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AUAB defers the Relay Hunger Fast from 20th to 22nd November:

Director (HR) called a meeting of the AUAB leaders, yesterday morning at 10.00 am. In the meeting, Management, especially Director (HR) response was very positive on the burning issues like salary payment, wages of contract workers, remittance of recoveries, clarifications of VRS related issues, EB/rental payment and discussion on the road map for the maintenance activities in post VRS scenario.


During the discussion Director, assured that salary will be paid by the month end and efforts are going on. The collection is now kept aside for salary purpose. After last month salary payment, BSNL was made 800 Cr payment towards statutory dues in addition to some payments on rentals, EB, labour etc. Discussion will further be held with AUAB on 26.11.2019, 6 pm (as per the convenience of AUAB) regarding the future Road map.


The important clarifications sought by the employees already referred to DoT and Govt will clarify those points. Director (HR) personally taking up the matter with DoT, on 18.11.2019. AUAB demanded that in case clarification is not reached in time, the date is to be extended from 03.12.2019 in order to have an informed choice for the employees.


Considering the seriousness shown by the management to address the employees concerns and involve the stake holders for serious discussions for finalizing the future road map, AUAB decided to defer the Relay Hunger Fast from 20.11.2019 for the time being. 



AUAB serves upon a notice of Relay Hunger Fast on 20'" to 22"" November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs:


AUAB has served upon a notice to the Secretary (T), DoT and CMD, BSNL regarding Relay Hunger Fast on 20'" to 22"" November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs with the following Charter of Demand:


1. Immediate Payment of Salary by BSNL/DoT, remittance of recoveries, payment of wages to contract/casual workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

2. Spell out the road map for maintaining BSNL services in post VRS scenario, proposed restructuring plan and immediate launching of 4G Services.

3. Immediate clarifications on the VRS-2019 regarding i) Pay Revision, ii) Pension Revision, iii) Commutation of Pension and iv) Gratuity sought by AUAB, well before the closing date of option for VRS.

4. Extend 100% of IDA (119.5%) neutralization till the Implementation of 3rd PRC.

5. De-linking of Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of working employees and 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.

6. No Reduction of Retirement Age from 60 to 58 honouring the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL.

<<<Click here for the notice>


14.11.2019 : CHQ News

GS Writes to Shri Anshu Prakash Secretary (T) and Shri P.K. Purwar CMD BSNL regarding urgent Clarification  required on  some points  relating to VRS -2019 <<<Click here for the letter>


DOP&T, PESB, selects today Shri Sushil Kumar Mishra, CGM BSNL, Karnataka Circle for the post of Director (CM) BSNL Board. AIBSNLEA Congratulates Shri Sushil Kumar Mishra ji for his selection.


Meeting of CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents:


AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 13th December 2019 and 14th December 2019 at


All the CHQ Office Bearers, CHQ Advisers, CSs and CPs are requested to book their tickets in advance so as to attend the meeting in time. Separate Notification in this regard will be issued shortly.


The annual GB and send off function of Thrissur BA has been enthusiastically carried out today evening in the Club Hall . DS Com. Aniesh Antony welcomed all the participants , The meeting was chaired by DP Com.Arun . CS Com.Shaji , CFS Com.Biju Gopal , CWC member Com.Shaji AC etc attended the meeting . A befitting send off has been given to all retired comrades including Com. Krishnan KR , DGM . The meeting has been anchored by Com.Sukumaran CAO . CS well explained to the house about the proposed revival plan including VRS to turn around BSNL. CS also narrated the role of remaining officers left after VRS implementation  in BSNL for the speedy revival process of our BSNL . Com.Ajithkumar proposed vote of thanks .

Thrissur 08-11-2019

08.11.2019 :CHQ News

AUAB LEADERS MET CMD, BSNL   on 07.11.2019.

As per the decision of the AUAB meeting held on 06.11.2019, Leaders of the AUAB met Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL, yesterday the 07.11.2019. Com.S.Sivakumar, GS, AIBSNLEA along with the General Secretaries / representatives of  BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA,  FNTO, BSNL MS, SNATTA, ATM BSNL and BSNLOA, participated in this meeting. From the Management Side, Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR), was also present. In the meeting, the AUAB representatives demanded that BSNL should start it’s 4G service without any delay. They pointed out that there was every possibility of Vodafone leaving it’s India business. In such an eventuality, BSNL should be in a better position to rope in a sizeable customers from Vodafone, demanded the AUAB. They also demanded that prompt steps should be taken to provide FTTH connections on demand. It was also pointed out by the AUAB Leaders that the Company should be in a position to cope with the workload which is likely to arise after the implementation of VRS


CMD explained that due to Financial constraints and up gradation of  the existing 3G equipments after the finalization of Tender only 4G can be launched . He further mentioned that the Committee has submitted the report for the finalization of Tender and BSNL Management is planning to roll out of 4G at lease 12000 to 15000 sites in the month of March 2020.


