Seniority List 9 is not prepared purely on the basis of the date of joining in accordance with the judgment pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court. But it is prepared on Date of Joining within the vacancy Year.

We further explained the CMD that the SDE(T) RR 2002 Amendment (That is Modification/addition/deletion in SDE(T) RR 2002) circulation dated 08-May-2018 as in Annexure 8 – “the Inter-se Seniority of the officers promoted against Seniority Quota (SQ-67%) and those who are promoted through LDCE/LICE quota (CQ-33%) against the particular vacancy year shall be fixed in the ratio of 2:1 irrespective of the year of appointment/date of joining”. “This Modification applicable with effect from 28/08/2015”only. Any RR amendment is applicable from that date (that is Prospective in nature) but not on retrospectively. CMD assured to look into the matter.


Meeting with Director (Finance) BSNL Board:

Today GS and AGS, AIBSNLEA met Director (Finance) and discussed regarding:

(1) Disbursement of Monthly Salary on due date in every month: We expressed our serious concern regarding the non-disbursement of monthly Salary on due date. We appraised that after VRS, our monthly Salary expenditure has been reduced to 50%, the Net salary works out to Rs.425 cr. only, but BSNL Management is not able to disburse the monthly salary in time and every month it is getting delayed almost 20 days. We requested Director (Finance) to stream line the timely payment of Salary in every month.

Director (Fin) informed that we have cleared almost all our liabilities and trying to update all the pending liabilities also. We have obtained the moratorium for Bank Loan/Interest also for 6 months during Covid-19 which is due to be paid during the month of Sept., 2020. Further, BSNL has received the approval for Sovereign Guarantee and BSNL Management is proposing to issue the Bonds up to the last week of Sept., 2020. By the issue of Bonds Management is expecting at least Rs.4250 Cr. and we may manage the salary in time with in next three-four months.  


(2)   Extension of option for Pay Fixation in respect of JAOs (Departmental) (10% Quota) of 2010 Batch: Director (Fin) informed that the Committee recommendation in this regard has been accepted and approved by the Competent Authority and assured that the formal orders will be issued with in a couple of days. AIBSNLEA has taken up this issue continuously for so many years and finally there is a ray of hope that is we are seeing the light at the end of the Tunnel since we are expecting the fruitful results shortly for our consistent and sincere efforts.


(3) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel: We requested Director (Fin) to consider the request transfers in the Cadre of AOs and CAOs since they have already completed more than 30 months service in the present Circle and requested for transfer to their Home Circles to join with their family. We also impressed upon the Director (Fin) that our Accounts Personnel are facing so much problems due to Covid-19 in other than their Home Circles and further requested to consider the transfer requests on Humanitarian Grounds. Director (Fin) immediately discussed over phone with PGM (Pers) to process the transfer requests on priority basis including the requests received from Accounts Personnel of BSNL Corporate Office. PGM (Pers) replied that the cases are processed and order will be issued shortly after getting necessary approval.

(4) Request for Withdrawal of letter issued on the  presumption of Telangana  Circle regarding  the wrong  Pay fixation done against first up-gradation under Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) for the JAOs of 1999 Batch by DGM Vigilance of CGMT, TS Circle: We impressed upon the Director (Fin) that the issue was discussed with  Dir(HR), DIR(Fin), PGM(Pers), Sr.GM(Estt),  GM(EF) and DGM (Pers) in detail several times with relevant orders/clarifications issued by the DoT, Pers & SEA Branch of BSNL CO, but even after a lapse of five months, the issue has not been resolved. To our surprise, TS Circle has revised the Pay fixation of Account Officers (JAOs 1999 batch) who are presently working in BSNL as well as who opted for BSNL VRS-2019 and wrongly ordered for recovery of Overpayment to the tune of Rs.7 Lakh to 12 Lakh and stall the regularization process (Pension & retirement benefits) of VRS optees in a biased and arbitrary manner with ulterior motive on the basis of frivolous complaint, which is against the Natural justice. We requested Director (Fin) to issue necessary directions to withdraw the arbitrary orders of reducing the Pay of aggrieved JAOs of 1999 batch. Director (Fin) immediately spoken to Director (HR) over phone and requested to resolve the issue on priority basis since the issue is pending at Pers branch for a petty long time. <<<Click here for GS letter reminder III >>>

In this regard, GS AIBSNLEA discussed with Director (HR) at 19.00 hrs. and requested to issue the necessary orders immediately. Director (HR) after discussing with PGM (Pers) over phone assured to issue the direction shortly.

GS writes to  Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding request for Special Insurance Coverage for the BSNL employees who are maintaining essential Telecom Services throughout India against COVID-19

<<<Click here for letter>>>


GS writes to  The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding consideration of request transfers and relieving the SDEs(T), AGMs and AOs from Corporate Office to their Home Circles- <<<Click here for GS letter>>>


GS writes to Director (HR) BSNL Board Requesting for Withdrawal of letter issued on the  presumption of Telangana  Circle  regarding  the wrong  pay fixation done against first up-gradation under Executive Promotion Policy for the JAOs of 1999 Batch by DGM Vigilance of CGMT, TS Circle.... <<<Click here for GS letter>>>


Dear Comrades! 

AIBSNLEA CHQ Team Salute all the Executives and extend its heartfelt and sincere thanks to the Members, Executives and Supporters who have voted for AIBSNLEA in the 2nd MVP. AIBSNLEA is committed to continue its efforts to safe guard the Interests of All the Executives, to fight for the achievements of the pending issues and raise its voice to protect the Legitimate Rights and demands of the Executives. AIBSNLEA always committed for the Unity of all the Executives and Non-Executives under one umbrella for the betterment and revival of BSNL.  

AIBSNLEA whole heartedly congratulate the newly elected Majority Representative Association as well as the Support Association.  

AIBSNLEA convey its sincere thanks to the BSNL Management, especially GM (SR), DGM (SR) and the whole SR Team for the successful conduction of the 2nd Membership Verification of the Executives’ Associations during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.


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