CMD has not given any response about the other issues. The AUAB representatives strongly urged upon the CMD BSNL for the immediate payment of salary for the month of October, 2019, as well as early remittance of the recoveries made since May, 2019, to the concerned organisations. To this, the CMD BSNL said that he could not give any assurance on these issues. After this meeting, the AUAB Leaders discussed and decided to hold the next  AUAB meeting on 14-11-2019 to discuss about the future course of action.


BSNL Corporate Office issues instructions for implementation of VRS

<<<Click here for the compilations of the instructions issued today >>

<<<Click here for the Pension Papers >>


07.11.2019 :CHQ News

Status of Fixation of Pay under FR 22(1)(a)(i) Case in respect of Officiating JTOs in PCAT New Delhi: 

The Pay Fixation case under FR 22(1)(a)(i) in respect of Officiating JTOs vide OA No. 100/892/2016 filed by AIBSNLEA Vs BSNL in PCAT New Delhi was listed for Hearing as item No. 71 on   06.11.2019. The same could not heard   due to paucity time and adjourned for Next Hearing on 29.01.2020.  General Secretary and AFS/CHQ Com. Pushparajan (Kerala) attended the Principal CAT New Delhi on behalf of AIBSNLEA. General Secretary has taken steps to file Misc Application to pre- pone the same for early settlement of the case. 


Establishment Branch, BSNL CO, New Delhi  issued Frequently Asked Questions of BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019.

<<<Click here for the letter>

06.11.2019 :CHQ News

AUAB Meeting held at BSNL MS office today: 

AUAB Meeting held at BSNL MS office New Delhi today at 11.00 Hrs. On behalf of AIBSNLEA Com. GS and Chairman attended the meeting. For the Minutes of the Meeting please click below:

<<<Click here for the Minutes>

BSNL notifies VRS-2019 and circulates the guidelines
<<<Click here for the Notification>>
 <<<Click here for the Annexure-I & II>

04.11.2019 :CHQ News

Meeting with Hon’ble MOC & IT today regarding BSNL Revival Plan- VRS to Employees:

Representatives of All Associations and Unions of BSNL met Honble Minister of Communications & IT Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji today in Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi. Honble MOC & IT apprised about the Revival Plan of BSNL approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. Secretary (T), Jt. Secretary (Admin), DDG (PM), Director (HR) BSNL Board and GM (SR) BSNL CO were present in the meeting. On behalf of AIBSNLEA, Com. S.Sivakumar, GS and Com. Rajpal Sharma, AGS attended the meeting.


At the outset, Com. GS and AGS presented a Bouquet to Honble MOC & IT on behalf of AIBSNLEA and greeted him, Honble Prime Minister, Honble Home Minister, Secretary (T), CMD BSNL and DoT & BSNL Team for the herculean efforts taken for getting approval of the Revival Package by the Union Cabinet.  


Honble MOC & IT explained in detail about the revival package of BSNL. He mentioned that earlier, when I was MOC, the BSNL was making profit/ operating profit, but after that it is surprising for me that BSNL getting continuous losses for which I felt much bad and I want to turn around the BSNL thats why I have tried my best. He further mentioned that-


Ø    I am able to get convinced the Honble Prime Minister and the Home Minister that BSNL is the Strategic Sector and the presence of one Govt. PSU is very much necessary for fair competition in the Market.

Ø    It is the first time in the History to offer such a huge package for revival to any incipient sick/ sick/ non-viable PSU.

Ø    I have got full faith on BSNL and its employees and I hope that BSNL can be turn around and regain its original pristine glory through the sincere efforts of the BSNL employees. The revival plan should be implemented in its true spirit. VRS to employees is also an important issue as BSNL cannot run with the present work force of 1.50 lakh employees. 

Ø    I wish for the growth of the BSNL and Govt. is with you and support fully if sincere efforts are seen for turnaround of the BSNL.

Ø    BSNL may start its Assets/ Land Monetization and I will make it clear that the amount so received will be used in the growth of BSNL only.

Ø    To revive the BSNL, the VRS to employees is also a good tool and it is very liberal VRS package from the Govt. side which is never offered to any PSU in India.

Ø    The revival is depends upon the successful implementation of the VRS. Accountability will be fixed from the top side, if the revival plan is not implemented in true spirit.


On behalf of AIBSNLEA, we handed over the Memorandum to the Honble MOC & IT. GS AIBSNLEA urged upon for the merger of IDA of 119.5% (100% Neutralization) with the Basic Pay as on 01.01.2017 since there is precedence in the year 2004. In addition to that, AUAB and other Leaders of the Unions and Associations presented following suggestions:

1.  VRS option has to be given by the employees voluntarily but not forcefully.

2.  Roll out of retirement age from 60 to 58 years is in the agenda of the Govt. or not is to be spelled out.

3.  Whole amount of the Ex-Gratia has to be exempted from Income Tax.

4.  Excess amount of Pension Contribution paid to DOT has to be refunded immediately.

5.  Deputation Policy of BSNL has to be reviewed immediately.

6.  4G services has to be launched immediately by the BSNL since more than 50,000 3G/4G compatible equipment are available in the field units as there is heavy demand among the customers.

7.  Permission may be granted to retain the BSNL quarters by the VRS optees.


The Press Briefing of the Honble MOC &IT has been reiterated by him with a loud and clear message that BSNL will not be sold out to any Third Party, Disinvested or Closed since BSNL is having Strategic importance. 


Honble MOC directed DoT/BSNL Management to clear all the doubts of the employees about the VRS in a transparent manner and address the issues at an appropriate level. Finally Honble MOC appealed all the Unions and Association Leaders to motivate the employees for the successful implementation of Revival and VRS Package.


Honble Minister also appealed to improve the quality of the Services to the satisfaction of the Customers and make the BSNL a top Professional Company. It is specifically mentioned by Honble MOC & IT that if BSNL improve its services with the Professionalism then Govt. will also cooperate to prefer BSNLs connections in other Govt. Sectors since BSNL has already been had a very good rapport/ goodwill with the Public and the Govt. Sectors. Hence, it can be achieved by doing hard work and collective efforts starts with new energy, fresh initiatives with full devotion by the BSNL Management as well as the BSNL Employees. I will be very happy to see the BSNL in the Market with its effective presence.


All the Unions and Associations Leaders reciprocated positively and assured their fullest support and cooperation for the successful implementation of the Revival and VRS Package.     

<<<<Click here for glimpses 1>>> <<<<Click here for glimpses 2>>> <<<<Click here for glimpses 3>>>                 

31.10.2019 :CHQ News

Office Memorandum released by DoT in respect of revival of BSNL & MTNL as per the Union Cabinet Approval<<<Click here for letter>>



GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding:

Requesting for filling up all the vacant posts through CPCs before the implementation of the proposed VR Scheme and before any Notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy on the prospective date to avoid humiliation of Sr. Executives and scope of litigations as any ad-hoc promotion through non-post based time bound promotion without implementation of SC/ST roster will be against the DOP&T guidelines.  <<<Click here for GS letter>>

In this regard, AIBSNLEA has already submitted its views/ suggestions/ concerns to CMD BSNL vide letter dated 03.11.2017 and 15.11.2017.

<<<Click here for letter date 03.11.2017 >> <<<Click here for letter date 15.11.2017 >>


GS replied Com. Sebastin K., GS SNEA in response to his request to join and support the agitation programs from 04.11.2019. GS has mentioned the views and concerns of AIBSNLEA that all the vacant Group “B” and STS level posts should be filled up through CPCs/ LDCE before implementation of any New Policy on CPSU Hierarchy and any deviation from the Khan Committee recommendations is not acceptable to AIBSNLEA for the better career progression of the executives, wherein GS SNEA was also an important constituent and played a vital role in preparing the khan Committee recommendations. <<<Click here for reply to SNEA>>  


Krishnan Sir Retirement


CS , CHQ AFS , DS TVM and DS CO met GM(A/HR) Shri R Sathesh and requested to consider the requests of those executives under order of transfer to other BAs on long stay that they may be permitted to stay back till 31st of March 2020 , till the completion of academic year,  as the concession was extended to some of them. Moreover executives above 50 are waiting for their VRS . Some BA like Kottayam already instructed to relieve on 31st October 2019.  GM was very positive to the  request  and assured to consider the request.


We have further requested to consider the pending transfer requests . GM assured to consider the requests shortly

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